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12v 100ah Deep Cycle Battery, Lifepo4 Battery 12v 100ah | A&S Power
A&S Power have been in business on designing, developing, manufacturing and selling batteries and electrical accessories over 19 years when we start it in 2001. We are focus in the development of advanced battery technology in the area of consumer and industrial markets. Web: https://www.aspowerbattery.com/ Email: info@aspowerbattery.com Newer technology, powerful channel partners, and empowered customers have made the competition highly intense and marketing a very involved and strategic discipline. A skilled team of specialists design and develop products for a fast changing market, not only with modern technology, but they also put their "heart and soul" into them. Initial hand built samples enable the engineers to put the new products through their paces. The whole purpose for all this time and effort is to develop the ideal product with an optimum technology for the right price. This is not just to satisfy the customers, but to excite and enthuse them! Our plants in Dongguan and Jiangsu are providing unlimited support for producing Batteries of Non-Rechargeable and Rechargeable categories. More than 2100 operators are working in Dongguan and Jiangsu factories. All products are under strict quality control and zero percent inferiority is obtained. To achieve the targets of safety and environmental respect, CE, UL, CB, PVC/P65, Halogen Free, REACH approval and ROHS standard have been granted for various products. We have established sales distributing network in countries including America, UK, France, Japan, Germany, India, Russia,Middle East, Brazil and etc., and are grateful to extend our businesses in new markets.Our brand is well renowned under the fidelity and constancy of faith on servicing all customers. With our commitment of providing high quality, reasonable price products and one-stop service, new business partners in sole agent or direct importation pattern are greeted with joy. India will be the next significant growing market for A&S Power with his partner. BIS no. R-4105748 have been kept updating with more and more models for LiFePO4 and Li-ion Polymer batteries. Solar home station, and solar street light, E-Rickshaw batteries have been regularly shipped to India by containers. Whatever your requirements, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing you with a range of quality products or product development solutions supported by the highest standard of customer care. Make A&S Power your first choice, always be advanced and safe. Your success is our success! ⭐️Company Vision To be an international premier innovative technology corporation, rooted in the Chinese culture, excelling in the global green energy industry, while endeavoring to enrich the lives of our employees. Aims to be a premier solution provider for green energy storage. Honesty and integrity are the heart and soul of A&S Power corporate culture. We are fair with each other, our customers, our staff and our suppliers. Skilled, flexible employees with initiative and innovation, underpin the future prosperity of our company. Highest product quality and best customer service guarantee our continued success. ⭐️Who We Are A&S Power is a China based international leading in design, manufacture, sales and marketing of rechargeable Lithium ion/polymer battery cells and related battery packs and systems, which we started Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries in 2001. Our Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium battery products are widely used in consumer electronics products like solar street light, solar home station, E-Rickshaw, laptop computers, smart/cellular phone, digital media players, digital cameras and camcorders, cordless tools and numerous favors of IT gadgets. #Lipobattery #LiFePO4Battery #Liionbattery #12V #100Ah #deepcyclebattery #12V7Ahdeepcyclebattery #32650 #32V6Ah #18650 #37V2600mAh
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Beginning in 1980 until present, the Iraqi capital Baghdad has faced a series of conflicts, instability, and violence. This year marks 40 years since this cycle of violence began all the way back in 1980. It is, therefore, an apt point in time to reflect upon the Iraqi capital’s turbulent four decades
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“Hey, I’m John.. I’m every Financial Advisors ‘Target Client’. I have a great job, we’ve saved well and have money to invest.. And Tonight, I’m going to the Fourth Financial Dinner Seminar that I have been to in the Past 2 months… Me & My wife have turned into a bit of an occasion every other week we’ll go to one of these events and enjoy a lovely steak dinner for free, paid for by you because you want us to listen to how you can help us with our money… And don’t worry, we’re not doing it to you specifically. It’s really not that hard to find one to go to when you were just one of the 13 pieces of mail we’ve had through our letter box this month offering us the exact same pitch.. ‘Come listen to us & we’ll get your food for the night’ So we’ll come along.. We’ll play the part, talk to you & pay attention. You’ll put on a great presentation and I’ll fill out the form that requests a consultation with you about how you can help us more so that you don’t think that we didn’t have any interest. But when we leave the room that night, No matter how many times you call us to follow up, you won’t ever hear from us again.. Unless of course we decide to come to another one of your events that you invite us too where we’ll tell you that ‘it was just a bad time’ or that ‘Things just got a bit hectic’.” I’m sure after Every event you’ve put on in your advisory business you’ve started doing your follow up and after a while figured out that most of the people that attended were just like John. We’ve all been there with a room full of people & they all seem excited to be there, interested in everything you have to say and you really do think that you could help them and they could be a great client but it was all a show they put on just to get dinner. If you’re lucky you end up with maybe 3-4 actual quality meeting out of the 15-20 people that said they would meet with you, the rest seem like they’ve fell off the face of the earth. Even those 3-4 actual meetings still take ages to get set up and in the office and it’s several months before you close some business and then you make some return from your event. Sadly, you’ve watched the returns you make from these seminars drop every year to the point now where they’re not even profitable in the first year anymore unless you’re selling annuities. But yet, you still keep doing them because you don’t know how to generate business any other way and you don’t want to be having zero new prospects coming in besides your referrals. You’ve tried seminars without offering dinner but your attendance is so low you barely get anyone there, you’ve established a social media presence or bought ‘Exclusive’ leads and still you're doing dinner seminars because nothing else has worked. It’s like a vicious endless cycle, almost like you’re stuck on this hamster wheel and you can’t get off no matter what you try. Most of my clients come to me and they’re either doing dinner seminars and facing this exact same situation or they’re looking at doing some soon to generate business and this is exactly what they’d be dealing with if they spent the money on it. Before you do another seminar and spend countless hours setting up, doing the event, following up with people just to find that most them were like John and the returns just aren’t there. I’ve helped well over 100 Financial Advisors get away from the hamster wheel of seminars and have helped them to build a consistent flow of high quality prospects. The biggest difference that we’ve made for them is helped them to find prospects who are actually interested in getting help with their finances & then only meeting with those people. The only way that someone meets with you is if they request an appointment about getting help with their finances - They have a system to automate their prospecting and generate 3, 5 or even 10+ High Quality appointments each week with PRE-QUALIFIED ‘High Net Worth’ Prospects who were ready to work with them right now! Like my Client John who generated 2 New cases within 5 Days of working with me and we
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ბეკოს ონლაინ მაღაზია! საყოფაცხოვრებო და IT ტექნიკა.
ჩვენთან მაცივრებზე საზაფხულო ფასდაკლებები დაიწყო გვეწვიეთ მაღაზიებში, შეიძინეთ ბეკოს მაცივარი 4 წლიანი გარანტიით თიბისი ბანკის, საქართველოს ბანკის ან კრედო ბანკის განვადებით და დაიწყეთ გადახდა 3 თვის შემდეგ დამატებითი ინფორმაციისათვის, დაგვირეკეთ ➥ +995 32 2155050
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Re-energize, inspire and prepare you for the future that is happening now! ⚡ Join us on 17-19 November 2020 for the second edition of OWP liVe program - a ground-breaking interactive experience for individuals and teams.
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#LibertadEs saber que los pañales Pequeñín Extraprotección abosorben como por arte de mágia. Traen más cantidad de gel extra absorbente en su interior ¡Pruébalos!
คิงส์ เฟอร์นิเจอร์ ซิตี้ สกลนคร
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