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This picture was taken in Mumbai, where I spoke to over 1000+ business owners and coaches... Coaching is such a noble profession! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It's the ONLY business in the world... where you can really HELP people solve their problems!!!! Period. Hi, I'm Siddharth Rajsekar and after working with international brands like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and more... I have specialized in training coaches and consultants to "digitize" their business models for EXPLOSIVE growth!!! ⏱Join me LIVE => http://sidz.co/fb-info ‍ I'm currently mentoring over 11,700 coaches and trainers, who are going thru my courses, and I teach them how to convert their talent into a viable digital business system. ⚠️ As a coach, it important that you WIN even before you get into battle. For this, I have a proven "4-stage" funnel building process that all my students go thru. When you have defined your customer journey clearly, it becomes too much more easy for you to serve them. Step 1 - NICHE CLARITY The first step to impacting more people thru digital coaching is to get clear on your core positioning and whom you serve. Once you know this, then it will be easy for you to list down all the problems you can solve for this segment. Step 2 - FUNNEL DESIGN As a coach, it important that you WIN even before you get into battle. For this, I have a proven "5-stage" growth acceleration process that all my students go thru. When you have defined your customer journey clearly, it becomes so much more easy for you to serve them. Step 3 - SYSTEMS SETUP Once you have clarity in your niche and funnels, the only thing left to do is to set up your website, landing pages, email marketing systems, digital courses, and webinar systems. I do all my coaching in groups using tools like ZOOM, to reach out to at least 300-500 people per sitting. This gives me a lot of leverage and I'm able to impact more people simultaneously. Step 4 - VIDEO MARKETING Once everything is set up, your next step will be to design your own "video marketing blueprint" - by which you can consistently grow your influence using videos on all the top channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others. Your videos will act as digital assets for you to attract the right people into your funnels. Step 5 - SCALING The final step is scaling, by mastering the game of traffic and conversions. Today, I'm able to nurture and attract thousands of students into my digital community by leveraging Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads and more. It finally becomes a number game. And if you structure things properly, you can even do over 74.2% in net profits - after all expenses - in a business like this. This is the MODEL that I coach people in. If you are keen to learn in-depth about my system, then please click on the link below and register for my upcoming webinar. ⏱Join me LIVE => http://sidz.co/fb-info I look forward to meeting you LIVE, and answering questions. To your success, Siddharth Rajsekar
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