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CHANGE OR CHEATING – FOES NOT FRIENDS Like it or not – The Absence of Opposition Voice to Resist CHEATERS may lead the road to TAHREER SQUARE - - - By: Gholam Mujtaba, M.S., M.D., Ed.D., FRSPH, FICPS The Fall of Dhaka – 1971: General Niazi surrendered his troops before Indian General and conceded defeat. The Fall of Siachen Strategic Location of 1,000 miles - 2003: The Siachen conflict, sometimes referred to as the Siachen War, was a military conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir. A cease-fire went into effect in 2003. The contended area is nearly 1,000 square miles (2,600 km2) of territory. The conflict was started in 1984 by India's successful capture of the Siachen Glacier as part of Operation Meghdoot (Reference - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siachen_conflict). The Fall of Gwader through cover-up Lease – 2006 A deal to lease out the port of Gwader to the Chinese for 44 years on a loan of 58 billion dollars with expected default in loan payments and cumulative compound interest may result in permanent loss of the port. The Fall of the Occupied Kashmir – 2019: After a Taliban style speech of the Rangeela at the United Nations General Assembly, the occupied Kashmir was merged as Indian province without resistance from the neighboring arch-rival or their Chinese patrons. The Fall of Kartarpur – 2020 The visa-free Kartarpur will one day be placed as a religious site maintaining religious neutrality holding the status similar to Vatican resorting India to takeover like Siachen, occupied Kashmir, or the Chinese takeover of Gwader. The Victory of Defense Societies - Our major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are building Defense Housing Schemes, while India is building the forts of Akhand Bharat. Our top brass moves to luxurious mansions built overseas, while Indian top brass retires to live at peace in their homeland. Our top brass sign letters of job extensions through hand-picked puppets, while Indian top brass faces accountability in a transparent system. Our currency devalues, while their currency outperforms. Our electoral college faces rigging, while masses maintain voice in their democracy. IS THERE A PRIDE IN THIS STALEMATE? Stand-up and Save the Country from the TERMITES ruining our beautiful piece of land. Note: These bad apples do NOT represent the military, rather a scar on the face of those who lay their life in the line of duty. The current club of men of common traits and interests, such as drug users, womanizers, alcoholics, and the corrupt do not represent Riyasat e Madinah. This statement is a red flag against the wrongdoers, not the state functionaries.
Advanced multi-asset trading platform for professional traders — Quantower trading platform
Quantower trading platform announces an Indian joint venture. India specific version of Quantower covers local Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity exchanges.
Your Dream Life is Here Investment Idea Indian way to crypto currency We are here to provide our readers one stop solution for their questions/queires related to cryptocurrecy. We are.
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Al Jazeera Exchange - Looking For Best Exchange Rate Across ALL Currency! Contact Our Team, We Will Serve You +974 4436 3595, www.aljazeeraexchangeqatar.com Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nagainfo.aljazeera #aljazeera #qatar #qatarriyals #riyals #currency #money #indian #srilankan #bangladesh #philipines #rupees #forex
Al Jazeera Exchange
Al Jazeera Exchange - Looking For Best Exchange Rate Across ALL Currency! Contact Our Team, We Will Serve You +974 4436 3595, www.aljazeeraexchangeqatar.com Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nagainfo.aljazeera #aljazeera #qatar #qatarriyals #riyals #currency #money #indian #srilankan #bangladesh #philipines #rupees #forex
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Why was MERIT CRUSHED by Charlie? Water Flowing Above Shoulders from all Corners, Hard to Resolve it Now - - The Selectors Failure By: Gholam Mujtaba, M.S., M.D., Ed.D., FRSPH, FICPS The meritorious, the educated, and the talented were blocked through covert operation of the Charlie. Paradigm shift was witnessed under a new leadership. Such a shift has squarely damaged the national security interest of the country. The Lambay Baal, the past Chalees Choors, and the bank frauds were brought to rule the state. GROUND REALITY The neighbor will welcome the President of the United States through an unprecedented crowd in Delhi, never witnessed in history. The First Lady, a former model will appear in Indian SARI showing love towards Indian culture. The FATF will keep the country on the grey, at the very least this week. The IMF has warned on BoP (Balance of Payments) to the economic managers meaning an abrupt downgrade of local currency against dollar will further deteriorate the economy. The visit to Malaysia, and the visit of Turkish leadership was just an attempt to eyewash the incoming developments further damaging the public perceptions of duffers holding reins of power. The service extension approved by the parliament is expected to be denied by the apex court found in conflict to the regulatory standards. To conceal these failures, attempts are made to control the spread of truth through social media awareness tools. Censorship tools will be devised in the name of regulatory methods. Digital Chokri was brought in to deliver this. THE END Falsehood gets defeated, the Charlie should know.
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CoConstruct | Construction Management Software for Builders + Remodelers
CoConstruct's all-in-one software helps you to coordinate your construction projects, communicate with your clients & crew, and control the financials of your business.
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Online sex crimes made up 16% of all child sex offences in 2017-18. Gov must create a new social media law to keep children safe online. Take action now and help end the #WildWestWeb
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