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Can't Risk McCormick
Can't Risk McCormick
Can't Risk McCormick
Can't Risk McCormick
Can't Risk McCormick
Can't Risk McCormick
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Queen's University Belfast: Ranked 173 in the world
Queen's University Belfast: Ranked 173 in the world
ATTN Chiropractors & Other Alternative Healing Specialists: If 2020’s outlook gives you chills on what it could mean for your business, I have reassuring news for you. This is for the doctors feeling burnt out from endlessly pumping everyone they know for referrals…. Or the ones who are unexcited about waking up only to chase candidates and begging them to enter the office through a pandemic… We have a ZERO DOLLAR offer to : “Put Recruiting on Auto-Pilot so Doctors Can Focus on their Craft and Return the Weekends to their Families” Just two weeks ago, I had to put a marketing campaign for Dr. Ed on hold because we had delivered more patients than they could handle! Yes, this was even during the HEIGHT of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because getting patients to stand in line for sought out chronic condition solutions is easy...if you know the best-kept marketing secret of a booming Facebook ad campaign... The secret is in the competition! There’s a dire need to combat marketing incest. Think about it like this: If everyone in your field is using the same angles, the same pain points, the same setup, it’s only a matter of time before dream patients get turned off... Just like real incest, this isn’t really such a long-term play. It’s pretty disgusting in fact. Give it nine-months and you may be stuck with a stinkin’ blue newborn… Sheesh! I know I know… Let’s get back to business growth. This is getting weird. Only when fresh “out-of-the-box” ideas come to light can true breakthroughs happen! We provide breakthroughs every week for our clients by using timeless direct marketing strategies and inject them with real-world applications for a knockout effect. Continuing to do the same strategy whether it’s hoping for a referral or trying and burning through ad dollars with tired marketing angles can only lead to failure. As we enter a new age, people are looking to health professionals for a new, proven direction without the hype, just benefits. Now at Think Bullish, we provide a 100% measurable replacement for the Grunt Work of finding and managing leads. Our Patient Flows program guarantees that each marketing dollar put in causes an exponential effect. Unlike other marketers, we’re a dedicated team of marketers, copywriters, designers, sales specialists and psychologists who work together to create fresh concepts, day-to-day that will make patients pause their feed and sign up immediately. Imagine how different life would be if all the time spent searching/worrying about the next patient was eliminated via an effortless, automated leads system… This is not a pipe dream. This is a reality for our clients currently even during one of the worst economic downturns in history. Because the fact of the matter is: health will always be needed no matter the economic situation so the offer isn’t the problem… It’s simply the marketing strategy and the positioning of it! It’s possible to automate getting new patients in your door easily! To find out how busy doctors can slow down on lead generation and focus more on their craft, book a free call with me Zack Siegel for a FREE Profit call. In 47 minutes I’ll show you ❌ The holes to avoid that are bleeding most marketing strategies dry ❌ How to generate more "new patients in your door" by literally doing no work at all ❌ The exact guaranteed profit system we're using for clients that guarantees you an ROI or your money back + $1,000.00 for wasting your time This is information that you won’t find from any other marketer or consultant--if I’m wrong I personally write out a check for $100.00 (or $150.00 to a charity of choice) for wasting precious time. After we can discuss how you can qualify for our all-new concierge service where we require no work on your part at all, just service the patients we get into the office! But warning: we have been known to overbook doctors weeks in advance so slow growth isn’t our tune.‍♂️‍♂️ Now more than ever, advertising dollars are essential to instilling alternative health doctors as leaders in medici
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ActBlue — Billions raised online since 2004
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Din păcate, ce-ai văzut în Game of Thrones între Cersei și Jamie e mai răspândit decât crezi la nivel global.
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Aleph Beta has made its basic memberships 100% free for those in quarantine and for tens of thousands of students who find themselves out of school. We can only do that because of the generosity of viewers who continue to support us financially. If our work matters to you, please consider becoming a premium member.
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