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Kennedy Fox | Two romantics breaking the code on heartbreaks and happily ever afters.
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When Mango Shen got the pregnancy test result, she shed tears of joy. She was pregnant! She was pregnant with Nathaniel Ye's child! After three years of marriage, she finally had his child, on which she made a great effort. She was on her way out with the pregnancy test result in her hand and a smile on her face. She couldn't wait to tell the good news to Nathaniel. Yet, when she turned around a corner, a familiar figure flashed by. "Macy Cho?" Nathaniel's first love! She came back! How come? Mango quickly followed her, only to find that Nathaniel, who was supposed to be in the company, was accompanying Macy and carefully holding her. And her stomach was obviously had conceived a baby for more than five months. "Nathan, I'm fine. Don't be nervous. The child is going to be OK." "We need a check-up. After all, the child in your belly is the first grandchild of our Ye Family. I can't take any risk on it." This scene on which Macy looked cheerful and Nathaniel was as gentle as water deeply hurt Mango. "What are you guys doing?" Mango suddenly clenched the pregnancy test sheet, and her nails pierced her palm through the paper. But compared to the pain in her heart, the pain in her palm was really nothing. Mango was always in poor health conditions. In order to give birth to a child for Nathaniel, she tried all the folk prescriptions and tried every hospitals in the past three years. She almost died several times. Yet, when she finally confirmed her pregnancy, the least she would expect, was that Macy was pregnant with Nathaniel's baby too. "Why are you here?" Nathaniel's brows suddenly furrowed. His eyes, which were as gentle as water, had also become sharp and cold, as if the temperature around him also dropped to subzero. After seeing his attitude changed greatly, Mango could not help but went forward to question him, "Why am I here? Nathaniel Ye, I am your wife. Now you are accompanying the mistress to take the pregnancy test. How dare you ask me why I am here?" Her question attracted the attention of the people around. Macy suddenly cried with grievances. "Nathaniel, I'm sorry. I got you into trouble. If I hadn't come back and told you the existence of our child, or if I had forced myself to give up the baby, maybe I wouldn't have you misunderstood by Mango. Sorry, it's all my fault." After that, Macy turned around and ran. "Thomas, follow Miss Cho and watch out for her. If there is something wrong with the baby, you will be in trouble." Sensed the anxiety in Nathaniel's voice, Thomas Song, Nathaniel's assistant, rushed to follow Macy. Mango only felt it hard to breathe. Nathaniel had never shown such concern to her. "Nathaniel Ye, you jerk!" She suddenly raised one hand, trying to slap Nathaniel hard, but didn't expect to be stopped by him halfway. His firm grasp made Mango frown in pain. "Mango Shen, when you climbed into my bed by means and forced me to marry you three years ago, you should have known that I couldn't give you the love you want in this marriage. I warn you, the baby in Macy’s belly is very precious and it is the Ye Family's blood. If you dare to harm her or the baby, then don’t blame me to hurt you, even if you’re my wife." After the warning, Nathaniel left. Mango quaked with fear and almost fell on the ground. She hurriedly held onto the wall, and the pregnancy test result slipped out of her hand and landed in front of Nathaniel. "You, you are pregnant?" There was a moment of astonishment in Nathaniel's eyes. Mango laughed, tears dripping down from the corners of her eyes. "Do you even care? I've explained to you three years ago, but you don't believe me. No matter how hard I tried to indulge you, you don't care. Now your first love is going to give you a child. Nathaniel Ye, I do love you, but I also have dignity and pride! I will deal with this child. And our marriage will come to an end." Mango's heart was hurting as if it was stabbed by a knife, but she still turned around and left resolutely. Nathaniel’s eyes sank. He quickly walked forward, picked up Mango, and wal
Вебінар “Як видати книжку: 25 практичних порад” Право, підготовка, самвидав, видавництво.
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Kurs digitalne fotografije. Za najbolje obezbeđena mogućnost prakse i honorarnog posla u Fly media produkciji. Kurs traje 14 dana, start početkom avgusta. Za to vreme ćeš naučiti kako se prave korporativne, dokumentarne, event i studijske fotografije. Svu opremu potrebnu za tvoj rad tokom obuke obezbeđuje Fly media produkcija. A možeš da koristiš i svoju ako želiš. Prijavi se do 28.08. i dobijaš 55% popusta na cenu kursa.
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...ויום אחד גליתי שלא נשאר לי כסף... הייתי בהלם, נבהלתי, לא האמנתי שזה קרה לי... לא תאמינו איך גוזלים מאיתנו את הכסף שלנו ואיך בקלות אפשר לאבד את כולו. רוצים לנצח את המערכת ולצאת מהמינוס? לחצו וגלו איך לזהות את הבעיה ולנצח את המינוס>>
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Das ist Khaojam. Dieser ca. 3-jährige Bursche ist wie so viele thailändische Straßentiere, die zu Soi Dog kommen - schwer verletzt und unfähig, uns zu erzählen, was mit ihm passiert ist. Wir vermuten, dass ein grausamer Mensch ein Gummiband um sein linkes Vorderbein gewickelt hat, die Verletzung kann aber auch viele andere Ursachen haben. Wir werden es nie erfahren. Khaojams Wunde war so stark entzündet, dass die Schwellung von seinem Ellbogen bis zu seinem Fuß reichte. Sie muss schon vor einiger Zeit entstanden sein, denn das benachbarte Gewebe war bereits nekrotisch. Wer weiß, wie lange der arme Junge mit dieser Verletzung schon umher gehumpelt ist und versucht hat, allein zu überleben, ohne einen liebevollen Besitzer, der sich kümmert? Als unser Tierfänger Khaojam fand und in unsere Klinik brachte, war er kaum in der Lage, bei Bewusstsein zu bleiben, seine Schmerzen waren so stark. Er war dehydriert, wahrscheinlich weil er Mühe hatte, sich fortzubewegen und Futter und Wasser zu finden. Unsere Tierärzte haben Khaojams Wunde gereinigt. Er bekommt Medikamente, um Infektionen zu bekämpfen und es ihm so erträglich wie möglich zu machen. Er erholt sich jetzt in unserem Tierheim hier auf Phuket, wo er die Versorgung erhält, die er braucht. Er bekommt regelmäßige Mahlzeiten, hat einen bequemen Schlafplatz und kann in Sicherheit abseits der Straßen leben. Unsere Tierärzte befürchten derzeit, dass das verletzte Bein von Khaojam amputiert werden muss. Die Muskulatur ist schwer geschädigt und wir überwachen seine Fortschritte genau. Wir werden euch auf dem Laufenden halten. Um auch weiterhin Straßentiere wie Khaojam behandelt zu können, sind wir dringend auf Unterstützung angewiesen. Wenn Du uns mit einer Spende helfen möchtest, klick bitte hier: http://bit.ly/Hilfe_für_Hunde_wie_Khaojam
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