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Become your own boss and be financially free! Learn practical and easy-to-do ways of manufacturing the following household products... BODY POMADE (CREAM) LAUNDRY SOAP HOT SYSTEM LIQUID SOAP MEDICATED SOAP CANDLE BODY PERFUME/BODY ROLL-ON & MENTHOLATED SPIRIT SPRAY INSECTICIDE DENTAL TOOTH POWDER COLD WATER (LIQUID) STARCH GERMICIDE (DISINFECTANT) LIQUID AIR-FRESHENER BATHING SCRUB / GEL SHAMPOO GLOSS PAINT TEXCOTE PAINT FORMULA EMULSION PAINT ICE-CREAM CHALK HAIR CREAM LIGHTENING CREAM WHITENING CREAM FACIAL CLEANSER CREAM SUNBURN FACE EYE LID REMOVAL CREAM ORGANIC LIGHTENING LIQUID BLACK SOAP STRETCH MARK REMOVAL AND MANY MORE Also, you can get soap mould, soap cutting machine, soap mixers, soap stamps, candle mould and production chemicals from us. We have three options open to all our students 1. WhatsApp training N2,000 per any product of your choice. 2. One-on-one training in our office in Lagos (Fee: Negotiable) 3. Buy our practical production (do-it-yourself) manual. Price: N2,000.
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Have you been wanting to attend a catering school or you need a baking skill for business/personal home use and you can't afford the price? Then this opportunity is for you!! Join our next batch of online training click the link below to join registration group to make payment and be added to training group immediately https://chat.whatsapp.com/JOyMcV0pY1I8QhIRTHaXnF Acquire all these our beginner and advanced training for #1000 promo Bonus discount price For only first 50 persons to make payment after which its increase to its initial price of #1500 We have just few slots left now for #1000 Fee: #1000 Venue:what's app group Duration: two weeks Method of teaching: well explanatory videos, notes and ebooks https://chat.whatsapp.com/JOyMcV0pY1I8QhIRTHaXnF Please note our only official phone number and welcome only information from us What's app us 07066673024 Exit any other what's app group if the Admin is not our phone number 07066673024 Please don't drop your phone number just click the link below to join registration group to make payment and be added to paid class group immediately https://chat.whatsapp.com/JOyMcV0pY1I8QhIRTHaXnF Have a skill in all baking affairs with us no oven or baking machine is needed for this training, you're good to go with your hand and we shall improvised by using the things you have in your kitchen like your pot, Stove,gas, stainless plate to bake Join our next batch of online training. Click the link below to join registration group make payment and be added to training group Pleas click the link below now to join us in the registration group now https://chat.whatsapp.com/JOyMcV0pY1I8QhIRTHaXnF Eat Right Bakers offers you the opportunity to learn how to bake cakes with oven and without oven, different cakes and decoration, butter and fondant icing, pastries,snacks and small chops with ease with this our online training at your comfort zone. Why not join our next batch of online training and learn how to make different kinds of cakes snacks, pastries, ice creams and small chops and become an outstanding baker. We have two (2) course packages 1...Beginner's class 2....Advanced class We have special bonus package In advanced class This is an online training on baking, snacks,cakes and small chops.check the course outline to see all listed topics How we train in this online training We use six methods of teaching in this online training for better understanding 1 We teach with well explanatory notes 2 videos 3 pictures 4 voice notes 5 step by step process 6 we give 3 free eBooks for beginners and advanced teachings ( handout) our ebooks can be printed out as hard copy or you save it in your email our teachings is known for its uniqueness because of the well explanatory method we use in teaching 1 Beginner's class course outline 1 free eBook(handouts) please make sure you save your eBook on email and this eBook can be printed out too . keep yours safe 2 saugage roll 3 puff puff 4 fish roll 5 bread 8 How to bake cake from scratch as a beginner 9 How to bake cake with an oven 10 How to bake cake without an oven 11 How to mix butter and sugar with electric cake mixer Advanced training 12 How to mix butter and sugar without electric cake mixer 13 Meat pie 14 Chin chin 15 Egg roll 16 Shawama 17 Pancake 18 peanut 19 short bread cookies 20 plantain Mosa 21 pizza 22 spring roll Cakes and decorations THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CAKE, CAKE ICING WITH DECORATIONS : TYPES OF CAKES 23 Zebra Cake 24 Chocolate Cake 25 Red Velvet Cake DIFFERENT TYPES OF ICING 26 Fondant Icing 27 Butter Cream Icing TECHNIQUES OF FONDANT ICING 28 How to Colour your Fondant Icing using only the 3 primary colours. DIFFERENT TYPES OF DESIGNS Anniversary cake e.g birthday cake 29 Handbag Design cake 30 Canvass shoe design cake 31 basket design cake 32 shirt design cake Bonus packages Videos and notes will be sent to you on the following on how to make 1 Banana ice cream 2 Milo ice cream 3 Vanilla ice cream Women's
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Мужские кожаные ботинки Цена 1390 грн Материал: натуральная кожа, внутри байка, подошва термополиуретан Размер: 40 - 45 Сезон: осень/зима Быстрая доставка по Украине 1-2 дня! Оплата при получении!
Mezclilla Ramirez
Hội Y Học Cổ Truyền Ba Vì
Chào bà con, tôi là LÝ THỊ THU HÀ, chủ nhiệm hợp tác xã Thuốc Nam dân tộc Dao ở Ba Vì. Không biết bà con ở đây, còn ai bị viêm xoang viêm mũi mà chưa được tôi giúp hay không. Ai mà chưa được tôi giúp thì nhắn tin cho tôi hoặc để lại số điện thoại ở đây, tôi sẽ liên hệ cho từng người một. Chỉ 5 ngày hết Dịch nhầy Chỉ 30 ngày khỏi DứtT Điểm Bà con nào có dấu hiệu: 1.Nhức hai bên sống mũi, trán và lông mày, sau gáy 2.Khụt khịt, chảy dịch mũi, dịch mũi và hơi thở có mùi hôi, nghẹt mũi 3.Hắt hơi, ho từng cơn, ngứa họng, giát họng 4.Ngứa mắt, mỏi mắt, đỏ mắt 5.Mệt mỏi, buồn ngủ 6.Đã dùng nhiều loại nhưng cứ tái đi tái lại nhiều lần thì nhanh tay để Số Điện Thoại bên dưới để được hỗ trợ nhé! Bà con nào VIÊM XOANG thật sự cần được đlều tri thì hãy liên hệ tới tôi nha. #CHỮA_BỆNH LÀ DUYÊN LÀ PHÚC ►►_Ai_có_DUYÊN - Để lại【SỐ ĐIỆN THOẠI】 - Tôi sẽ chỉ cách giúp bà con_điều trị.. ĐỊA CHỈ : Hợp tác xã thuốc nam dân tộc Dao - Tản Viên - Yên Sơn - Ba Vì.
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Et abonnement som garantere dig ultimativ gaming. – beyondGamingdk
Hos Beyond Gaming, mener vi at det skal være muligt for alle at kunne spille computer uden at bekymre sig om forældet udstyr Vores koncept garantere at du altid har en Pc som er Up To Date med det seneste hardware. Og hvis der skulle ske noget med PC'en er dækket af forsikring så du kan game i ro og fred, uden at skulle bekymre sig om at hardwaren pludselig skulle stå af.
Escape Time Brasil
A promoção com CERVEJA e REFRIGERANTE na FAIXA está de volta esse fim de semana!!! De hoje até domingo (07/04), todos que jogarem na Escape Time ganham uma BEBIDA antes do jogo! E se conseguir completar o desafio, ganha mais uma! E aí, vai conseguir ESCAPAR para levar duas!? Informações e reservas 11 4324-0050 www.escapetime.com.br/br/reservas #EscapeTimeBR #EscapeTimeRJ #EscapeTimeBH #fun #geek #Cortesia
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Gillman Subaru North | Houston Subaru Dealer & Service Center
Kolkata Kitchen
25.4.2019 - 27.4. 2019 Thursday & Saturday 1.Fish azwani chop 2.Kumro bhaja 3.Dhaniya patar dal 4.Bhat 5.Niramish alur dom 6.Macher dimer jhal 7.Shorsey Rui or Chicken masala 8.Chutney 9.Papad 10.Salad 11. Mishti 26.4.2019 Friday 1.Chicken pakora 2.Alu fulkopi bhaja 3.Macher matha diye mug dal 4.Bhat 5.Dhaniya pata bata 6.Alu data jhol 7. Rui macher kalia 8.Chicken korma 9.Chutney 10.Papad 11.Salad 12.Mishti For Order or Table Booking call at 06 5532408 / 055 6106586 We are Located in Abu Shagara , Sharjah
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Муконін Олександр - адвокат, громадський діяч.
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KEH Camera
KEH Camera will be in San Bruno, CA on April 18 for a buying event at Kaufmann's Camera Inc . Now's your chance to turn your used camera equipment into cash! Our buyer will be paying top dollar. If you choose to trade-up with KEH at the event, we will pay you an additional 10% bonus on the value of your gear! Can't wait to see you there!
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LOWEST PRICE IN SINGAPORE! BTO PROMOTION! Ultraslim 3H Window Grille Middle portion or 3/4 height (SAME PRICE) 3rm - $700 4rm - $800 5rm - $950 Hurry up contact us @ (65) 9658 8509 -NEW order only -Apply permit from respective authorities -Supply & Install premium aluminium ultraslim 3H grille for whole unit include Serviceyard (exclude toilets) (Silver/ Bronze) -Price before 7% GST Payment mode; Cash/ Cheque/ Paynow/ Funds Transfer/ Nets/ Credit cards Installment Payment Plan only available for OCBC credit cards holder (6 or 12months) T&C apply #installnow #paylater #paymentmode #installment #OCBC #creditcards #modernhomes #premium #aluminium #window #windowgrille #door #intellectualpropertyrights
STONE 巨石工業
BMW G20 B48 330i #STONEEXHAUST X #WS文森國際際 電子閥門中尾段開發中, 請先聽聽看 STONE Exhaust 專利渦流觸媒downpipe,搭配原廠中尾段, 原地 Comfort / Sport 模式,聲音的差異。 stone-Exhaust.com
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ฟลอร่า คลินิก
Ashakiran Bal Gurukul, Nerul
On Thursday, AK conducted a craft n stitching session. The volunteers of art team first divided the children into two parts. The senior group was taught basic stitching & cloth bag making. The teachers guided them so well that most of them took keen interest in learning the technique s of stitching & made beautiful cloth bags. A very useful session indeed. And for the junior brigade, the papercup puppet was a fantastic idea...easy to make but a very attractive item. Children enjoyed crafting the puppets themselves n cheerfully displayed their own creations. Some of them even tried experimenting in improving it further. The teachers certainly deserve a big thanks for their ideas n their superb efforts in teaching each child with care n patience. The day ended with some fun games for the junior children.
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My Dream Wedding - Malaysia
#婚纱照想拍外景怎么办?… 还想要有山水之间的美景当背景 那就要到My Dream Wedding…如今不用远赴国外,我们带你去拍世界三大最美日落之一还有犹如瑞士景色的婚纱照指定订单只需加付 Rm1000,就可以拍到咯婚纱照一定要拍美的❤️My Dream Wedding以最疯狂的价格,为您们开启爱旅新章❤️计划结婚的朋友,心动就赶紧行动吧*优惠有限,错过无效* T&C Apply* 引爆热情,优惠不断,全马分店皆可预约时间进店了解我们期待您的到来… :For more enquiry :Damansara (Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana) :https://goo.gl/maps/FoSVEMhoETF2 :Cheras (Amoda 88, Sungai Besi) :https://goo.gl/maps/aaL5kzxArSD2 :Penang (Penang Gurney Paragon Mall Level 3) :https://goo.gl/maps/5GKeVxZcTqn :Johor Bahru (Jalan Kempas Lama 1, Skudai) : https://waze.to/lr/hw238zfxzd :Kota Kinabalu(Block H, Suria Inanam) :https://waze.com/ul/hw94d4s78f ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mydreamwedding_malaysia/ website:http://mydreamwedding.com.my/ Blogger : https://mydreamweddinghouseblog.wordpress.com/ Pinterest:www.pinterest.com/mydreamweddingm/ Wechat: My Dream Wedding
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Daniel Swartwout - Member of City Council in Powell, Ohio
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Marcin Biskupski - Radny Miasta z Prawobrzeża
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Мы поможем вам создать универсальный гардероб.
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Captain! Azure Lenneth and Freya from VALKYRIE PROFILE are joining the battle for a limited time in STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS!
Jam Tangan | Bee Sister Reborn 2020 | Bayar Di Tempat (COD)
Nci Cambridge
A Páscoa é amor, fraternidade, união. Cristo morreu, mas ressuscitou, e fez isso somente para nos ensinar a matar nossos piores defeitos e ressuscitar as maiores virtudes sepultadas no íntimo de nossos corações. Que esta seja a verdade da sua e da nossa Páscoa!
amalan | Jasa Konsultasi Utang Profesional, Tercatat di OJK