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Shop. Earn. Get Cash Back. | Rakuten
Shop. Earn. Get Cash Back. | Rakuten
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When did you start earning REAL money? No shade to anyone who earns $15/hour or less, whether single or with a family. I’ve been there too. After graduating from Morehouse College with a BA in English, I spent two years working mornings as an $8/hr bus driver at the Parking Spot and server at Red Lobster in the evenings. I got tips from both jobs, but I was also tired. Real money to me starts at a solid five or six figure income. It started for me at 24. Oct 2004 I became an educator paid a set amount twice a month. My first full year salary was $39k or about $18/hour. FINALLY, I could eat out, buy a real car, have a real place I wanted to live, buy better clothes more aligned for my new profession and so much more. No more having to buy the cheapest cash car or eating to survive, not to enjoy. However, I missed the REAL problem. I never learned to manage money properly. PLUS, now, add learning to maximize the new, higher income. I would see the money come in, but it didn’t do EVERYTHING I wanted. Where did it go? Its easy to get stuck paying bills. It’s easy to follow the spending patterns of the poor with too much on food, “luxury” items, or entertainment. Now that I made more than the minimum to live, I could go from just paying bills to living life. Problem… What does that look like? Truthfully, I didnt know. Never saw it for real. I only saw struggle, lack, and not enough. I only saw people taking what was offered, as they had no real choice or option. It was fairly simple to manage the living expenses. I now lived on about 50% of my higher income vs 90% of the lower. Yet, maybe like you, there was no real intention, joy, or master plan behind that income. That pushed my financial goals farther into the future. When can dreams come true? Worse, Ramsey and the traditional financial gurus preach “Never enjoy your money. Don’t have a gym membership. NEVER go to dinner. Only eat at home.” NEVER have fun. No Netflix or Hulu. Damn near have a flip phone. Never go on a real vacation.” All in the name of not being in bondage to debt. WHAT in the World!! So I work hard for my money and, build my career or business. Take care of myself and family. Give to church and charity. Pay the bills and be without debt burden. Yet, Im supposed to be miserable with money by only having the cheapest, lowest price stuff? To me, that is bad living when I work hard for my income and not living on my terms. You want to the TRUTH? You can eat out a couple times a week, shop, travel, enjoy where you live, enjoy your car, and still pay all my bills (early) and stash some money. My name is Ladre Weathersby. I teach current mid five and six figure earners who grew up in lack AND/OR those never taught good financial skills to responsibly enjoy life to the fullest but NEVER go back to struggle or bad moves by maximizing their money. Now, I know you may be skeptical, as FREE offers tend to not produce real results. The worst ones don’t even really speak to where you are and where you want to go. Like you, maybe income isn’t the challenge. It could be how to keep, control, protect, AND grow MY money. I didn’t even KNOW I should have learned what no one taught. The added income on my home street was barely six figures COMBINED!!!! I couldnt learn managing money from them. I wanted to win and win BIG!!! I had to get through the baggage of being broke. It is so strongly engrained and deeply rooted, much like PTSD. Should you try to beat that by yourself? Probably not. So, here is what I want you to do. Go to www.victorsfinancialmastery.info/freegift and enter your BEST email address that you check daily. Get immediate access to my short, totally FREE case study "How to never/stop living check to check, better enjoy life, and have less financial stress without earning a celebrity’s salary.” Please know that this is NOT for you if low-income causes is the root problem. Why? If you earn $25k single, it is easy to spend half of that on rent alone, even if you don’t live in a big city. The best focus for you will probably be t
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PUSOY ZINGPLAY - Play fun to real experience
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Discoteca Imagine Puntacana. Fiesta y espectáculo en la cueva!
Official Tickets book now for only $10! Spend the coolest night in the only dance club in the world that is a natural cave.
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Asa7be Sarcasm Society
لما تلعب مع صاحبك المحظوظ Video Made by Mohamed Dorgham
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PixPaint - Number Coloring
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GOLDTOE Philippines
Head on to the SM Stores and join the shopping craze this April 5-7! Get 20% off on Goldtoe Kids school socks, casual socks, sports socks and many more!
Lularoe Jeaneane Pennell
L’assistant d'aide à la conduite et application GPS Coyote - Coyote
Clayton Costa
Imagina: ▫️Não ter medo de nada… ▫️Sair de casa e se sentir bem, sem querer que o tempo passe para voltar para casa… ▫️Ter sonhos e não ter medo de realiza-los… . ❌Não é assim que se sente? . ✅Então, isso te interessa… . Clica em “SAIBA MAIS” se quiser conhecer as raizes da sua autoconfiança.
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Online Assessment-led Learning Tool For Primary - Secondary
The Law Office of Joe Wall | Family Law | Victoria, TX
Konténer Megoldások
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Maxnum อะไหล่แต่ง รถยนต์ รถบรรทุก
Graspy(グラスピー)| 若手エースのためのキャリアアップ型転職サイト
Shayboub market
PRIK og STREG | Barnets Bog | Babyaftryk | Bedst i Test 2020
Bayar Besok – Kalau bisa bayar dirumah kenapa harus repot transfer?
Kenapa Repot Transfer Bisa Bayar Dirumah? Senter Pertama Terangnya Bisa Tembus Sampai 800Meter
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Welcome to Fast Track It
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haart Estate Agents: We’re On A Mission To Get You Moved
Spacious three bedroom mid terrace property in Maltby. Ideal for those needing the Motorway Links
סטגדם- משחקייה לכל המשפחה
Hilbert College - a private four-year college located south of Buffalo, NY
Lazada - Best Shopping Online
Dapatkan 888 juta ang pao, ⚡ Flash Sale hingga 88%, plus GRATIS ONGKIR se-Indonesia di Lazada Hoki Imlek Sale 14-16 Januari 2020! Download sekarang!