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Later around 9:00pm the party had already started but tiffany can't seem to find a cute enough outfit until finally she picks out a nude tight dress with matching nude high heels then she gets dressed. She then flattens her hair then applies some nude eyeshadow, mascara & shimmery lip gloss and rubs her lips together. "I would do it by myself" she giggles as she looks at herself in the mirror then grabs her phone and walks out the room joining everyone downstairs. Tiffany walks into the kitchen as she can feel all eyes on her. She pours her a cup of liquor and drinks it as Matt walks up to her. "You look good babygirl" he bites his lip and smiles. "He's so hot..." she thinks to herself as she stares at his lips for a few seconds. "babygirl" she snaps back to reality from the sound of his voice. "Oh, uh thanks" she replies with a smile. "No foreal, you're the hottest girl here" he smirks as she blushes and he laughs. A girl with light brown hair and brown eyes walks up to matt. "Let's dance matt" she starts rubbing down his abs and kissing on his neck. "You see I'm talking to someone" he pushes her away. "You can go have fun" Tiffany says as she sips her drink. "Okay, I'll be right back though" he walks off with the girl as Tiffany watches them dance. I don't know who this drunk woman is but she needs to back up a little and stop being so thirsty. Anthony and 2 of his friends walks up to tiffany. "Damn you're hot" one of the boys say. "Hey watch it, that's my sister you're talking about" Anthony says as he punches the boy in his arm and tiffany laughs. "You having fun so far?" Anthony asks as he pours him a drink. "Yeah" tiffany replies as she looks over to Matt who is now watching her. "Okay well don't get too drunk" Anthony walks off followed by the 2 boys. 10 minutes later some boy with blonde hair and black eyes comes up to tiffany. "Hey, I saw you across the room and wanted to ask if you wanted to dance?" He asks as he leans on the counter. "Sure" she drinks the rest of her drink then grabs his hand and leads him to the dance floor as they start dancing. 15 minutes later the liquor starts to kick in as she starts to grind on him. She turns around rubbing her body on him as Matt watches. She then turns back around facing him and grabs around his neck as he holds around her waist then kisses her. She kisses him back as he grabs her a$$ and squeezes it. "Follow me" he grabs her hand and leads her upstairs to a random room closing the door behind them. He pushes her against the wall kissing down her boobs as she let's out a soft moan. He grabs under her a$$ with both hands then starts kissing on her neck then picks her up by her legs carrying her over to the bed and sits her down. He pushes her back onto the bed then gets on top of her kissing her as he slides his hand up her dress and she slaps his hand away. "Wait no, I thought we were only making out" she tries to get up but he doesn't move from on top of her. "You know you want it" he pins both of her hands above her head with one hand and with his other hand he lifts her dress up a little then starts to rub her through her panties. "No stop!" She screams as he kisses her sticking his tongue inside her mouth so she won't be able to scream. She tries to get her hands loose but he has a tight grip on her hands. He continues kissing her as he moves her underwear aside and slips one finger inside her causing a moan to escape her lips. "Told you, you want it" he slips another finger inside her as he speeds up her pace and another moan escapes her lips. "L "Please stop..." she begs while still still trying to get loose. She finally gets one of her arms loose then punches him in the face as he removes his fingers and throws her on the floor. "I knew you were a tease beauty" he stands raising his hand about to hit her when the door Flys open and standing there is anthony and matt. "What's going on?!" Anthony storms into the room angrily as tiffany stands with tears rolling down her face. "I- I-" she stammers as she runs to Anthony hugging him. "Get out" matt punches the guy
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Chapter one Stella's POV I was watching him. Not in the way you think. I have to watch him, after all he is the one who took my diary. Well, not necessarily, we just collided and I freaked out and started talking about Nutella while picking up my stuff I dropped. Then, I walked away like nothing happened. One detail—I left my diary and I think, scratch that, I know he's the one who took it. Well, he's probably a really nice but I don't know him yet so I'll stick to that man. It's also my fault. I was late to geometry and ran, by the time I noticed my diary was gone I was already half way across the school. Mental face Palm. I'm such an idiot! I know what you're thinking. 'Aren't you worried he will read it?!'. Well to put it bluntly, no. He's a new foreign exchange student and doesn't know anybody. Even if he did tell someone, no harm would be done because the school already hates me. I'm the not so popular person, the geek. The bottom of the school chain. The one split end of your luscious hair. Okay, the last one was going too far. By you get the point, right? Stacy— the queen of everybody and their mom, got everyone against me. No I am not gonna tell you some sappy 'she used to be my best friend's story. Truth is, once I got to this high school she hated me just because I told her I wouldn't do her English 1 homework. There aren't really any educated boys that go to this high school, since most of them come from end schools. No problem there, they just aren't very dedicated to their future. So anyways, there aren't any geeky 'do my homework and you can sit with me at lunch' boys in this prison, so she gets geeky girls to do it instead. I mean, I'm pretty sure that she can do her own homework— she's not dumb. Back to the story— (I get distracted a lot) So, she got angry that I said no and now it's like I'm a ripped teddy bear that nobody wants! Well, it's sad that I don't care. I hate people. they're all idiots! Okay, maybe not all of them— but most of them. Every time I look up, I see an 'idiot' doing something stupid. Anyway, back to the present. Right now I'm watching him. He's all alone outside on a bench for lunch. He isn't eating anything and has my diary right next to him while he's staring at a wall looking...amused? I don't think this guy is an idiot but I do think that he is weird. Maybe they're all like that were he comes from. I'm not going to question it. Now, what I'm gonna tell you is really cliché but you have to believe me! This guy is hot. I don't really care, but you do so I'm gonna tell you the 'details'. You do want the details— right? That's how this chapter book thingy works, right? I'm imagining the invisible audience in my head nodding right now. Like I said, it's gonna be cliché but just don't fall asleep on me now! I found out from the school newspaper that his name is Blake (I know— so original! Hope you guys can note the sarcasm.) and he's a transfer student, obviously. I also found out from stalking him for fifteen minutes that he has black hair, forest green eyes and a cute dimple. Yes, only one! That completes 'The Look'. He looks nothing like me. oh! That's right, I forgot to introduce myself! (Such a subtle way to get a description of how you look. Everyone knows that he's not supposed to look like me! That would be downright weird.) My name is Stella and I'm a "geek". I'm the geek. A awesome geek if you ask me. Anyway, I have a light completion, whereas Blake is a light shade of tan— kind of. Okay Stella— enough comparing yourself to him. I get it, you want his babies (and are wondering what they'll look like), but save that for later. I'm obviously kidding. I have dark brown long hair, a straight body (meaning I haven't developed boobs or a butt yet— I have the body of a little boy. But I mean— who doesn't love little boys? Okay— enough sounding like a pedophile. Seriously, you aren't making a very good first impression. Sorry invisible audience.), an amber tone to my hazel eyes, and chunky round glasses that take up half of my face. Not only do I need them to see four feet ahead of
Wild Women Tea Club - For women who drink Tea!
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We love this book! ❤️ And here’s what they’re saying about it: "As a 23 year Veteran of the NFL, especially as a kicker, I understand and appreciate the value of routine, repetition and rituals. "Having read Clark’s book it’s very easy to see that he is offering you information that will absolutely affect your life in a positive and impactful way regardless of what you for a living. "Many of the principles he shares in Where Your Mind Goes You Go I still use today. I may never again be called on in the fourth quarter to provide the game winning kick, but I do want to remain “clutch” in every other aspect of my life and a solid routine, similar to what Clark suggests, is an excellent way to make that happen." ~JOHN CARNEY 23 Year NFL Veteran & Super Bowl Champion The book is “Where Your Mind Goes You Go” - it’s a must read! For more reviews or to get your copy, just click the “Learn More” button below now.
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