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From the moment HAGRID™ utters his famous line, HARRY POTTER™ is drawn into the wonderful Wizarding World, becoming one of its greatest heroes. Now, celebrate the beloved HOGWARTS™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the HARRY POTTER™ HOGWARTS™ Wall Clock! https://bit.ly/3gSe4Ya
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second story! haha! ive always wanted to write one about draco! cuz hes cool like that! i dont have a cover yet for the story... im trying to come up with a new one, though... well, enjoy yourself;) -- "The... Dark Lord?" "Yes... Yes, the Dark Lord," repeated Hermione. "He is.... He came back?" "Yes, yes he did." "How?" "I don't actually know, but...." My eyes widened. "But what?" "Harry.... Harry told me." "Harry Potter?" Her eyebrows furrowed a little as she looked out the window of the compartment. "Yes, Harry Potter." "When did he tell you that?" I questioned. "...two years ago." "Two YEARS ago?" "Yeah...two years ago." "The-one-who-must-not-be-named is back. Harry saw him and you-know-who killed Cedric Diggory. Harry fought him some time and now... I'm not sure what is going on," said Hermione. " ..." I mumbled. "I know, this is unbelievable." "What is unbelievable?" Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed then looked at the entrance of the compartment. "What do you want?" "I just want to know what a mud blood and a...." the boy looked at me from head to toe and his eyes widened, "oh my...." Hermione glared up at him. "Go away, Malfoy. We don't need your company here." "Malfoy?" I asked. "What an name..." Hermione laughed as Malfoy boy smirked at me. "It's soon going to be your last name soon, face," he laughed and walked away. My jaw dropped and I turned to Hermione, asking, "Did he just...I... he.... ?" She shrugged, "More like a proposal." My eyes widened. "No way..." "So where were you, these past few years? If you were a witch or a wizard, you should've known about you-know-who by now." "I was in America, and my family wasn't pretty occupied in witch/wizard stuff. They were too busy doing muggle works," I replied. "Muggle... work?" I was about to reply when the train bolted into a stop. "We're here," smiled Hermione. "Hogwarts?" I asked. She took my hand and led me outside of the train where I saw sea of students, in robes, heading to where a tall, fat, hairy man was standing. Behind him, I saw a beautiful castle on the edge of the cliff then had every window lit up. Hermione smiled and whispered, "Welcome to Hogwarts, Julienne." --- "Am I ?" I asked Hermione as we entered the Great Hall. She furrowed her eyebrow in confusion. "You are certainly not , Julienne." "Really?" "Really. I swear on my life." She smiled. "But why did you ask me?" "Because the Malfoy boy called me an face...." I mumbled as we sat on a bench. Hermione put her hands on the table and pulled a weird expression on her face. "You shouldn't be offended by what Malfoy says, Julienne," she said. "But... I think I am ..." "You're not ," said a new voice from opposite of me. I looked up from the table to see a red hair boy and a black...
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Explore the Mysteries of Hogwarts™ castle, visit the shops of Hogsmeade™ and more!
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