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Do you think they're the same thing? There is a belief that whole and high-fibre foods are the same. However, these are two different matters, despite the fact that they are sometimes used interchangeably, which creates some confusion among consumers. A food can be rich in fibre, but it does not have to be whole. Fibre is a substance found in plants, and is made up of complex carbohydrates and lignin, a class of organic polymer found in their tissues. Its intake is important as it is involved in the regulatory functions of different organs and https://bit.ly/32888EL the next post, we will tell you what "Whole" is. هل تعتقد أنهم نفس الشيء؟ هناك اعتقاد بأن الحبوب الكاملة والألياف هي نفسها. ومع ذلك ، فهذان أمران مختلفان ، على الرغم من حقيقة أنهما يستخدمان في بعض الأحيان بالتبادل ، مما يخلق بعض الارتباك بين المستهلكين. يمكن للطعام أن يكون غنيًا بالألياف ، ولكن لا يجب أن يكون حبوب كاملة. الألياف هي مادة موجودة في النباتات ، وتتكون من الكربوهيدرات المعقدة ، وهي فئة من البوليمرات العضوية الموجودة في أنسجتها. إن تناوله مهم لأنه يشارك في الوظائف التنظيمية للأجهزة والأنظمة المختلفة. في المقالة التالية ، سنخبرك ما هو "الحبوب الكاملة".
Dog behaviour transformation happens with optimum brain and gut wellbeing and training. Changes in brain or gut wellbeing can lead to overwhelming positive… or spiralling negative effects on your dog’s behaviour. It’s like the old adage: “healthy body, healthy mind.” When a dog’s mental and physical wellbeing are aligned, they are much calmer and more receptive to training… …which in turn leads to a happier life for them… …and YOU! Try these foods to boost your dog’s wellness and start enjoying a calmer life! Apples ✅ Fights free radicals ✅ Boosts natural defences ✅ Freshens breath This affordable, disease-fighting fruit protects against cell damage, particularly important as your dog grows older. Apples are a low-calorie treat and a good source of dietary fibre, Vitamins A and C, and antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can challenge your dog’s natural defences over time. You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Who knew it was quite so true for furry friends! One little known fact is that apples naturally clean your dog's teeth and freshen their breath too! Seriously, what’s not to like about this superfood?! Just make sure you chop the apple up to remove the seeds. Eggs ✅ Support sensitive tummies ✅ Gives a glossy coat A boiled or whole cooked egg can be a healthy snack for your dog. Easy to carry, they make an egg-citing training treat that you can take to an agility class or on walks. Eggs are rich in fatty acids, vitamins, folate, iron, selenium, and riboflavin, a canine-supporter that improves skin and coat condition, as well as promoting stronger teeth and bones. Plus, they’re packed full of digestible protein that can help to settle upset stomachs and support an optimum balance of gut microbiome, essential for your dog’s wellbeing. Feeding your furry friend raw egg white in excess, can lead to Biotin deficiency, the depletion of essential B vitamins that are important for healthy skin, digestion, metabolism, and cells. Keep it cooked and ensure your dog doesn’t have an intolerance or allergy and you’re all good. Once or twice a week is plenty depending on size of your dog, as eggs are high in fats and over-feeding can cause other health issues, like obesity. Pumpkin ✅ Supports natural infection defence ✅ Fights free radicals Pureed pumpkin makes for a great addition to your dog’s dry food diet. It’s high in fibre, which aids digestion and helps to flush out toxins. It’s also packed full of vitamins A, C and E – boosting the immune system and supporting natural infection defences. Just add a small cup to your dog’s dinner once or twice a week, along with a mix of other fruits and veggies. Coconut Oil ✅ Supports digestion ✅ Boosts energy ✅ Promotes coat & skin Unbelievably nutritional, coconut oil will supercharge any dog’s diet! As well as boasting numerous health benefits, including balancing the thyroid (great for overweight dogs), improving digestion, boosting energy and reducing allergic reactions. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Lauric acid, the same stuff found in a mother’s milk, helps to support natural infection defences against bacteria and viruses. It’s also similar to hair protein meaning it can penetrate the hair shaft to deliver moisture. As if that wasn’t enough, coconut oil contains natural properties similar to sebum, a natural oil produced by healthy skin, to improve your dog’s skin and coat. A little of this a day and your dog will be the envy of all the pooches in the park! Start with small amounts (¼ teaspoon should do it for the little ones, up to 1 teaspoon for larger dogs), gradually increasing to about 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds (4.5kg) of body weight daily, or about 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds (13.5kg). Once your dog’s brain and gut wellbeing start to improve you may find that their behaviour goes along with it. It’s the perfect time to try some games-based training to really boost your relationship! Here at A-OK
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Discover the benefits of High-Fibre foods & how to incorporate them into your family's daily diet. . . . . #HappyTummyHappyYou #AashirvaadMultiGrain #BetterGutHealth #FiberRichDiet #highFiber #HealthyLiving #FitnessGoals
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. why? ? ? Well if you check the fat percentage of banana 100 gm of banana has hardly 0.3 gram of fat contained in it so the myth that banana is full of fat is wrong. ? Well, the prescription is that banana is high in sugar and calories and thus it makes us FAT. LET'S BREAK SOME MYTHS 1. Banana is NOT full of Sugar: 100 gm banana has about 12 gm of Sugar that is relatively less than the modern processes foods. For instance, 100 gm of Digestive cookies has 22 gm Sugar. ❌❌ 2. It is NOT high in Calories: The calories in bananas are moderate enough to include in your diet without causing weight gain. A small banana contains 90 calories, and even an extra-large banana only has 135 calories. ❌❌ 3. It is NOT Full of Starch: Bananas contain more starch than some other fruits, but that doesn't mean they'll make you fat. It's important to consider the type of starch, its calories and its overall impact on blood sugar. Bananas are one of the best sources of a type of starch called resistance Starch which, in your body, acts the same as soluble fibre. It passes through the small intestine without being digested, so it doesn't contribute the same calories as starch that's digested into sugar and used for energy. ❌❌ 4. It CAN be consumed by Diabetics patients also: Although it's not a free food for Diabetics it is low in Glycemic index which means the Sugar present in the bananas is absorbed in the body slowly thus it doesn't spike the insulin in your body. It can be consumed by diabetics patients in moderate amount. ❌❌ ? 1. It is extremely rich in Nutrients 2. It improves your Digestives System 3. It contains Antioxidants 4. It helps you to Exercise Better ️‍♂️ ℍ Potassium: 9% of the RDI Vitamin B6: 33% of the RDI Vitamin C: 11% of the RDI Magnesium: 8% of the RDI Copper: 10% of the RDI Manganese: 14% of the RDI Net carbs: 24 grams Fiber: 3.1 grams Protein: 1.3 grams Fat: 0.4 grams BOTTOM LINE Banana is any day better than the readily available so-called healthy snack available at supermarkets these days. It is a snack that is easily available anywhere if you are travelling or working. You can easily buy it a local grocery shop or a roadside vendor. It doesn't mean you can have as much banana as you like but if eaten in moderate amount, it can even help you in losing weight.
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You can change your level of immunity with your next meal. Literally. Recent research has shown that the gut microbiome plays an essential role in the body’s immune response to infection. The food you eat has a direct impact on the health of your microbiome. The best way to a healthy microbiome is by eating a wide range of plant-based foods, which are high in fibre. Blend11 = 11 of the most nutritious, gluten-free, fibre-rich seeds & superfoods all in one brekkie! ✅ 100% natural ✅ Plant protein ✅ Gluten-free ✅ Low FODMAP ✅ High in good fats, protein and fibre ✅ No added sugars! Good food = good gut = good immunity.
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This time our beloved ✨ dietitian Deborah is sharing monthly tips about preventing and treating constipation, which can occur after weight loss surgeries. “Constipation can be an annoying and very uncomfortable side effect of a low fat, low calorie diet. Eating foods high in fibre as part of both your pre surgery diet and post surgery eating plan helps prevent constipation. You should also drink plenty of fluids, preferably 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily before and after surgery. It is very common to be constipated after your surgery because: It takes your gut some time to recover from the surgical manipulation. Anesthetic and pain medications, especially analgesics, have side effects which include constipation. Supplements such as iron and calcium can cause constipation. An iron supplement can also cause dark coloured stools Weight loss surgery restricts the size of the stomach with a reduction in the quantity of food intake which in turn reduces the quantity of stools. The initial liquid diet in the first 2 weeks after surgery has a low amount of fibre. If you continue to rely on protein shakes instead of food based meals this can result in the formation of little feces not bulky enough to stimulate an adequate bowel movement. After the recovery period – from week 6-8 you need to follow a healthy diet plan including high fibre foods e.g. fruit, vegetables, beans, oats and wholegrain cereals and breads. How to treat constipation: 1️⃣ FLUID, FLUID and more FLUID. Dehydration is the main cause of constipation. Get into the habit of sipping water throughout the day- at least 1.5litres. 2️⃣ BE ACTIVE Start walking around as soon as the doctor gives you the go-ahead. Physical activity stimulates your bowel movements and also benefit the overall healing process while reducing the chances of blood clots. 3️⃣ GO WHEN YOU NEED TO Never postpone the urge to defecate because the more you delay it, the harder the stool becomes. 4️⃣ TRY: ➡️ prune juice (no added sugar) 50ml mixed with 50ml warm water ➡️ 3 pureed prunes mixed with the same volume of 0% fat Greek yoghurt ➡️ 2-3 tablespoons pureed green vegetables cooked without salt ➡️ 2-3 tablespoons carrots or parsnips cooked without salt ➡️ 3 dried apricots soaked in hot water and pureed mixed with the same volume of low sugar, low fat custard. ➡️ 1 pot of Low sugar Yakult If food and fluid solutions do not work you can take a stool bulking type of laxative e.g. Senna. Consult your GP if the constipation is longer than 7 days. Best Wishes Deborah”
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During these unprecedented times, cancer continues to claim the lives of far too many men, women and children here — in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia region — and around the country. Innovative research is the key to discovering new lifesaving treatments and giving patients and their families hope for the future. #EndingCancerStartsHere
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