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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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THREEWITCHES - HALLOWEEN DECORATION SET Do you love Halloween? Fill your home with the best Halloween witch decoration. You can add this 3pcs/1pc Light-up Halloween Witches Ghost Decoration Set with Voice Control Glow and Sound Haunted House Party to make your Halloween creepy fun. Covered in wispy fabric, these witches get staked into the ground 24" apart. Connected as if they are holding hands, passersby will wonder what kind of spell they are conjuring up. When the sun goes down, click the on/off switch to illuminate their faces so they can greet trick-or-treaters! FEATURES: 1. Can emit flashes of light At night, use the on/off switch to make their head glow. Perfect to add to the weird (fun) Halloween decoration. 2. Voice control Install a sound sensor on the witch's head. When a person makes a sound, the witch will make a terrifying sound after sensing it. 3. Use waterproof fabric Mainly use witches as Halloween decorations outdoors. And the light inside the witch's head will not go out in the rain. Our witch's hat is made of waterproof fabric. Don't worry about rainy days. 4. For decoration only The witch is covered in black, soft fabric, connected like holding hands. It is suitable for decorating a yard or house on Halloween. Especially, Put them in the yard to increase the festive atmosphere. 5. Use 3 AAA batteries(not Included) Don't worry about the witch's light-emitting time for a long time. SPECIFICATION: Height of a single witch: 1.6 M Single head diameter: 15 CM Head length: 20 CM Hat height: 31 CM One person is equipped with two tubes of length 43 CM, one tube of 37 CM, and one ground point of 14.7 CM. packing: opp Product net weight: 1350 G PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1pcs light-up witches or Set of 3 light-up witches https://wheellyfinity.com/products/threewitches-halloween-decoration-set?_pos=1&_sid=e074623ff&_ss=r
The Hex House – Tulsa's Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction
FIRST WEEKEND in 2020! OCT 2 & 3 Tickets at HexHouse.com - Haunted House $5 VIP speed-pass special Avoid long lines! Rated as one of the scariest haunts in America! You have been warned! Watch these videos before you enter: https://youtu.be/2xt0M_MEJS8 HexHouse Video1 https://youtu.be/93hNhTvzstA HexHouse Video2 https://youtu.be/vVwg7CKQ050
DJ Marcus Aurelius - 馬克思
The spirits come out and play under the moonlight on All Hallows’ Eve. For the first time in nearly 20 years, this October 31st, a full blue moon will be shining all night long. This makes it a perfect evening to frolic outdoors at Taiwan’s biggest Halloween music festival, Resurrected: Full Moon Fever. 萬聖節即將到來,各個幽靈鬼魂們即將於萬聖前夕出來搞怪囉! 時光匆匆,台灣最盛大最悠久的萬聖派對已來到了第20個年頭,10月31號這個夜晚的月光即將閃耀群眾整晚,我們與您一起歡度這場台灣最棒的萬聖盛宴-滿月復活之夜 This year, Resurrected: Full Moon Fever is bigger and better than ever! There are THREE costume contests (BEST GROUP, SEXIEST, BEST DRAG) with 20,000nt in cash prizes waiting to be won! 今年的復活之夜-滿月盛宴即將更盛大,更精采,更好玩! 更是著手舉辦舉辦三場萬聖變裝大賽(滿月之最佳團體、最性感,最佳變裝皇后),總共2萬塊的獎金等著你來拿! In total, THREE stages will fulfill all your musical desires! We also have a brand new addition, the TAIPEI IS BURNING (PRIDE EDITION) stage, hosted by Bouncy Babs and Amily Givenchy, where the queens sustain the audience and the audience sustains the queens. Hip-hop and dance music live in the HAUNTED TEMPLE and the JUNGLE BEATS stage with afrobeats and live drummers early as well as house and techno until the sun comes up. 今年的復活之夜-滿月盛宴即將會設置3個舞台,滿足你各種音樂的渴望!今年最不一樣的是即將有全新的台北 燃燒吧! -火焰彩虹舞台,我們邀請到Bouncy Babs 以及 Amily Givenchy來主持此場獨一無二且滿足你各式感官享受的變裝皇后盛宴,還有喜歡嘻哈音樂舞動的你,絕對不能錯過鬼寺廟的現場刷碟以及經典好曲! 更有復活叢林稍早帶來的非洲舞蹈音樂以及現場live演出,晚點喜歡浩室以及各式電子音樂的你更是要一同high到早上! Info coming very soon on tickets, tables, DJs, and entertainment
Six Seasons Hotel
After a strong first day (albeit with many learning curves), we are ready for a perfect Day 2 performance. Thank you all for your initial feedback! The best Haunted House is even better, bigger, and scarier. Will you be brave enough or will you quit like some of the groups today?
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The Feral Folk
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