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Are you starting to think about Christmas presents, or have a birthday coming up, and wanting to gift something extra special for someone in your life? An original custom painting of a pet or loved one makes a gift that will be treasured for lifetimes. I currently have commission bookings open now for Christmas, but be in quick! Message me for pricing and quotes, all I need to work from is a decent quality photo with plenty of detail to create a high quality portrait. Please read the testimonials and reviews on my page and website from lots of happy customers. Courier within New Zealand is FREE, international freight will incur an extra charge.
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Protect your family from sudden illness and accidents with flexible and affordable medical insurance policy. ◆ 60,000+ happy customers ◆ We cover 3300+ hospitals, clinics & pharmacies ◆ Compare quotes from 30+ insurers ◆ 800+ corporate trust us
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Have you ever asked yourself the question "What is my purpose?! I did a million times as I clock-watched my life away, in a job that paid the bills, but did nothing for my soul. I would look around at humans every day wondering if there was something more than 'just surviving'... Surely life wasn't designed to be an endless cycle of eating, sleeping, working, and repeating...just to build up your pension so you can get a cruise in before you pop your clogs?! I just felt this huge niggle in me that life was NOT meant for just existing...'Carpe Diem!' and all that jazz. And yet here I was plodding along like everyone else. Until...I started to really ask the questions that helped support me in my journey. I wanted answers and direction to getting somewhere better than the life I seemed to have unintentionally signed up for. I wanted to get answers to questions like: What is the point of life? How can I truly 'make every day count' like all the happy gurus and positive quotes tell me to? What is my unique purpose on the planet? And when I stopped to take a breath from the whizzing world around me and started to spend time on ME, diving into what truly mattered to ME- the gateways to these answers started to open. I started to get a better understanding of who I truly was and my life took a trajectory that I could have only dreamt of. You see, answering these big questions has everything to do with unlocking our manifesting power. When we get out of the feeling trapped, stuck, and overwhelmed, our vibrational makeup changes, and we are able to call in what we desire. So this work is crucial - not just for finding out what you truly value in life but also for magnetizing what is meant for you,. So I've decided to hold a LIVE Masterclass as I uncover the 3 different stages of PURPOSE so that you can get more clarity of who you truly are, and what you are meant to be doing with life... and why so many people get it oh-so-wrong and backward. Hint hint, life isn't about becoming successful, life is abou
Your Life - About Contraception
Follow me to the moon and back, through happy and sad situations, let’s make all decisions together even those on contraception. Here is a short fun quiz to find a suitable method: http://spr.ly/6183GcBYh #yourlife #quote #quoteoftheday #quotes #decisions #decision #quiz #fun
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"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was!"... "it's October 3rd" HAPPY MEAN GIRLS DAY In honour of celebrating, the Queen of all girl films, the epicentre of the burn book and making out with hotdogs, I have made 4 patches with the best quotes, ready for your blankets, clothes etc! Covered in pink, inspired from the characters, I wanted to do a small collection to raise a little for Endometriosis UK. 50p from each patch will go towards this charity who are struggling to find funds for their research in curing or stabling the painful condition. I don't personally suffer with this, but I know a few women who do So, make sure you wear some pink (even though it's Saturday) and your white gold hoops, eat some toaster strudel and pay your respects to the plastic queen in the cinema world; Regina George. Dig a little deep and have a great weekend http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/866525482/pink-girly-inspired-movie-quote-patches
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Plan two year’s worth of content before your coffee gets cold ☕ I get it - it’s so dang HARD to find a content planner that doesn’t leave you stuck with: ✅ Overused quotes that your audience has already heard a thousand times ✅ No flexibility to add your own prompts (because yes, sometimes you get pretty awesome ideas on your own, too!) ✅ No way to program in your launch dates (that’s why you’re posting on social media, isn’t it?) That’s why over 6000(!) happy customers chose On Course Social to relieve the stress of content planning and creation! Unlike other calendars, On Course Social allows you to input your OWN launch dates so you don’t ever waste a prompt. And even though there are enough prompts to help you generate 2 years’ worth of content ideas before your coffee gets cold, you can always: ✅ Add your own prompts ✅ Remove the ones you don’t like ✅ Shuffle the prompts until you’re happy Get it today, make it your own, and start growing an engaged audience before your next launch! https://oncoursesocial.com/
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“The secret to being happy is NOT seeking happiness… “ No, that’s not a Rumi quote. That’s the beginning of a Janie J quote! Here’s the rest of it. “... instead, learn to be more positive. Happiness will follow.” See, most people think that happiness is a state of mind. Now, YOU are too evolved to believe that it’s something you get when your life is perfected. Or your body is perfect or you drive the right car. But somehow you’re still struggling to be happier… You know it’s NOT those material things but you’re not sure WHAT the answer to finding happiness IS. Happiness is a result of learning to be more positive. But most people think that positivity comes from reading quotes and affirmations. Those things CAN help you refocus in the moment, but they don’t create significant and long-lasting results. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to kick your negativity to the curb. Time to REBOOT your positivity. That’s why I created the Positivity Reboot just for you. This five day / five strategy course shows EXACTLY how to reset your mindset, change your thinking habits and see the world differently so you can be more positive and live a happier life. And just $27! The cost of one disappointing dinner delivery! (Well, at least you won’t overeat … there’s positivity at work already!) These five techniques are based on proven strategies that I used to pull myself out of an overweight, in-debt, hopeless, post-divorce funk. (Strategies, by the way, that I developed based on some basic learning and then LATER discovered the scientific research backing them.) Get it now at https://www.janiej.net/positivity-reboot/ P.S. If you hesitate because you think you can’t change, THAT’S exactly why you need this! P.P.S. If you think you’re too old … ? I'm almost 67 and it’s never too late to live your best life!
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The Way of the Tortoise - Get Happy & Stay Happy
My name is Gal. I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. As a young man I didn’t know what was wrong with me and that just made it worse. As a teenager I rarely left my room and when I did I found it impossible to function in the world. I had panic attacks at the hairdressers; I would abandon the supermarket queue and arrive home unable to breathe, confused and angry at myself for not being able to cope with a seemingly simple task. I avoided social events or visiting friend’s houses and hid in my room when my parent’s friend’s came over for dinner. I missed out on my youth. As an adult I researched my symptoms and finally understood that I had depression and social phobia. It was a relief to know I wasn’t the only one, but what next? What could I do about it? Fast forward a couple of years and after reading hundreds of books, trying countless techniques and eventually getting myself to a happier place I decided to put my experience and new-found knowledge to good use by helping others. So I partnered with a friend who had struggled through some major life changes and with a shared passion for personal development together we created The Way of the Tortoise - a Journal to Happiness. What is it? It’s an easy to use journal, life coach, and reference book all rolled into one; packed full of wisdom, inspirational quotes, affirmations, and science backed tips and tools on how to be happy. Who is it for? It’s for people who need to get their life back on track and feel worthwhile. We created something to support you without overwhelm. How? We focus on slow steady steps (like the Tortoise) to create long lasting change. There are no quick fixes, no over-planning or strategising to the point where joy is stripped from life. It’s just simple, practical steps and an easy to follow structure that actually works. I can attest from personal experience that if you feel unsure about your direction, struggle being happy, or have anxiety or depression (or know someone who does) that this could be
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Veterans and Active Duty Seeking a VA Mortgage My Mission For The Past 13 Years Has Been To Help You, Who Have Fought For Our Country, Get The Best Rates On VA Loans For Your Next Home! I Found That Answer In a Conversation With My Dad. Both My Dad and Grandfather Were In The Navy! My Dad Was Looking At Getting a VA Loan... And Of Course, I Wanted Him To Get The Best Deal. So, We Started Shopping Every Single Lender. At That Point, I Was Just At a Bank So Only Had One Set of Options. What We Found From That Experience Was The Huge Variety of Rates Offered on VA Mortgages... People often assume the VA sets the rates... The VA DOES NOT SET THE LOAN RATES! The Difference In Lenders For The SAME Loan Can Be Over 1.5%...On a 30-Year Mortgage! That Is Crazy. For 13 Years, I Have Made It My Mission To Educate Veterans and Active Duty Members So That They Do NOT Fall Prey To a Greedy Lender. That Is Literally What It Comes Down To... How Much Is Someone Trying To Make Off of You? I work at one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country who shares my passion. We charge no lender fee on VA loans. My Rates Are Competitive and Often The Lowest In Town. I’ve been ranked top 1% in the nation for loan origination since 2016! With This Being Said... If You Are Looking To Get Yourself Your Next VA Mortgage or Know Someone Who Is... I’d Love To Talk To Them! I Am Happy To Provide a Competitive Quote... Review Quotes From Other Lenders... And Walk You Through The Process and Help You Make The Best Financial Decision For You and Your Family! (NMLS #247743)
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Property Management | Keyper
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Never worry about the failures you experience in your life because with every failure you become even more stronger to deal with the future. Taking every possible chance makes you a better person in your life than you were in the past. Never be afraid to take chances. Visit: https://www.digitalgraphiks.ae/ #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #quote #motivation #love #failure #success #life #lifequotes #lifestyle #quotes #motivationalquotes #goals #inspire #life #happy #future #experience #past #digitalgraphiks #TeamDG #dubai #uae
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Jason Collins - State Farm Agent
Jason Collins - State Farm Agent
Sieraden webshop - Frances Falicia
Sieraden webshop - Frances Falicia
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"Ads not working?" When looking at the data - I can tell almost immediately why. And a lot of the time, it has nothing to do with ads. You can't just throw ads up and expect to be profitable… It's about time someone came out and said it... IT IS NOT SO EASY. Creating 6-7 figures out of thin air because you watched a funnel-hacking video is a pleasant thought, but it's not reality. So I'm gonna' layout very concisely and clearly what the focal point should be… ...and how we should attack media buying in which generates sales hands over fist. Now, here's what I DON'T do. Instagram, Twitter, SEO, Youtube, and especially… …posting cute little quotes on FB all day. (seriously, gag me) Now... I suppose there's nothing wrong with it. IF you enjoy it. Or you're getting some sales. But if not? Like… Why? Am I the only one who sees this? A gajillion wannabes spamming the web all day... And for what? Nobody's buying. "But Steve, don't I need to put myself out there, so people will know who I am?" No. Nobody cares about you. They care about "me" and "my problems." That's it. I've figured out the "vital few" steps in my business. And if you take nothing else away from anything I say, ever… hear this: Do less. But do it better than anybody who dares to compete with you. Doing too many things will block you from being world-class at your ONE thing. ... It's not about landing page software or shopping carts or cute logos or "How long should my video be?" or even target audience size. It's about messaging. Seriously. That's 90% of it. And no amount of complication will save a lousy advertisement. So ease up on the bells and whistles and technical nonsense. Because the fact is, doing less will actually generate more revenue. Now… Since there's zero chance, you believe me because you've probably done this before. How 'bout I just show you EVERYTHING… In this NON-LIVE - You don't really have to hurry or miss it - PRE-RECORDED VIDEO that goes all day long… I'm gonna' show you… ✅ How my funnels convert big-ticket buyers with one impression. ✅ How to get pre-qualified sub- $ 2 leads all day, like 'Chili's Happy Hour.' ✅ How I produce 3,000% ROA's on cold traffic and upwards of 30,000% ROA's retargeting. ✅ And scale without costs going all crazy. ✅ And the proof of everything. (behind the scene) In fact... "How about I show you the backend of my FB ad account." ~ said no entrepreneur, ever. Until now. I'll even try and bribe you by throwing in something extra special that I KNOW will help you. See for yourself. Swing by https://witvoetmedia.com See ya over there, ~Steve
Let’s enjoy our summer moments Make this summer different and fill it with exciting things ❤️ Take your floater now and go to the beach - Baby vest 60LE. - Double ring 69LE. - Flamingo 299LE. - Flamingo 609LE. - Summer quotes island 549LE. - Rainbow butterfly pool float 599LE. Catch your floater now and be happy with this lovely summer
We spend so much time looking for answers, clarity and meaning. We think a job... a life situation... how we look... is going to make us happy, but it’s just not working. No one has the answers, No one can make ME happy… except ME What if you knew how to access that inner wisdom and sense of purpose? How to be truly calm and connected? Olami Connect can help you. Guided by leading soul coach Jackie Glaser, our Jewish meditation and mindfulness program offers you: ✅ Clarity and Happiness series (7 days each) ✅ 2 journals to help you track your progress ✅ Daily mindfulness exercises ✅ Inspirational quotes ✅ Online community ✅ Exclusive access to Olami Connect SoulBoost Membership You will be supported, inspired and connected at each step of your journey Sign up now for just $12 and start your way to calm today ‍♂️ http://bit.ly/OlamiConnect
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The struggle is real. Owning a business can break you down until your feel like you are drowning. Stuck in a cycle of getting jobs done, keeping clients and employees happy and juggling to keep ahead of the bills. Kevin and Vanessa from Perfect Fit Kitchens in NSW were drowning. Check out Kevin and Vanessa’s inspiring story below. Kevin and Vanessa still have a way to go to finish the job, but life is different now. They have a plan. They have the tools to succeed. And most of all Kevin is confident that he can be a successful business owner. Be warned…several people cried when they heard Kevin and Vanessa’s story. Their story is raw and emotional. If you want inspiration to do better in your business watch their story below now. And If Kevin & Vanessa's story sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. This is a phase all of our clients went through in building their business. In our 8 years helping tradies, we’ve never chased quick fixes or silver bullets. Instead, we’ve built the most comprehensive training program for tradies. Our training is road tested by the 600 plus trade businesses who have successfully worked through our program. We work with you to install the systems you need for... Financials...Pricing, margins, budgets, profit & loss and KPI’s... Sales...Getting clients to say yes to your quotes at decent margins... Teams...Hiring and improving productivity... Marketing...Websites, social media, email, direct mail, flyers etc... Time Management...Stopping procrastination... Getting more done in less time. Our program has over 83 training videos and 237 tested business strategies (scripts, templates, examples) that you can “plug and play” into your business. Thoroughness is the reason that we’re so confident in the results. We’ve learned Trade Businesses biggest stumbling blocks. And we work with you to move past them. That means we can help you go from the treadmill of a business that owns you to putting you back in charge. So, if you’re interested and intrigued by the notion of running a Trade Business like Kevin & Vanessa instead of what you’re currently doing... Then let’s talk: https://go.profitabletradie.com/application Fill out the quick form above and tell me about you and where your business is at. I will use that to prepare for the call and come up with some ideas that you can use right away to kick this thing off. Our system works best for a certain type of trade business. You will have been in business for at least a year. You’ll be turning over at least $40K and up to $400K in sales per month. And have a can-do attitude. So, if this is you. Click the link below, fill out a form to see if we can help you or not: https://go.profitabletradie.com/application
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What they don’t tell you about selling Chinese goods in Australia. Hi my name is Pinar Parry (and the below is a cheesy pic of me in the news). I created this little bracelet that sold $1m worth in Australia in just over 12 months. Let’s just say while it was successful on the surface, there would be things I would do differently a second time around that could of earn't me many millions several times over. Want to know what they are? I bet you do! So let’s get into it! It begins with getting carried away with an idea I thought was “funny and cool” versus, a product that had real growth potential. This is a major flaw for most new entrepreneurs. They see something and go, “ohhhh I like it" and fall in love which leads to cognitive blindness in the following BIG issues, which are: 1. The fact that the product was designed for Australians. How? Cos it swore like a sailor and used language that was native to us. Nothing wrong with that, but getting something made in China, specifically for a population of 24m? Obviously it helped make it successful in our home country (because we used highly targeted messaging), but from a growth perspective, it didn't make much sense. And while we expanded to the UK where there were enough potty mouths there that also enjoyed our quotes, the product simply didn't have enough of a point of difference to create demand on a big enough scale. 2. The next was having far too many SKUs’ (and moving parts!) Many SKU’s (variants and items in an online store) are FINE if… a) Your business is servicing a HUGE population like the US and the turnover is enough to warrant it, or b) Each item doesn’t have 100 moving parts to assemble (Like the bracelet did - hello custom box, custom labels and so on). Both things our business didn’t have. 3. Creating a product that isn't a consumable. The problem with things like jewelry and fashion is, you need to keep creating a new version to keep people interested. Unlike "a consumable" that people come back for after they run out. Non-consumables are fine if the audience is big enough, each item doesn't have 100 moving parts to assemble (see above), but in the absence of all the above - the model is critically flawed. 4. Not using the raw materials of the beautiful country we live in. Want to know how to go big? Create something the world is willing to WAIT FOR, to be shipped across oceans, and they are hungry for. People aren’t willing to wait weeks for a little Chinese made bracelet no matter how “customised” it is. Truth bomb. Why? Because it’s not THAT special. Which mean we have basically capped our growth to a population of 24m - even though we can essentially reach, via Facebook ads, 7 billion shoppers. People value locally made, clean and green more than ever before - aka products made in Australia! So despite ALL OF THE ABOVE mistakes, I still figured out how to generate more than 99% of other online stores out there - go figure. But life would of been exponentially easier had I not. Now while my company usually helps people GET started (and avoid all of the above mistakes), I plan to open up my calendar to those with an existing store who are struggling right now. If you need some REAL and unbiased (and kind) feedback from someone else who's been there, done that, and got the teeshirt, happy to give you some tips on the phone. And no, I am not going to send you to some long winded "webinar" to hear my life story, simply click on the link below to book a free 30 min informal chat. Chat soon, Pinar https://thescalable.com/free-informal-chat/
Thinking of renovating your home? You’ll want to start with us. With HomeRenoGuru, you get: ✨ Exclusive renovation deals with over 150 interior designers ✨ Complimentary matching and quotes with up to 5 interior designers just for you ✨ Over 50,000 happy Singaporean homeowners ✨ Over 6 years of renovation expertise ✨ Get a FREE Smart Home Digital Lock (worth $960) when you renovate with HRG, no questions asked
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Plan two year’s worth of content before your coffee gets cold ☕ I get it - it’s so dang HARD to find a content planner that doesn’t leave you stuck with: ✅ Overused quotes that your audience has already heard a thousand times ✅ No flexibility to add your own prompts (because yes, sometimes you get pretty awesome ideas on your own, too!) ✅ No way to program in your launch dates (that’s why you’re posting on social media, isn’t it?) That’s why over 6000(!) happy customers chose On Course Social to relieve the stress of content planning and creation! Unlike other calendars, On Course Social allows you to input your OWN launch dates so you don’t ever waste a prompt. And even though there are enough prompts to help you generate 2 years’ worth of content ideas before your coffee gets cold, you can always: ✅ Add your own prompts ✅ Remove the ones you don’t like ✅ Shuffle the prompts until you’re happy Get it today, make it your own, and start growing an engaged audience before your next launch! http://oncoursesocial.com/
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Powerful and inspirational quotes, paired with stunning photographs to kickstart your day on a happy and positive note. Sign up to our Daily Inspiration and start feeling inspired with an email each morning filled with happiness and motivation delivered to your inbox daily.
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If you're anything like the 32,855 customers we’ve served over the past year... you've probably thought: . . 1. "I want to rock my natural hair ‍♀" - Jasmine (Chicago) 2. "I'm sick and tired of my hair being dry, damaged, hard to manage." - Ashley (ATL) 3. "I hate wasting my hard-earned money on products that don’t work!!! " - Jessica (Detroit) 4. "It's soooo exhausting taking hours to wash, prep, and style my hair.‍♀️" - Cheryl (Houston) . (Quotes from real customers before they tried our products) . Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution. But don't take our word for it––hear what Carol, one of our thousands of happy customers, has to say: . . Try our HELLO GORGEOUS HAIR CARE SYSTEM, and see the RESULTS for yourself. We are so confident that you will love our product that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee! . . FAIR WARNING: DUE TO HIGH DEMAND AND CURRENT EVENTS WE ONLY HAVE 183 HELLO GORGEOUS HAIR KITS LEFT. ONCE WE SELL OUT, THIS PRODUCT MAY BE UNAVAILABLE FOR CLOSE TO A MONTH! . . CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO BUY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!
The Way of the Tortoise - Get Happy & Stay Happy
… Feel more grateful and happier every day? Reduce negative and self-defeating thoughts? Discover new insights about yourself? Set clear goals and see them through? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then The Way of the Tortoise Happiness Journal is for you. Created using the latest research from neuroscience and psychology you will be guided step by step through a simple-to-use time effective way to uncover and discover what makes you happy. Replacing negative self-defeating habits with positive life affirming ones is the key to being happier every day so we focus not only on journaling but in helping you to create positive new habits to help you thrive. Other journals can be over structured and add to your stress and anxiety. The tone and the content will support and guide you at your own pace (just like the tortoise) which means you can take your time and still make the small incremental changes everyday that add up to long lasting improvements in your thinking, your actions, and your life. First thing in the morning and just before bed you spend just a few minutes filling in a few carefully chosen questions and prompts. These will guide towards positivity using gratitude, contribution, and mindset that will help you set up your day in the best possible way. Just before you bed you check in once again to see how you’ve got on, reflect on your day and note some ideas for the morning. Happiness is unique to every individual on the planet. The tools and techniques create space and opportunity for you to reflect deeply on what you need to feel more fulfilled. So this journal is for anyone who wishes to make positive changes and improve their happiness. Our customers range from stay at home Mums and Dads, young adults trying to decide on their life path, athletes focussed on improving their mindset, or city professionals who want to find time in their day to reflect on what it important. ✔️ 4 months of daily journal pages ✔️ 60+ page introduction on the power of habits and journaling ✔️ Specific case studies and scientific evidence about the techniques ✔️ Bonus weekly questions to expand your thinking ✔️ Affirmation list ✔️ Inspirational quotes on every page to keep you motivated ✔️ Monthly habit assessments to track your progress ✔️ Stylish beautiful design ✔️ Bonus bookmark with discount code *All customers have access to a support network via our Facebook group : I am grateful to have discovered this. It is helping me through a sudden dark period of my life as if the Coronavirus wasn’t difficult enough. It’s warmly written, grounded in reality, and it doesn’t tell you off. It’s gentle and it really helps. You just have to let it - Nicky Kinsella I'm already seeing a difference, the pace and encouragement through the journal is so good and perfect for my needs, it can be adapted so easily for anyone, I love my journal, thank you - Aud Jones First up can I say a huge thank you! My lovely Mum bought me this. It is without a doubt one of the loveliest gifts I've ever received. I love it! - Carrie Gibbs I wanted to let you know how much I have gained from journalling. I am recently trained as a mindfulness teacher and I found parts of the journal difficult yet self-revealing. It has helped me more than I thought it ever could. Thank you - Julie Perrigo Invest in your happiness today by following in the footsteps of Jan and thousands of other wise tortoises