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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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When fate brings Mandy Zhou to a bar, following her traumatic break-up with her long-time boyfriend, Daniel Zhao, she catches the eye of an enigmatic and suave businessman, Nathan Jin. Instantly obsessed with the beautiful and talented Dr. Mandy Zhou, Nathan simply has to have her, and an evening of drink and song soon turns into a night of romance. When Nathan offers to save her father from unjust imprisonment in exchange for her being his girlfriend for a month, Mandy is soon at her wit's end. With no other way to save her family, she finally yields to Nathan's wishes. Unbeknown to her, Nathan had targeted her following a tragic death that joined their fates. When her month as Nathan's mistress finally ends, her fickle heart is no longer sure whether she longs for release. Will Mandy and Nathan see their love renewed and validated by his high society family, or will he be forced into the arms of his family's choice for marriage, Eve—a woman of sadistic schemes? Or will Mandy choose the friendship and love of her humble childhood friend, Bruce, a man too honorable to lie? Chapter 1 I've Had Enough Of You On July 14th, Chinese Valentine's Day Set against the background of the night sky, the street lamps and neon signs all blended into a blur, lighting up the whole city. It was drizzling. A thin woman in a white dress walked swiftly on the quiet street, carrying an umbrella over her head. A faint smile flashed across Mandy Zhou's face. She looked at the cake in her right hand and smiled in relief. Today was the third anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel Zhao. Daniel was the first boyfriend she'd ever had, and she loved him a lot. They had always celebrated their anniversary together, but today, Daniel was too busy with work to spend time with Mandy. Undeterred by this, Mandy had spent the whole afternoon making a cake at home so that she could surprise Daniel with it. At Elegance Residential Quarters Mandy Zhou opened the door and flicked on the light switch. The familiar scene of Daniel's living room came into view. She gingerly set the cake down on the coffee table in an attempt to preserve her hard work until Daniel got to see it. When Mandy thought of the fact that they had been together for three years, a happy smile appeared on her lips. She took off her slippers and turned around to sneak into Daniel's bedroom to surprise him. Suddenly, Mandy heard a gasp, and the smile on her face disappeared; she was sure that the sound had come from a woman. Heart racing, she stood rooted to the spot and listened carefully. The sounds were definitely coming from inside Daniel's bedroom. Stunned and feeling as if her feet were filled with lead, Mandy stood facing the door with her eyes wide open. Her faced turned red, then pale. She recognized the man's voice, of course. She shook her head, thinking maybe she had just been imagining things, but the sounds still lingered in the air. She didn't know if she should burst into the room to catch Daniel in the act. Meanwhile, inside the room, two bodies were intertwined with each other. "Daniel, when will you break up with her?" Celine Liu asked softly as she wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck. "Baby, once everything goes according to plan, I'll break up with her," Daniel replied, pinching Celine's slender waist. "Humph, I've done everything I was supposed to do, but you haven't made your decision yet. Tell me, are you still in love with her?" Celine Liu frowned, becoming jealous all of a sudden. Most men couldn't resist the temptation of a coquettish woman, especially when they were in bed with them. Daniel didn't want to do anything to make Celine angry at this crucial moment, so he immediately coaxed her. "How is that even possible? Honey, you are the most important person in my heart. Look, I even left her to accompany you on Valentine's day. So what do you think?" "What if she finds out what we're doing here?" Celine's alluring voice was like a sharp knife stabbing into Mandy's heart. "What we're doing here? So what if
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《Secret Marriage: My Wife Is Charming》 She was secretly married to a cool and fascinating CEO who was 9 years older than her because of family arrangements. He was born a nobleman, ambitious and attractive, while she was an illegitimate daughter. The marriage life was so tedious that they became alienated. However, when an old man tried to offend her, he gave an order to ruin him financially. When her step-mother and step-sister provoked her and got her in danger, he destroyed them immediately. When his father asked him to break the engagement with her so as to marry another noble girl, he announced worldwide that she was his only wife. His doting brought tremendous others’ jealousy and hatred toward her. The giant gap between them made her flinch, "Actually, we can be close friends after breaking up.”He held her in his arms forcibly and said in an enchanting voice, "Well, you tell me, how could I befriend the one whom I fell in love with at the first sight?” Chapter 1 Conspiracy At five o'clock in the afternoon, Laura Green rushed to the Green’s House at London Road. Upon entering the door, she saw a red Porsche parked in the yard. The front of the car was still with a colored ribbon. Needless to say, this must be a gift for Jane Green's 20th birthday. She revealed a smirk. As she walked in, the servants of the family were busy getting in and out, preparing for Jane's birthday banquet tonight. Grace saw Laura Green quickly greet her and smiled: "Laura, you're back!" Laura Green nodded, looked around, and asked, "What about my father and the other people?" Grace did not say anything. She only pointed towards the second floor with her hand. Laura Green frowned, only to find that there was a loud noise upstairs. As she walked up the stairs, the voice became clearer. The door on the second floor of Jane Green's room was concealed. Laura Green looked down the gap ... "I don't care, you guys lied to me. You guys say that Mr. William is a thirty-year-old man with a beer belly and a bald head. I see him today. He is not like that!" Jane Green cried hysterically. She did not expect that TOTAL’ s CEO would appear as a special guest at the school's 80th anniversary this morning. She could not believe her eyes. That man was tall, handsome, and charismatic ... Most importantly, he would become the heir to the William Family, having hundreds of millions of assets. "Why do you let him marry Laura Green, why is that illegitimate daughter... but not me!" Jane Green looked at his parents unhappy. "You silly child, we are all considerate for you!" Ruby Sharp sat beside her daughter and wiped her tears. "Why are you doing this for me? I think I'm not even with that illegitimate daughter!" Jane Green pushed her mother away in anger. Ruby Sharp almost fell. "Are you enough?" Blake Green couldn't help it anymore when he saw his daughter was so screaming. "You're young, what do you know? We can't even plan for you!" Jane Green just wanted to refute it, but she was stopped by Ruby Sharp: "Jane, don't make it anymore, I tell you that the marriage between our family and the William Family will not last long!" Blake Green looked at Jane Green, saying slowly, "Although our two families have a marriage contract, we are already out of reach of the William Family. She won’t live a happy life after marriage. Besides, he won't be easily restrained by anyone. He promised marriage, but he refused to make it public. He did it for the sake of his father.” Speaking of which, Blake Green could not help but sigh: "I've been inquiring with the William Family's personal doctor for a long time. His father can't live for two years now. Jane Green was stunned, she took a sigh of relief: "Dad, you mean ..." Blake Green shook his head and continued, "You're still young. There are some things you can't see. Father doesn't blame you. You only need to know that what I say to you will be kept secret. You won’t tell it to anyone. It's not good for our family!" He did not forget that Green's economic crisis had just been settled. "Yeah, you obediently listen to what I sa
It's been nine years of our marriage sweetheart. Spending every moment with you is always beautiful and memorable. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful life-partner who is well equipped with understanding and support in every steps of my life. Every success and credibility goes to you dear. Happy 9th Anniversary my dear Kalpana Belbase Ghimire. Lots lots of love sweetheart !!!
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12 Things Homeowners Are Doing To Save a Small Fortune This Year
My neighbor Kim was telling me about #5 on this list, and she was right. It cut my monthly utility bill substantially. The other ideas are great too. I'm going to do them all this week.
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Casas Bahia: Produtos para sua casa, de tecnologia, móveis, eletrodomésticos e muito mais você encontra aqui!
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CHIẾN DỊCH TỔNG TẤN CÔNG MÙA .̣.. Vì sao nên nỗi mà phải đóng cửa kinh doanh mùa .̣.. vậy? SALES LÀM SAO? ⚠️ Sales gọi quá ít, 60 cuộc/ngày thường chỉ ~ 1h talk time / 8h làm việc ⚠️ Sales ko follow đủ: chốt sales cần từ 7 cuộc gọi trở lên và thường thực tế chỉ 2 cuộc ⚠️ Các cuộc gọi rất lãng phí thời gian bấm số và chờ nghe máy, ~ 30% talk time mỗi cuộc ⚠️ Nhiều khâu trong quản lý liên hệ khách hàng quá manuals mà đáng lý ra tự động rất dễ, nhắc việc cho đỡ quên cũng đơn giản luôn mà ko có hỗ trợ DOANH NGHIỆP THÌ LÀM SAO? ⚠️ Khoán nôm na doanh thu, số cuộc gọi là xong, nhân viên ko đạt là cho nghỉ việc. Cơ bản là do không có công cụ để nhìn/xem/nghe lại việc làm mỗi ngày của nhân viên; đâu bắt được bệnh (chất lượng cv) của nhân viên ⚠️ Chắc là phần lớn ko đo được talk time của sales nên ko biết là mới gọi có 1h/8h làm việc. ⚠️ Chắc là chưa từng đo được số cuộc gọi follow trung bình/ khách hàng. ⚠️ Tuyển nhân viên sales mới vào chả biết nhân viên cũ trao đổi gì với khách để theo tiếp ⚠️ Không khéo còn toàn dùng excel, có lo cơ sở dữ liệu khách hàng bị rò rỉ chắc cũng chẳng làm gì được. ⚠️ Nói chung là cứ cấp leads liên tục cho sales, tốn 1 mớ chi phí marketing mà sales ko hề chắt chiu từng lead, có thông tin gì nhiều đâu nên muốn tăng chuyển đổi biết làm sao đây? Tóm lại, Nếu phải chuyển đổi số để tăng tốc bán hàng khi giãn cách xã hội thì anh chị em cứ sài thử Callio.vn Callio sẽ quyết hết mấy vấn đề trên và giúp x3 năng suất nhân viên là bình thường Callio tham gia chuyển đổi số chỉ vì nỗi đau của mình không muốn người khác gặp phải, do doanh nghiệp, vì doanh nghiệp. Nguyện là vũ khí chiến đấu Covid cho Doanh nghiệp. Thử Callio hay không cũng được nhưng giãn cách là lúc nghiêm túc lập kế hoạch chuyển đổi số nhé, mình đã xong hết phương án A B C rồi
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Looking for a side dish for Easter? Our Smoked Andouille Chicken Sausage is a versatile and flavorful addition to easy slow cooker recipes like this one by Rachel’s Healthy Plate
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Want to take your business to the next level? Well, grab a coffee, notebook, and pen, because you‘ve got the chance to learn from my experience for free: https://www.nailyourpitch.com Join me for a one-of-a-kind training where I’ll personally walk you through my tips and techniques for crafting the perfect pitch. Here’s what you’re going to discover: 1. The counterintuitive strategy for preparing your pitch so that others are naturally compelled to learn more 2. The secret to delivering your pitch in 60 seconds or less 3. How to find the right people to pitch to and actually get in front of them 4. How to scale your idea into a business Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and register for the training (there's no cost): https://www.nailyourpitch.com
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Cerchi un Hotel a Riccione? Scopri subito le nostre fantastiche Offerte Fronte Mare, a due passi dal Centro Ristorante panoramico Vista Mare Animazione e Servizi per i bimbi Contattaci per un preventivo senza pensieri!
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לאור המצב - סטודיו M3 עכשיו במבצע חסר תקדים❤️️ עד סוף מרץ אנחנו מאפשרים 30% הנחה למנוי השנתי ,פלוס - חודש נוסף במתנה כדי להקל עליכם בהחלטה - ישנה גם האופציה של מנוי חודשי מתחדש ב- 89ש"ח לחודש, ללא התחייבות. גישה מיידית ל- *מאות אימוני כושר* מגוונים באורך מלא שניתן לעשות מהבית, עם או בלי ציוד, מהסמארטפון מהמחשב או מהטלויזיה. המצב לא אומר ששצריך להפוך לבטטות כורסה. אל תשכחו שאם אתם לא חולים, הבידוד הוא רק אמצעי זהירות, אז אין באמת תירוץ לא להתאמן. נצלו את הזמן והשקיעו בדבר הכי חשוב - בבריאות. סטודיו M3 הוא אפליקציית כושר דיגיטלית - בסטנדרטים הגבוהים בעולם. המציע מסגרת, סדר, יעדים, איכות, מקצועיות, ליווי ותמיכה מהלב❤️️ מה כולל הסטודיו? ✅ מאגר מטורף של אימוני כושר מאתגרים (ארוכים וקצרים) ✅ חווית האימון הכי אישית ממריצה ומקיפה שיש, שתעשה לך המון סדר בחיים. ✅ אימונים ממוקדים לשריפת שומנים, חיטוב, גמישות וחיזוק הגוף. ✅ אימוני אינטרוולים, היט, טבטה, משקולות, חבל, אימוני דאנס ועוד. ✅ תכנים משלימים בנושאי תזונה, מוטיבציה והתפתחות אישית. ✅ וכמובן - תמיכה וליווי במענה אישי וזמין דרך הווטסאפ במהלך כל תקופת המנוי❤️️ אז בואו והשקיעו בעצמכם.. בואו נתאהב בלדאוג ולטפח את הגוף והבריאות שלנו! כי אנחנו שווים את זה וזה מגיע לנו! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ קוד הקופון להטבה: M3HEALTHY הזינו את קוד הקופון באפשרות תשלום של ״מנוי שנתי״ ותקבלו 30% הנחה.
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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The sunnies are back! Friday just got a whole lot better with this gorgeous #dailyposy! Available online until 11.30am or sold out via bit.ly/dailyposy. Sold out or want something a little different? Shop our other range using the link above.
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Le mental est parfois plus puissant qu'on ne le pense...
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