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Hairless Dog N.A. Brewing Company, 100% bold, 0.0% regrets.
Hairless Dog N.A. Brewing Company, 100% bold, 0.0% regrets.
Hairless Dog N.A. Brewing Company, 100% bold, 0.0% regrets.
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She started begging for a dog two months ago. At first, I ignored her... But one can ignore a wife only for this long! The longer we were locked in a house in the countryside, the more it sounded like a good idea to me, too. Go for running together, cuddle, our children take care of it... So, my wife started exploring where to buy a dog and which breed. Fast-forward two weeks and I was going to visit a lady who bred Peruvian Hairless Dog and just had a few super-cute newborns. A "hairless dog" is what it says... it has no hair, no fur. Which is a bit weird but otherwise sounds like a good idea if you live in a flat. The only downside we were warned about is that "the dog needs to use sunscreen during summertime, once a day." But some little sunscreen in the morning it's no big deal, right? We can do it in exchange for a furless flat! Well, when I visited the breeding farm, some older dogs came to me and wanted to cuddle. (so cute by the way!) I touched them and realized they are oily. As expected. Then, they started touching my legs and suddenly my jeans were oily, too. Then it dawned on me! "The dog needs to use sunscreen during summer" ... which means it will be oily all day and everyone and EVERYTHING around will get oily, too! Think of your sofa or a carpet... Now, you may wonder what does it have in common with recruitment? EVERYTHING! Because what the breed owner told us was a pure FACT. ("A dog needs to use sunscreen during summertime.") What they didn't tell me was the MEANING – what does it mean for us ("I will get oily hands, cloths, furniture, and we will hate it"). And that's what I realized when I was recruiting an IT manager recently. In a job description, I wrote: "Location: an island in the Caribbean" [not too bad] Or I could elaborate further to emphasize what it MEANS for the candidate... "You can relocate to one of the most exciting destinations in the world—a sunny island XYZ in the Caribbean—which means you can enjoy 340 sunny days a year and your spouse can have a grea
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Con tuổi gì Trong 12 #ConGiáp chọn 1 con tương ứng với #NămSinh, Hữu duyên Hân xem Tài Lộc, Vận Hạn, Tình Duyên , Gia Đạo cho con 1 ⭐️ T.ý - 2⭐️ S.ửu - 3 ⭐️D.ần 4 ⭐️ M.ạo - 5 ⭐️ T.hìn - 6⭐️T,ỵ 7 ⭐️ N.gọ - 8 ⭐️ M.ùi - 9 ⭐️ T.hân 10 ⭐️ D.ậu - 11⭐️T..uất - 12 ⭐️ H.ợi
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Do you have the Skills? ‼️LG Skills & Drills Contest ‼️ Aν το μπάσκετ είναι το πάθος σου σε περιμένουμε να μας εντυπωσιάσεις με το ταλέντο σου! Διεκδίκησε 1 από τις 20 υποτροφίες για να κάνεις μεταγραφή στην ομάδα "LG Αθλητές του Αύριο" την ερχόμενη σεζόν και να προπονηθείς δίπλα στον Θοδωρή Παπαλουκά στο Eurohoops Dome! ⛹️⛹️‍♂️ ➡️ https://lgskillsanddrills.gr/
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