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Experience Traditional Yoga Online For Complete Mind And Body Fitness Learn from Dr Kumar, an award-winning scientist with 45 years of teaching experience and learned Traditional ways of Yoga in over 86 schools in Asia. Dr Kumar has trained 5,000 Yoga teachers and taught over 100,000 people in India as a public service, focusing on free public health and yoga awareness workshops that address the growing levels of lifestyle related diseases in India. This course is offered at a charity price of $300 and enrollment is OPEN until June 15th. The course includes the following benefits: ✅ A 200 hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training Certificate upon completion ✅ This course will cover the full spectrum of Yoga and its underlying science from Yoga exercise physiology to diet and nutraceuticals covering both macro and micro nutrients; and progressive teaching of meditation techniques. ✅ The course offers us the opportunity to silence the intellect, the mind, the ego and absorb knowledge from an authentic Yogi, with a lifetime of experience, knowledge and insight to share. ✅ The course will be a wonderful journey for those who are seeking authentic yogic knowledge. YOGA is for Total Fitness, provided when one understands various yoga styles and incorporates effectively in to practice as explained below: STAMINA/ENDURANCE If you want to burn your calories instantaneously in three minute bouts, it is called intensity exercise, endurance-stamina building training like a marathon runner. It gives two kinds of benefits: - Increasing Heart Recovery Rate - Increasing lungs capacity achieving maximum oxygen saturation (Max VO2) up to 70%. Going on cycling and running on tread mill, running long distances etc. all come under this category. Burning of calories happens only when one does exercise, remaining period metabolism drops down and one feels exhausted at the end of the day. Not really suitable for people suffering from cardiac, obesity and diabetics. In Yoga, this style is called SRISHTI KRAMA such as practice of Sun salutations, whether classical or kurantaka, performing many rounds. STRENGTH - If one wants to burn calories throughout the day and night, the resistance exercises are the best. They are called strength training such as weights lifting, rock climbing, high intensity hiking, etc., all leading to resistance training. These are very helpful for obesity, cardiac, diabetic and lung problems etc. It helps in building lean muscle (slow twitch muscle) which indicates excellent overall health of an individual. It is the most sought after muscle for combating stress etc. A 30 minutes practice increases the metabolism by 30% and calories get burnt throughout the day. Protein supplements further help in boosting the metabolism to 60%. This is the healthy way of loosing weight and managing the glucose balance. In Yoga, this style of performing asanas is called RAKSHANA KRAMA which contains series of postures involving various kinds of planks, squats called Chaturangasana and Utkatasanavarga etc. Staying in a posture from three breaths to nine breaths, involving 350 muscles to 650 muscles of the body and limbs with varying weight of the body would enhance the strength training. BALANCE AND ALIGNMENT/AGILITY: Performing exercises such as gymnastics, acrobats, ballet, rope walking etc. would train the body to develop excellent external and internal balance. These involve slow twitch muscles with high oxygen content and training the mind to improve vestibular function. The source of energy would be aerobic, anaerobic glycolysis and activation of krebs cycle. All these can be effectively overcome by practicing Yoga in a style called SIKSHANA KRAMA. All spinal problems such as kyphosis, lordosis, spondylosis etc. can be overcome effectively. FLEXIBILITY/SUPPLENESS: Bend body like rubber, Mend mind like mold. Acrobats and Yogis develop the ability to bend and squeeze body like rubber. Endurance and strength exercises tighten the muscle because of muscle contraction and activation of calcium ion pumpin
Dr. Jack Kruse
Darlene said on the my forum, “Hello everyone. I am a 44 year old mom of two (all grown up), have been married 26 years, live in Montana, and unfortunately was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) last Christmas. I am a nursing student, and love medical research. Immediately upon diagnosis, I began eating a raw, vegan, gluten free diet. I then transformed that into a totally grain free diet. I felt amazing for about 6 months, when I started to get tired and run down. At that time, more research led me to the belief that I may not be doing myself such a great favor by the raw vegan diet, so I added bone broth, grass-fed beef, eggs etc. I also added coffee back into my morning routine with heavy cream (grass-fed organic). I then came across the Perfect Health Diet and was allowing myself safe starches. Just days ago I read The Caveman Doctor and Dr. Kruse’s info on safe starches and realize now that they will have to be eliminated from my diet. The type of cancer I was diagnosed with is usually seen in much older people, except that it seems lately, younger people are being diagnosed. CLL is a slow-moving blood cancer (hopefully), and I have had time to experiment. It is a monoclonal proliferation of B-Cells. If any of you know anything about CLL, I do not meet any of the currently tested for FISH test criteria (13q deletion, etc.) , which places my overall survival at about 5-9 years. They believe I have had this for about 2. For those of you that do not know about CLL, that will sound like gibberish. My White Cell count is 29k, my absolute lymphocytes are about 85%. In December of 11 at diagnosis, it was 22k. It was stable while on the vegan diet, not increasing over three months. Then, after adding meat back in (and coffee) it increased to 29K. There are SO many conflicting studies, articles, and opinions on what a person with cancer should eat. There is even more questionable when cancer is a blood cancer. Not much information out there. I have even come across a study that shows that leukemic cell lines are immune to death by ketosis. They are able to maintain life by glycolysis or ketosis, either one. (I cannot relocate this study). My prior history has been a mess. I had post-viral syndrome after a particularly bad case of influenza in 1990. I had not really been the same since. There were random diagnoses such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, non-differentiated connective tissue disease, etc. I have had my gallbladder out, my appendix out, my tonsils out. During the appendix operation in 2008, I acquired Clostridium Difficile. I had this relapsing and reoccurring for 8 months. For 8 months my gut flora was assaulted with Vancomycin. When I asked for a stool transfer I was literally laughed at by the gastroenterologist. I gathered information on my own and did it myself using my daughter’s stool. I was cured in one day. Dr. Kruse’s blogs on how the sun sculpts the gut flora has been eye-opening, to say the least. All of these random problems cleared up when I eliminated grains from my diet, changed my LED lights and ate the Epi-paleo Rx way as outlined in your book on Amazon. So I am here. I have read lots of information by Dr. Kruse, but have not been entirely sure how much applies to me. With my student loans, I will be utilizing an educational consult. Until then, I will be devouring information where I can get it. Thanks for any advice or help you can throw my way, Jack. I find that the more I learn, the better I feel. The oncologist/hematologist cannot be relied on for helpful information, they tell me that what you eat doesn’t matter! I realize that my post makes me sound like an exhausted lost-cause, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have tons of energy, workout cross-fit style, play, spend time in the sun, and enjoy every moment of my life. I have always fought back and I will continue to do so. ” Thanks for reading! Darlene
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