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Bright Gun
Don’t have to wait until Saturday to start your weekend; the fun can begin on Friday afternoons! Come on out and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with us at Hideaway by Jampa every Friday and Saturday from 12 – 5 PM! We have activities for everyone as well as creative farm-to-table specials made by chef Chris and the team using Zero-Waste Cooking technique that leaves near-zero leftovers. Menu such as; - ALL THINGS BANANA A savory mix of Banana blossom, Plaintain and trunk, served with a banana cream - OTAK - OTAK Boneless Mackerel, Filled with a fish mousse and grilled on wood fire, Served with a dip of egg yolk and pickled galangal - FREE RANGE DUCK Grilled duck breast, Smoked pumpkin, Grilled pineapple More details: Hideaway by Jampa Every Friday and Saturday, from 12 – 5 PM Pru Jampa Farm (https://goo.gl/maps/HDf4V1kdUoyDycHd6) For bookings, call 076-310-100 or email fb@trisara.com *Limited seats available. Advance reservation is required and payment can only be accepted via QR code, credit, and debit card
Galangal Thai
Galangal Thai
Доставка суши Харьков - ЯПОШКА, Заказать суши круглосуточно!
If you miss new experiences order our traditional Thai soup with tiger prawns, coconut milk, galangal root and lime leaves. Hot and satisfying. +100 points to body and spirit. Nighttime delivery is available. We don`t speak English very well but our food is delicious.
Galangal Thai Restaurant - Galangal Thai Cuisine Galangal Thai Cuisine
Galangal Thai
Galangal Thai
Veggie Castle - Nhà hàng chay Vegan
Theo như các bạn khách của Veggie Castle nói thì cuối tháng rùi đi ăn chay " giải nghiệp" thôi ăn bữa cơm chay ngon lại còn rửa trôi khúc mắc cả tháng cho lòng thoải mái thì còn gì bằng cả nhà nhỉ Buffet Menu 20/6 ( 29 âm) Bún riêu cua tofu, tomato and mushrooms sour broth w/ rice noodles Cháo nấm Rice porrdige w/mushrooms Canh rau ngót nấm linh chi nâu/ hoặc nấm hải sản Katuk broth Đồ luộc: Carot, khoai tây bi, lơ trắng, cải ngồng Steammed vegetables: carrot, mini potato, cauliflower, mustard green Đậu kêng cuốn rong biển, nấm ,củ cải kho gừng giềng ( vị cá kho) Chinése braised white radish, tofu, mushroom w/ galangal Chuối xanh om đậu nấm Braised green banana w/tofu Rau củ sốt cà chua ( bí gồi, đậu quả, lơ xanh/ trắng , ít cà rốt..) Vegetables w/ tomato sauce Nấm chiên lá chanh xả ớt Fried mushroom w/ lemonglass, lemon leaves and bell pepper Bắp cải tím xào Stir-fried purple cabbage Đồ chiên: bí đỏ chiên, đậu bằm lá lốt viên chiên Fried pumpkin, fried tofu piper lolot balls Miến xào Fried vermicelli noodles Nộm ngó sen dưa chuột Salad khoai tây nhừ Potato salad Phở cuốn Fried enoki wrapped in phở rolls Chè đỗ đỏ chân châu Sweet gruel w/ red bean and tapioca pearls Vegan buffet - Cơm tự chọn thuần chay Giá: 80.000/ 1ng trẻ em dưới 1m1: 40.000 Mở cửa hàng ngày 11.00 - 14.00 & 18.00 - 21.30 Welcome‍♀️‍♂️ ------------------------------------------------- VEGGIE CASTLE - NHÀ HÀNG CHAY VEGAN Địa chỉ: ▪️Số 7 Yên Ninh, Ba Đình, HN ☎ Hotline: 0866911741 ▪️Số 19 Ngõ 275 Âu Cơ, HN ☎ Hotline: 02466874111 ▪️Số 38 Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, HN ☎ Hotline: 0836918338
Chef’s Table Saigon
Chef’s Table Saigon returned to Upstairs at Eddie's - New York Deli and Diner after almost a years absence with a really fantastic sold out dinner featuring the culinary mastery of Ngô Thanh Hoà-Masterchef Việt Nam Founder and Masterchef at The OX Not Only OX and truly delicious Australian wines by RADA Vietnam. The 8 course fusion dinner truly showcased Chef Hoa’s amazing culinary talent: Prawn & Pomelo Salad, Basil Dressing, Coconut Flesh Creamy Clam Chowder, Breadfruit, Hoi An Green Chili & Herbs Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Brisket Banh Mi, with Phở’ Sauce, Fresh Vegetables, Herbs & Chili Southern Fried Chicken, Northern Plum & Fish Sauce Dip, Roasted Ginger, Lemongrass, Galangal & Lime Leaf Rice BBQ Pork Ribs, Asian Slaw with Coriander, Roast Chili & Garlic, Fish Sauce, Coconut Cream Pan Fried Salmon Fillet, Miso Ginger Sauce, Fennel, Carrot & Rocket Accent Marinated Premium Beef Tenderloin, Roasted “The Ox” Vegetables with Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, Ginger Soy Sauce Dalat Yoghurt Pannacotta with Raspberry Coulis The dinner was proceeded by a phenomenal wine Cellar Door Wine Tasting Experience again sponsored by Jackie Lam and Andy Wall the darling and dashing partners of Rada Wines Vietnam comparing wines from two of Australia’s cool climate regions. The wines chosen were from The Lane Vineyard from Adelaide Hills in South Australia, against Yering Station’s Little Yering from Yarra Valley, Victoria. The Lane Block 1A The Lane Block 5 The Lane Block 14 vs Little Yering Chard Little Yering Shiraz Yering Station Shiraz Thanks to the team at Eddie’s for their terrific organization, service, and kitchen back-up! For those who missed the event, you are fortunately able to dine 7 nights a week at Hoa’s amazing restaurant The Ox Not Only Ox in D1 - Stunning space and delicious food! If you would like to join a future event make sure to follow Chef’s Table Saigon
HowToCure - Natural Remedies For Better Health
HowToCure - Natural Remedies For Better Health
HowToCure - Natural Remedies For Better Health
Galangal Thai
En Khairul
PASCA PKP - MAMPUKAH SALES ANDA ‘MELEDAK’ KEMBALI? . 3 bulan kita dah ‘bertapa’ & terperuk ‘masuk gua’ dek kerana PKP ni, mesti ramai yang dh tak sabar-sabar nk memecut balik kan dalam bisnes? Semangat tu membara, nk pecut laju-laju tu, cuba semak semula dekat diri dan team kita.. . Cumanya, saya dapat feedback dari ramai founder & leader produk. Antara solana popular tu adalah ; . “MCMANA AKU NK MULA EH?” “KAT MANA AKU PATUT START EH?” “AKU DAH READY.. TAPI TEAM AKU READY KE X?” Memikirkan cabaran yang bakal dihadapi oleh para peniaga, khususnya founder & leader-leader produk, saya garapkan satu modul khas untuk tune semula mindset & bina semula semangat sempena menghadapi bisnes PASCA PKP nanti. InsyaAllah, saya bakal kongsikan ; (+) Mindset utk memecah galangal norma baru. . (+) Kenal pasti di mana perselisihan idea di antara founder dan team. . (+) Menyelaras semula tindakan dan strategi. . (+) Tuning semula target/sasaran selepas PKP. . (+) Reset semula niat dan kembali kepada Pencipta. Just a quick question.. Agak-agaknya lah.. Kalau saya nak buka sesi ONLINE LEDAKAN SALES PASCA PKP, anda berminat? Kalau jawapannya ‘YA’, jom join telegram channel saya, link pendaftaran akan dibuka di sana. KLIK --> https://t.me/enkhairul KLIK --> https://t.me/enkhairul KLIK --> https://t.me/enkhairul
Доставка суши Харьков - ЯПОШКА, Заказать суши круглосуточно!
If you miss new experiences order our traditional Thai soup with tiger prawns, coconut milk, galangal root and lime leaves. Hot and satisfying. +100 points to body and spirit. Nighttime delivery is available. We don`t speak English very well but our food is delicious.
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Award winning Thai Restraunt in Mount Hawthorn 60% OFF DEAL 3 Course Thai Dinner with a Bottle of Wine! Check out the link below for the deal! https://www.scoopon.com.au/dining/deal/mount-hawthorn-galangal-thai-cuisine-tripadvisor-top-rated--0062y000002LlVfAAK
Internetinė parduotuvė - ELEKTROMARKT.LT | Elektromarkt
Geram laikui namuose – reikalinga gera kava! ☕️ Mėgaukitės tobula, tarsi profesionalaus baristo ruošta kava su pilnai automatiniu PHILIPS LatteGo kavos aparatu, nes juos dabar galite įsigyti BE JOKIO PABRANGIMO, per 20 mėn.!
Bemanningföretag inom vården - Bättre vårdbemanning med Medlink
รักแร้ดำ ดากดำ เราแก้ได้
تقهرتي بالروينة ديال الصبابط كل فردة ف قنت ‍♀️ عندنا ليك الحل الي يناسبك منظم الاحذية الجديد كيخلي الاحذية مرتبة بشكل راقي جدااااااا ✨ كيتميز بالسعة الكبيرة ديالو اوا هني راسك من روينة الصبابط https://theoriginalbrands.com/products/etagere-range-chaussures-modulable-410-niveaux
A Unisc - Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul
Estude com os mesmos professores do ensino presencial por preço de EAD. EAD UNISC: o melhor EAD da região.
Home - Aureus University
Start Your MD Courses In Beautiful Aruba. Small Class Size. High Residency Rate. USMLE High Pass Rate. No MCAT Required. Limited Seats Available. Apply For Aureus University School of Medicine Recognized & Accredited In Canada & The US. ➡ Get FREE Help https://bit.ly/2srrYtj
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Κ.Ε.Κ. Τεχνικές Σχολές Επιμελητηρίου Ηρακλείου
Помощь в поступлении в ВУЗы США - Study America
Official Ganga Utsav 2020 — National Mission for Clean Ganga
Magnum Construtora - Sorocaba | SP
Seocos Properties
Orzene Greece
Vodafone Zoozoos
만족도 4.8! 킴블레이드가 2억 앵콜로 돌아왔어요! - 해외 크라우드 펀딩 자동차 와이퍼 부문 1위! 100년간 변하지 않은 와이퍼 고무를 바꿨습니다. 서로 상반되는 개념인 부드러운 동작과 강한 세척을 동시에 이루어낸 '킴블레이드' #와디즈 #크라우드펀딩 #펀딩으로있게하자 - 지금 와디즈에서 오픈알림 신청하고 얼리버드 혜택을 놓치지 마세요! ▶ 보러 가기 : https://bit.ly/2uBWPrE
ร้านข้าวขาหมูยูนนาน โดย ส.ขอนแก่น
Tank Stars
Hey! ✌️ Download a new cool game Tank Stars! It's hilarious!!! Download FOR FREE right now!
Epson Thailand | หน้าแรก
Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale
Still looking for a new bike? We’ve got you covered.
Pratilipi - Read stories and write your own
Akfør.fo – Keyp og søla av akførum í Føroyum
Aknet Asya - Online Eğitim
NLP EĞİTİMİ Başkent Üniversitesi Onaylı ve Sertifikalı Eğitimimiz hakkında bilgi almak için formumuzu doldurabilirsiniz. Detaylı bilgi için size dönüş sağlanacaktır.
La Grande Boutique
Findlay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Dealer in Post Falls, ID
Viên Sủi Tiêu Trĩ HemoStop-Công Nghệ Đức Dành Cho Người Việt
CHỮA TRĨ HIỆN ĐAI KHÔNG CẦN PHẪU THUẬT-THEO CÔNG NGHỆ Y HỌC HIỆN ĐẠI Ngày nay công nghệ y học hiện đại đang dần thay thế với những phương pháp truyền thống thông thường không hiệu quả. Và Lần đầu tiên tại Việt Nam ra đời viên sủi Hemostop với công nghệ y học từ CHLB Đức áp dụng công nghệ nano siêu phân tử giúp thẩm thấu tận gốc bên trong tế bào hiệu quả gấp 98 lần so với đông y, thốc tây... Đánh bay trĩ nội trĩ ngoại trĩ 10-20 năm chi cần 2 viên/ngày Cung xem VTV phát sóng về viên sủi HEMO STOP