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Runners ‍♀️ and Cyclists ‍♂️ We feel your pain! Literally! Let Eddie show you some quick and easy foam roller exercises to help keep you moving. If you try them but still need more help - book in for an assessment and hands on treatment. 30-40 mins duration @ our Bentleigh East Clinic. (special offer rate $59, reduced from $96) We will get you back to doing what you love
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Many eLearning professionals we speak to find cutting through the mix to grab people’s attention so they can inform, educate, motivate, and convert learners and have a lasting impact is the most challenging part of the job, but aren’t sure what to do to solve that problem. Learn more here: https://vynd.ly/2UEXtys Our answer: Use Vyond, the number 1 video creation platform, to bring the power of video to your content! The average person forgets 65% of material covered in traditional learning just 7 days after completing it and 90% after six months. We find that many eLearning professionals are stuck in the past, using outdated tools like Powerpoint, the written word, or charts and graphs alone, to get their message across. The smart eLearning professionals we serve tell us that video consistently outperforms those methods in the areas that matter most: - helping learners remember the information that was shared... - getting learners to understand the concepts presented... - motivating learners to apply what they learned... - and, of course, converting learners into believers who take action Vyond makes it easy to bring the power of video to any content. Professional-grade videos can be created in as little as five minutes, even for those who aren't creative or are not super tech gurus, using drag-and-drop templates that work straight out-of-the-box. If they can use PowerPoint, they can use Vyond. It works for any industry or profession, and prices start at just $49 a month...so it won't break the budget, either. Imagine the possibilities... ...simple explainer videos that show complex concepts in action so it's easier to understand... ...training videos that ensure learners know exactly what to expect and when to expect it... ...turning FAQ's that don't get read into videos that learners love... ...transforming older videos or static, text-based content from blah, blah, blah into "WOW!".... Vyond makes it all possible. Get started today with Vyond. Learn more here: https://vynd.ly/2UEXtys
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炒麵、西瓜、冰飲、泳裝~ 炎炎夏日,當然要去沙灘避暑啦 帶上戰姬一起夏日祭啦殺必死~殺必死~
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✅ Super competitive finance rates and a huge range of Toyota ute's, try us before anyone else!! ✅ Guaranteed NO application refused! ✅ No obligation pre-approval process ✅ 130 + vehicles in stock, shop now via our website www.uwincars.com.au ✅ Low rate, no deposit finance available T.A.P ✅ Bank beating rates T.A.P ✅ Good credit ✅ Low doc loans ✅ Refinance and trade ✅ ABN/Self employed ✅ Full time/casual employment ✅ Same day approvals T.A.P ✅ Fast and friendly service ✅ Past Problems ✅ Paid/Unpaid defaults ✅ New to the country ✅ Ex bankrupt ✅ To apply inbox or call (07) 3299 25 33 ✅ Trade your car to minimise payments or upgrade ✅ Don't need finance? You can pay by cash, card or bank cheque ✅ Freight all over Australia at heavily discounted rates if you buy your car through us!
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#CamisasGabardinaGENIAL⛄✨ ►No te puede faltar vestir a la moda en estas fechas con nuestras camisas de gabardina importadas, definitivamente robarás miradas. ¡TODAS ESTÁN INCREÍBLES! ❄ ¡Contáctanos ahora, que se agotan! Whatsapp http://bit.ly/CamisasGabardinaIForMen ¡Pagas al recibir el producto y tu ENVÍO ES GRATIS! ✨¡ á , !✨ *Al comprar 2 o más camisas, precio especial*
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Leather Bean Bag هى Bean Bag عملى محشية بحبيبات الفيبر المريحه جدا للظهر و الجسم كله لانها عندنا فى خامة Bomba Leather بيتميز بتتشكل علي حسب كل جسم فبتوفرلك اعلي راحه ⬅ سهل التنظيف و النقل ,كمان خفيف و صحى ⬅ تقدر تستخدمه indoor لانه حجمه مناسب لاي مكان ⬅ مريح جدا و ده لانه stretch و بيمط ⬅ تقدر تختار اللون اللى تحبه عندنا اكتر من 15 لون ⬅ معاه سنة ضمان علي الخامة و اعاده حشو لمده 6 شهور ⬅ اتصل الان : 01027709045 - 01027709049 أو قم بإرسال رقمك في رسالة علي الصفحة وهنتواصل معك
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MẶC NHANH VẪN ĐẸP NHƯ MANOCANH ❗️❗️ ➡️ Việc của bạn là mặc thôi - Còn mix thì cứ để #TONY lo. Không cần suy nghĩ hôm nay ra đường mặc gì, diện đồ đi chơi như nào, đi dự tiệc ra sao.... vì tất cả sự lựa chọn đã có sẵn trong BST #Manocanh của nhà #Tony4men hết rồi. ✅ Tất tần tật từ Jeans, ngố, phông, sơ mi... rồi phụ kiện đều được mix một cách rất là hài hòa và hợp lý từ màu sắc đến kiểu dáng đảm bảo ae sẽ bị hút ngay từ cái #Click đầu tiên ! ♨️ Đừng quên ghé qua 5 cơ sở của shop để trải nghiệm luôn nhé ae !! ——————————— HỆ THỐNG T O N Y 4 M E N S H O P™️: ✖️ 20 Chùa Bộc - Đống Đa - HN ✖️ 364 Cầu Giấy - HN ✖️ 209 Bạch Mai - Hai Bà Trưng - HN ✖️ 189 Phố Nhổn - Bắc Từ Liêm - HN ✖️ 183 Trần Cung - Nam Từ Liêm - HN ➰ Hotline: 0982.022.969 ✔️ Website: Tony4men.com SHIP COD TOÀN QUỐC
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Trời có nắng hay mưa thì NGHỈ NGƠI vẫn là chân lý!!! Ngon, thơm và thật thư giãn…TWISTER SỮA TRÁI CÂY là sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho những phút nghỉ ngơi! #TropicanaTwister #SuaTraiCayTwister #NghỉTíĐiChuyệnChiCũngDễ
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טומאסי קאסיסאנו ברונלו די מונטאלצ'ינו ב- 50% הנחה! לקנייה באתר>>https://bit.ly/3bknLfo יין אדום עם גוון כתמתם, בעל גוף בינוני-מלא, טאנינים עגולים, חמיצות מעודנת וסיומת רכה. היין מתאפיין בארומות פירחוניות עם רמזים לפרי, שזיף, ומעט תבלין. הענבים ליין זה נבצרו מכרמי היקב הנטועים מסביב לעיירה ברונלו די מונטאלצ'ינו בטוסקנה, איטליה. *ההטבה לחברי מועדון ולמצטרפים חדשים
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สั่งสินค้าจีนกับโรงงานผู้ผลิตจีนโดยตรง ไม่จำกัดขั้นต่ำ ฟรีค่าบริการ เรทนำเข้าเริ่มต้น 29 บ. รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม >> www.easymall.co.th
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Dando de alta una línea nueva en tu flota, te llevás un 50%off durante 12 meses. Además, incluiye Antivirus para que esté siempre protegida, y Movistar Cloud 5Gb para liberar espacio en la memoria del equipo.
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Royal Crown Baby Jeweled Suit SetFor the Prince and Princess ✅Order Herehttps://blingblingbabies.com/products/royal-crown-baby-jeweled-suit-set
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Amout Waaraf أموت وأعرف 1 hour stand-up comedy show by //Stephanie Ghalbouni عرض ستاند أب كوميدي لساعة مع ستيفاني غلبوني -------------------- L.L.20,000 cover charge Book your seats via: // Phone: 81 450 492 // Whatsapp: https://wa.me/96181450492 Walk-ins are always welcome. ------------------- Location: KED (Karantina) Doors Open: 8.00 pm Show Starts: 9.00 pm PS: Please make sure you claim your seats before 8:30 PM. 18+ -
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