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Hi everyone! We are back with our September Books of the Month (BOTM)! Let's get comfortable with an affordable and awesome read together! Check out our September BOTM selections at any BookXcess retail now while stocks last! We wish you happy reading and stay bookish! ‍♀️ It's time to calm down, relax, and start your day with Art Therapy. This book will help to create an optimistic and calming experience in your life for only RM7.90! ‍♂️ Your young children could definitely learn their letters and numbers with their favorite superheroes! Check out DC Super Friends Workbook available only at RM14.90. Finding an ideal book for your kids to learn colors in a fun way? Join Albert and Joe on their journey and explore the wonders of colors. ONLY at RM7.90. Moodles presents Free Your Mind: Draw Your Way to a Smile! Let's lock up your inner doubts and spread the joy of happiness for only RM7.90! 5️⃣ Are you feeling for a contemporary rush? Check out Five Feet Apart movie-tie in edition, perfect for fans of John Green. ONLY at RM14.90! Join Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie in the My Little Pony Annual 2020 as they bring the magic of friendship to Equestria. ONLY at RM9.90. . ⏱️ Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm | Wolf House, Amcorp Mall and Kong Heng, Ipoh (10am to 8pm) Social distancing rules apply Amcorp | Starling | Tamarind Square | Fahrenheit88 | Sunsuria Forum | Wolf House | Kong Heng, Ipoh | Gurney Paragon, Penang | Sunway Big Box, Johor Visit our online store for more selections!
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Vänskap är magiskt!✨ Nu finns det ännu fler böcker om våra favoritponnyer från My Little Pony hos Nick Stories Följ med till det fantastiska och magiska landet Equestria där Twilight Sparkle, Shytterly och alla de andra ponnyerna bor. Här får du lära dig viktiga saker om vänskap Läs boken Vänskapstrubbel där Twilight ger Starlight olika uppdrag som hon ska göra med deras gemensamma vänner. Starlight hypnotiserar vännerna för att skynda på allt, men det slutar med en katastrof! Kommer hon att kunna ställa allt tillrätta igen? I boken En spöklik natt ser alla ponnyerna fram emot den läskiga Mardrömsnatten – alla utom Fluttershy. Men hon gör vad hon måste för att kunna umgås med sina vänner, trots att hon helst vill mysa med sina djur därhemma Läs dessa härliga vänskapshistorier hos Nick Stories idag!
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لأنك تحب إهداء والدتك الأفضل، هذه هي فرصتك لتسوّق أجمل الهدايا من حول العالم لأجلها. سجّل في عضوية فلكس السنوية واحصل على خصم %30 مع كود العرض MothersDay20. يمكنك مع هذه العضوية الاستمتاع بالمزايا الآتية: • الاستفادة من 30 عنواناً عالمياً للتسوّق عبر الإنترنت • أسعار شحن مخفضة تُحتسب لكل 100 غرام فقط • رسوم شحن تُحتسب على الوزن الفعلي للشحنة • وقت أسرع لتوصيل الشحنة بطرق آمنة يُعتمد عليها
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Der letzte Teil einer Reihe, die zur Besessenheit für dich werden wird. Nur für kurze Zeit zum Sonderpreis. Du siehst mich nicht, aber mittlerweile ahnst du, dass ich da bin. Ich bin immer da – egal, was du machst. Ich beschütze dich, wenn du denkst, es ist kein anderer für dich da; ich höre dich, wenn du denkst, keiner hört dir zu, und ich sehe dich, wenn du am liebsten unsichtbar sein würdest. Ich fühle dich, wenn du deinen kleinen, heißen Körper an mir reibst, und wenn du in deinem engen Kostüm meine Assistentin spielst. Ich weiß, was du denkst, wer du bist und wer du gern sein würdest. Ich weiß, was du brauchst und du hast es bekommen. Du bist jetzt mein. Und das wird sich nie ändern. Denn dieses Spiel hat gerade erst begonnen. Endlich ist es daaa! Lesen auf eigene Gefahr! https://amzn.to/2UL79sh
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Educação Financeira - Novidade 2019 Com a finalidade de mudar a relação dos jovens com o dinheiro, o Colégio implantará aulas de educação financeira aos alunos do 2º ao 5º Ano do Ensino Fundamental. Para a realização do curso, quatro apostilas sobre a educação financeira serão utilizadas para apresentar aos alunos temas como a origem do dinheiro, guardar dinheiro no cofrinho, montar uma caderneta de poupança, evitar o desperdício de alimentos e colaborar na economia das contas da casa (água e energia). Os alunos serão levados a refletir sobre temáticas como a diferença entre valor e preço, diferenciar compras motivadas por necessidade ou consumismo e a importância de partilhar. Já no 5º ano, eles participarão de uma atividade de empreendedorismo, em que serão orientados a abrir e testar o funcionamento de sua própria empresa. Há alguns anos trabalhamos com o projeto Jovem Empreendedor - Sebrae, tendo como objetivo incentivar o espírito empreendedor e a orientação para os negócios, e agora com a implantação do curso de educação financeira, temos a certeza que nossos alunos, no futuro, estarão prontos para obter o sucesso pessoal e profissional.
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Við erum SAHARA - Hvernig getum við aðstoðað þig? ‍ Okkar hlutverk er að aðstoða fyrirtæki við að skara framúr Við greinum hvaða þætti þarf að leggja áherslu á þegar kemur að stafrænum miðlum og vinnum að þeim lausnum sem henta hverju sinni.
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