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IMPERCAUCHO CIUDAD JUAREZ ¡PROMOCIÓN 2 X 1! Vigencia 31 de Agosto 2020 1.-IMPERMEABILIZANTES VIVE GUAYULE 10131 HERMILA Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua. Cel. 656 215 1309 2.-IMPER SALDAÑA Juan de Dios Arias # 5319 Segunda Burócrata Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua. Cel. 656 607 1884 3.-IMPERMEABILIZANTES CASTRO PARRAL # 1545 FIDEL AVILA CHIHUAHUA, CHI. Cel. 656 312 8764 4.-IMPERCAUCHO JUAREZ CRISTOBAL COLON # 394 . CENTRO Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua. Cel. 656 657 3909 5.-IMPERMEABILIZANTES DON PIPE ALAZÁN # 9007 FRACC. HACIENDAS DE LAS TORRES Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua. Cel. 656 260 9554 (*Promoción válida con los distribuidores participantes acudiendo a tienda*)
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Muchas veces el propio pueblo escoge erróneamente su propio destino; lo vimos en Cuba, el pueblo escogió la revolución de Fidel Castro, y aún llevan 60 años de hambre, miseria, y represión; igual en Venezuela, escogieron a Hugo Chávez para hambre, miseria y represión, igual en Nicaragua, y luego en Bolivia. Entonces es el mismo pueblo de Bolivia quien tiene que preguntase ¿Qué queremos, a quien, y como lo vamos a hacer? No pueden culpar al exterior por sus propios errores. La critica debe ser constructiva, no destructiva. Nosotros estamos haciendo TODO lo que está a nuestro alcance para el beneficio del pueblo que sufre en Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, aúnque sabemos y recibimos muchas criticas, muchas de estas infundadas las cuales casi todas vienen de los lacayos y quienes apoyan a estos gobiernos comunistas.
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GREATER RELATIONS WITH OUR REVOLUTIONARY NEIGHBOURS Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to embrace Cuba's medical charity without even giving a thought to the challenges that the Cuban people have endured due to the US-backed embargo that has existed for decades. Cuba has endured crippling economic sanctions yet still possess the capacity to become a world-leader in the field of medicine. By any measure that is a remarkable achievement for a country that was expected to descend back into the stone-age. This example demonstrates the strength and vigor of a people not bounded by corrupt rulers but liberated by revolutionary leaders and that is why I keep on saying that we need a global black revolution to address the overwhelming levels of corruption that has crippled Caribbean and African countries. As black people, we should seek to get involved in technological development, scientific research, space exploration, military advancement, and economic formulation so that we can eventually become self-sufficient while contributing to the general advancement of the human race. Only through unity can black people become such a positive and influential force throughout the world and Cuba has already demonstrated that ambitious national progress is possible with or without the approval of powerful nations. Thus, as black people, we should unite and become a single geopolitical union throughout the Caribbean and Africa within 10 year's time. This is the only way that we can become absolutely self-sufficient and strong enough to resist any attempts at neo-colonization. The nation of Cuba is Jamaica's closest neighbour and is able to reinforce a very persevering and inspiring message that regardless of how small, powerless and alone a formidable opponent can make us feel, in times of adversity we have the potential to exceed all expectations and become a positive force in the world. I've always been a supporter of greater relations between Jamaica and Cuba and I advocate the position that Jamaica must seek to acquire the most advanced medical techniques, equipment, and expertise through long-term relations with Cuba. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the Cuban doctors who are active in containing the Coronavirus Pandemic. The world owes you big time. ‍‍ Here I am with the Former Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Bernardo Guanche Hernandez at a Giron Day get-together on April 17, 2016. I was in the process of furnishing him with a letter for Fidel Castro regarding Caribbean Geopolitics. Unfortunately, Castro died shortly after and therefore was unable to reply. ☹️ #MedicalMissionaries #MedicalAid #Cuba #Revolution #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Pandemic #Virus #DavidvsGoliath #Persevere #Prevail #Endure #JamaicaCubaAlliance #CaribbeanState #CaribbeanAfricanAlliance #TransAtlanticEmpire
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Топ-5 книг СЕО Huawei для саморазвития и лидерства. В последнее время, в процессе выполнения своих обычных дел, я слушал много аудиокниг. На мой взгляд, такое чтение –– один из самых лучших способов эффективно использовать свое время, так как слушать материал можно в дороге, когда занимаешься спортом или перед сном. Я написал список из нескольких книг для саморазвития и лидерства, которые хотел бы лично порекомендовать к прочтению или прослушиванию своим коллегам: 1. «Alibaba: Дом, который построил Джек Ма» –– Дункан Кларк. В книге описана история создания самой большой в мире империи электронной торговли Джеком Ма, которого сегодня считают современным Рокфеллером и китайским Стивом Джобсом. 2. Вся жизнь Фиделя Кастро: одного из самых выдающихся коммунистических лидеров (1 час 44 минуты). Книга является биографией Команданте Кубинской революции, одного из самых культовых политических лидеров второй половины ХХ столетия. 3. Дайджест The Wall Street Journal (25 минут). Ежедневное краткое содержание финансовой газеты The Wall Street Journal. 4. Вечная геополитика России (25 минут). Статья профессора истории и мировой политики в Принстонском университете и научного сотрудника Гуверовского института при Стэндфордском университете Стивена Коткина, опубликованная в журнале Foreign Affairs 5. К2: Жизнь и смерть на самой опасной в мире горе (12 часов 38 минут). Эта книга о том, с какими невероятными трудностями приходится столкнуться при восхождении на самую опасную в мире гору К2, которая находится на границе Пакистана и Китая. Top 5 Huawei CEO Audiobooks for self-development and leadership. Recently, in the process of doing my usual things, I listened to a lot of audiobooks. In my opinion, such a reading is one of the best ways to effectively use your time, since you can listen to material on your way or while playing sports or before going to bed. I made a list of several books for self-development and leadership that I would personally recommend for reading or listening to my colleagues: 1. “Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built” –– Duncan Clark. The book describes the story of the creation of the largest e-commerce empire in the world, Jack Ma, who is today considered modern Rockefeller and Chinese Steve Jobs. 2. The entire life of Fidel Castro: one of the most prominent communist leaders (1 hour 44 minutes). The book is a biography of the Comandante of the Cuban Revolution, one of the most iconic political leaders in the second half of the 20th century. 3. The Wall Street Journal Digest (25 minutes). The daily summary of the financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal. 4. Russia’s perpetual geopolitics (25 minutes). An article by Stephen Kotkin, professor of history and world politics at Princeton University and a fellow at the Stanford University Hoover Institute, published in Foreign Affairs 5. K2: Life and Death on the world’s most dangerous mountain (12 hours 38 minutes). This book is about what incredible difficulties one has to face while climbing the most dangerous mountain in the world, K2, which is located on the border of Pakistan and China.
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Bạn có biết đầu bếp Việt tài năng nào đã từng phục vụ Tổng thống Nga Vladimir Putin, Tổng thống Pháp Jacques Chirac, Tổng thống Mỹ Bill Clinton, Chủ tịch Trung Quốc Giang Trạch Dân, Chủ tịch Cuba Fidel Castro, Vua và Hoàng hậu Na-uy và nhiều chính trị gia nổi tiếng khác? Đó chính là anh Đào Văn Sơn, bếp trưởng người Việt thường trực tại La Table du Chef và La Plume, Press Club. Từng làm việc trong môi trường thử thách đầy khắc nghiệt Sofitel Metropole Hanoi và từng là bếp phó tại Sofitel Plaza Saigon, anh còn dành 15 năm trổ tài trên đất Pháp và đi khắp thế giới để khám phá ẩm thực. Dù đứng bếp tại đất nước nào hay thực khách có là ai, điều dễ cảm nhận được nhất nơi bếp trưởng Sơn có lẽ là tình yêu anh dành cho các món ăn của mình. Hãy đến Press Club để được anh giới thiệu và phục vụ những thực đơn “signature” và biết đâu, chia sẻ với bạn niềm đam mê ẩm thực. ----- Did you know a talented Vietnamese chef who has served Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of France Jacques Chirac, US President Bill Clinton, President of China Jang Zie Min, President of Cuba Fidel Castro, Norwegian monarch and many other famous politicians? He’s Dao Van Son, Vietnamese head chef at La Table du Chef and La Plume, Press Club. He has been working in the most challenging kitchen of Sofitel Metropole Hanoi and was second chef at Sofitel Plaza Saigon. Chef Son also spent 15 years at one of the world’s most renown gastronomy capital, France and traveled around the world to explore food culture everywhere. Wherever head chef Son works or whoever he cooks for, it’s his passion for his menu that is most recognizable. Visit Press Club to meet, share your food enthusiasm and enjoy his recommended “signature” menu. ------------ Press Club Hanoi 12 Ly Dao Thanh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi HOTLINE: 0904 067 686
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El reconocido cantautor recordó cuando el régimen de Fidel Castro lo obligó a cumplir trabajos forzados en las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción (UMAP)
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Hello everyone , We have now started taking orders for departmental racks , light/heavy duty warehouse racks , anti theft doors , counters etc . Please message us for more details or contact us at 9808340412 . Thank you .
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PRZETESTUJ Okulary progresywne 2020 Sprawdź czy mając 61 lat będziesz zadowolony 61-latkowie zapłacą teraz tylko 859zł zamiast około 2500zł. Teraz możesz sprawdzić nasz najnowszy produkt w naprawde rewelacyjnej cenie i w razie potrzeby zwrócic go w ciągu 12 tygodni. Badanie i indywidualna konsultacja wliczone są w cenę. ✅Już teraz zamów wizytę i odbierz 1 z 1000 par okularów.
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"Chổng ủng hộ vợ" vượt hơn 300 cây số đến Adamas giảm béo Dr.Lipocell. May mắn vòng eo cán đích 58 xăng ti, chị KH mừng ra mặt. Tự hào là đơn vị mang công nghệ giảm béo "chuẩn" y khoa đầu tiên về Việt Nam, - Giảm béo an toàn tự nhiên, có lợi sức khoẻ ✔Liệu trình ngắn NGÀY CHỈ #3 buổi - tiết kiệm thời gian công sức, chi phí ✔ Không béo trở lại, không mệt mỏi ✔Săn chắc, SÁNG vùng giảm béo, da ko còn chảy sệ chùng nhão Số đo vòng eo giảm TỨC TỐC khoảng #15 đến $40 xăngti Ngăn ngừa hỗ trợ điều trị nhiễm mỡ máu, tim mạch, cao huyết áp, xơ vữa động mạch,... ✔➡ GIẢM VÙNG NÀO HIỆU QUẢ VÙNG ẤY-CAM KẾT bằng văn bản hoàn tiền nếu không hiệu quả CMT/INBOX hoặc gọi 0763 696969 nhận giảm giá 80% nhân dịp khai trương chi nhánh thứ 3 của Adamas !
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ສວນເບ້ຍໄມ້ພອນຟ້າຂາຍສົ່ງແລະຂາຍຍ່ອຍ ໂທ ແລະ ແອັບ 020 98999979
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