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Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
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Steelbird Helmets India
Steelbird Helmets India
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Our #AmericanCenter 3D printed 50 face shields to protect #Islamabad’s medical workers from #coronavirus! #Fulbright alumnus Dr. Mohammad Zaeem Zia is Islamabad’s District Health Officer and helped us distribute them to government medical institutions most in need. To learn more about the American Center, please visit: https://pk.usembassy.gov/education-culture/american-center/ #ThankYouDoctors #Partners4Prospertiy #USPAK #USinPAK #COVID #COVID2019
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#repost Andy Bratton My sister who is an ER nurse in Kalamazoo reached out with a need for face shields. A few calls to some friends and some shared 3D CAD data we have the first package of shields for Michigan nurses. The shields extend N95 mask life and further protect those protecting us. Models by Rogue Fitness, 3D print by Nugget Circuits and Craft Automation , shield material cut by me from US Plastic clear food grade bottles, elastic band cut from Joann Stores For PPE Resources and Printing Instructions to make Face Shields: https://www.roguefitness.com/covid-19
Makers vs COVID have created a collection of medical supplies you can produce to protect people around you including your loved ones and yourself! Start now https://bit.ly/2UyiM4X No matter where you are , the mobility restrictions or the materials you have around you ! You can choose and create from Masks to Face Shields or Protective Goggles. Makers vs COVID even share the right tips to keep a clean Maker Space. We can work together to design things that can make a difference to our lives, especially now ❕
Do you want to protect yourself from harm at all costs? Using face shields is a great way to deal with any discomfort and sprays that can reach your face. #FaceShields ✔️ Designed for multiple use ✔️ Fully adaptable to face ✔️ Handy, easy to wear with face masks ✔️ East to clean The price is AED 14.70. https://buff.ly/3boQj7D #Dubaiprint #OnlinePrinting #faceshield #faceshieldUAE #faceshieldDubai #faceprotaction #faceshieldsforfrontliners #protectionmask
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The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the increasing demand has been front and center in the struggle to contain COVID-19. PPE such as masks and face shields are essential for healthcare workers to protect themselves, their patients, and the public by reducing the chances of transmission. Although industry providers have ramped up production, local makers and makerspaces are also addressing this ongoing issue. By utilizing open-source templates, local makers from DePaul’s Idea Realization Lab and Illinois PPE Network are 3D printing PPE from their own homes and providing this essential equipment to those who need it most. In our third installment in the Science from the Frontlines series, join C2ST and Jayson Margalus, Faculty Director of the Idea Realization Lab, for a deeper look into the makers and their work to develop and deliver PPE all across Illinois. Program Details: Thursday, April 16th, 2020, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM CDT, C2ST Facebook Live. Make sure to follow C2ST on Facebook to receive notifications when the live program starts. Use our Q&A app (C2ST.CNF.IO) to ask live questions during the program or send in your questions in advance! Remember to upvote your favorite questions. C2ST’s Science From the Frontlines is an ongoing series of virtual events tackling topics such as vaccines, public health, community best practices, and other subjects relevant to the COVID-19 epidemic. This series of virtual events will also serve as a fundraiser for C2ST and frontline efforts to combat COVID-19. DONATE to Science From The Frontlines at https://c2st.kindful.com/?campaign=1061965 While we are concerned about our continued well-being as an organization, we know that our community is also in peril. To make sure we are doing our part for the community, 50% of all donations from the “Science From the Frontlines” series will be split between selected organizations involved in the fight against COVID-19. When you make a donation during this campaign, not only will you be ensuring that cutting-edge science will be accessible to the public, but you will also be helping the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for everyone. Please respect diversity in individuals and in cultures.
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SA Face Shields® are made of breathable UPF 30 microfiber to protect you from the elements like the sun, cold, dust, and bugs. With 200+ styles and 10+ ways to wear, the options are endless! Create your own pack today with all of your favorite designs!
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Protect yourself and your family from the COVID-19 [Preferential lane and factory price for face shields intended for healthcare facilities]
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STOP SPREADING IT ⛔ In order to protect ourselves and others, we started making preventive Face Shields. Meditm Face Shields is helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. Our Face Shields can be used for personal and for medical use. We are accepting orders in bulk. Visit our website: meditm.com/products/face-shield
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Protect Your Face from the Cold on the Slopes! ⛷ Effectively Shields out Cold Winds, Snow & UV Rays! 50% OFF >> https://skispartan.com/products/winter-sport-xtreme-mask
Ski Spartan
Protect Your Face from the Cold on the Slopes! ⛷ Effectively Shields out Cold Winds, Snow & UV Rays! 50% OFF >> https://theskispartan.com/products/winter-sport-xtreme-mask
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#editorial «Μια ηλικιωμένη γυναίκα, η οποία προφανώς δεν είχε άλλη επιλογή από το να έρθει η ίδια να ψωνίσει, έγινε ξαφνικά η “γιαγιά” όλων μας. Και έδωσε αυτόματα μεγαλύτερο νόημα σ’ αυτόν τον κατ’ οίκον περιορισμό που νιώθουμε να μας καταπιέζει...» Γράφει η Maria Lysandrou #PlanBe #απόψεις #κόκκινο
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Gorgeous new things! Take a peek. Prices are posted on the individual photos. We are open 6 days a week. Tuesday through Saturdays from 10 to 5. Sundays from Noon to 5. Closed Mondays. 540 738-2373. 2858 N. Seminole Trail (Route 29N) 22715 We are three miles north of the McDonald's in Madison and 4 miles south of the Prince Michel Winery.
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