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Shade Armor
Built from rugged, all-weather nylon, this customizable covering keeps you dry in the rain, cool in the sun, and also helps to keep out critters and debris. Each hat also includes a mesh face mask and neck cape, both of which are detachable. A drawstring ensures that it never blows away, and the breathable fabric stays comfortable in any weather. Each hat also provides superior protection from UV rays and moisture, so itโ€™s perfect for any season. BREATHABLE material, with exhaust direction down the front neck area. Won't fog your glasses or suffocate you. MESH material for all-around wet or hot weather protection. Quick-dry material for tropical humid situations. ADJUSTABLE CHIN STRAP connected to keep everything in place from extreme wind. WIDE BRIM for great coverage and angled shield protection. FLEXIBLE all-around wear. FREE Shipping On Orders Over $40USD! ๐Ÿ”ฝ SHOP NOW! ShadeArmor.com ShadeArmor.com
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Golden Temple Boutique
Promotion แž–แžทแžŸแŸแžŸแžŸแŸ†แžšแžถแž”แŸ‹แžแŸ‚แž€แž‰แŸ’แž‰แžถ (English Below) แžŸแŸ€แž˜แžšแžถแž”: แž‘แžธแžแžถแŸ†แž„แž›แŸ’แžขแžฅแžแžแŸ’แž…แŸ„แŸ‡แžแŸ’แžšแžนแž˜แžแŸ‚แŸกแž“แžถแž‘แžธแž–แžธ แž•แžถแž”แŸ‹แžŸแŸ’แžšแŸ’แžแžธแž แžแŸ†แž›แŸƒแžแŸ’แžšแžนแž˜แžแŸ‚ แŸคแŸฅแžŠแžปแž›แŸ’แž›แžถ แž‡แžถแž˜แžฝแž™แž“แžทแž„แž€แžถแžšแžŸแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž“แŸ…แž‘แžธแž€แž“แŸ’แž›แŸ‚แž„แžŠแŸ‚แž›แž‘แžพแž”แžแŸ‚แž‡แžถแž”แŸ‹แžšแž„แŸ’แžœแžถแž“แŸ‹แž“แžทแž„แž›แžทแžแžทแžแžŸแžšแžŸแžพแžšแž–แžธแž‚แŸแž แž‘แŸ†แž–แŸแžšแž›แŸ’แž”แžธแŸ—แž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž–แžทแž—แž–แž›แŸ„แž€ TripAdvisor แž‡แžถแž›แŸ†แžŠแžถแž”แŸ‹แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถแžšแž”แŸ’แžšแžŽแžทแžแž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž–แžทแž—แž–แž›แŸ„แž€ แž‘แŸ’แžœแžธแž”แžขแžถแžŸแžปแžธ แž“แžทแž„แž”แŸ’แžšแž‘แŸแžŸแž€แž˜แŸ’แž–แžปแž‡แžถแŸ” Golden Temple Boutique แžแŸ’แžšแžผแžœแž”แžถแž“แž‡แžถแž”แŸ‹แž‡แžถแž˜แŸ’แž…แžถแžŸแŸ‹แž–แžถแž“แžšแž„แŸ’แžœแžถแž“แŸ‹แžขแžถแžŸแŸŠแžถแž“แž†แŸ’แž“แžถแŸ†แŸขแŸ แŸขแŸ แžšแž”แžŸแŸ‹แž‚แŸแž แž‘แŸ†แž–แŸแžšแžŠแŸแž›แŸ’แž”แžธแžˆแŸ’แž˜แŸ„แŸ‡แž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž–แžทแž—แž–แž›แŸ„แž€ TripAdvisor แž‡แžถแž›แŸ†แžŠแžถแž”แŸ‹แžแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถแžšแž”แŸ’แžšแž€แž”แžŠแŸ„แž™แž˜แž“แŸ„แžŸแž‰แŸ’แž…แŸแžแž“แžถ Romantic แžแŸ’แž–แžŸแŸ‹แž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แž›แŸแžแžšแŸ€แž„แž‘แžธแŸขแŸคแž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž”แžŽแŸ’แžแžถแž”แŸ’แžšแž‘แŸแžŸแž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แžแŸ†แž”แž“แŸ‹แžขแžถแžŸแžปแžธแž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แž˜แžผแž›แŸ” Golden Temple Residence แžแŸ’แžšแžผแžœแž”แžถแž“แž‡แžถแž”แŸ‹แž‡แžถแž˜แŸ’แž…แžถแžŸแŸ‹แž–แžถแž“แžšแž„แŸ’แžœแžถแž“แŸ‹แž–แžถแž“แžšแž„แŸ’แžœแžถแž“แŸ‹แž”แŸ’แžšแž…แžถแŸ†แž†แŸ’แž“แžถแŸ†แžšแž”แžŸแŸ‹แž‚แŸแž แž‘แŸ†แž–แŸแžšแžŠแŸแž›แŸ’แž”แžธแž›แŸ’แž”แžถแž‰แž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž–แžทแž—แž–แž›แŸ„แž€ TripAdvisor แž†แŸ’แž“แžถแŸ†แŸขแŸ แŸขแŸ  แž‡แžถแžšแŸ€แž„แžšแžถแž›แŸ‹แž†แŸ’แž“แžถแŸ†แž‡แžถแž”แŸ‹แŸ—แž‚แŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แž”แž‰แŸ’แž‡แžธแž“แŸƒแž–แžถแž“แžšแž„แŸ’แžœแžถแž“แŸ‹แž€แŸ†แž–แžผแž›แž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แŸขแŸฅ แž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แž…แŸ†แžŽแžถแžแŸ‹แžแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž–แžธแžš แž…แŸ†แžŽแžถแžแŸ‹แžแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž‘แžธแŸก. แž”แžผแž‘แžทแž€แžŠแŸแž”แŸ’แžšแžŽแžธแžแž€แŸ†แž–แžผแž›แž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แŸขแŸฅ แž“แŸ…แž›แžพแž–แžทแž—แž–แž›แŸ„แž€แž€แŸ’แž“แžปแžปแž„แž›แŸแžแžšแŸ€แž„แž‘แžธแŸกแŸ  แž…แŸ†แžŽแžถแžแŸ‹แžแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž‘แžธแŸข. แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถแžšแž”แŸ’แžšแžŽแžธแžแž€แŸ†แž–แžผแž›แž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แŸขแŸฅแž“แŸ…แžขแžถแžŸแžปแžธแž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แž›แŸแžแžšแŸ€แž„แž‘แžธแŸกแŸฃ แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถแž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แž–แžธแžšแž“แŸแŸ‡แž‘แž‘แžฝแž›แž”แžถแž“แž€แžถแžšแž€แŸ„แžแžŸแžšแžŸแžพแžšแž…แŸ’แžšแžพแž“แž–แžธแž—แŸ’แž‰แŸ€แžœแžŠแŸ‚แž›แž”แžถแž“แžŸแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž“แŸ… แž“แžนแž„แž”แžถแž“แžขแŸ„แž™แžแŸ†แž›แŸƒแžแŸ’แž–แžŸแŸ‹แž‘แŸ…แž›แžพแž”แž“แŸ’แž‘แž”แŸ‹แžŠแŸแžŸแŸ’แžšแžŸแŸ‹แžŸแŸ’แžขแžถแž แž’แŸ†แž‘แžผแž›แžถแž™ แž”แŸ†แž–แžถแž€แŸ‹แžงแž”แž€แžšแžŽแŸแž‘แŸ†แž“แžพแž” แž“แžทแž„แž‘แžถแž“แŸ‹แžŸแž˜แŸแž™, แžŸแŸแžœแžถแž€แž˜แŸ’แž˜แžšแžŸแŸ‹แžšแžถแž™แžšแžถแž€แž‘แžถแž€แŸ‹แž–แžธแž€แŸ’แžšแžปแž˜แž€แžถแžšแž„แžถแžš แž“แžทแž„แž˜แžถแž“แž‘แžธแžแžถแŸ†แž„แžŠแŸแž›แŸ’แžขแž”แŸ†แž•แžปแžแž•แŸ’แžแž›แž—แžถแž–แž„แžถแž™แžŸแŸ’แžšแžฝแž›แžŠแž›แŸ‹แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แŸ” แžฑแž€แžถแžŸแžŠแŸแž”แŸ’แžšแžŸแžพแžšแž”แŸ†แž•แžปแžแžŸแŸ†แžšแžถแž”แŸ‹แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แžŠแŸ‚แž›แž‘แžถแž€แŸ‹แž‘แž„แž€แž€แŸ‹แž”แž“แŸ’แž‘แž”แŸ‹แž‘แžปแž€แž˜แžปแž“แžŸแŸ†แžšแžถแž”แŸ‹แž€แžถแžšแžŸแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž“แŸ…แž…แžถแž”แŸ‹แž–แžธแžแŸ’แž„แŸƒแž‘แžธแŸก แžแŸ‚แž€แž‰แŸ’แž‰แžถ แž†แŸ’แž“แžถแŸ†แŸขแŸ แŸขแŸ  แž“แžนแž„แž‘แž‘แžฝแž›แž”แžถแž“แž€แžถแžšแž”แž‰แŸ’แž…แžปแŸ‡แžแŸ†แž›แŸƒแž–แžทแžŸแŸแžŸแžŠแŸ‚แž›แž˜แžทแž“แž’แŸ’แž›แžถแž”แŸ‹แž˜แžถแž“แž–แžธแž˜แžปแž“แž‡แžผแž“แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แžแŸ’แžšแžนแž˜แžแŸ‚ แŸกแŸจแŸ แŸ แŸ แŸ แŸ› แžšแžบ แŸคแŸฅแžŠแžปแž›แŸ’แž›แžถแžšแžแŸ‚แž”แŸ‰แžปแžŽแŸ’แžŽแŸ„แŸ‡แž€แŸ’แž“แžปแž„แž˜แžฝแž™แž™แž”แŸ‹ แž˜แžถแž“แžขแžถแž„แž แŸ‚แž›แž‘แžนแž€แžŠแŸแžŸแŸ’แžšแžŸแŸ‹แžŸแŸ’แžขแžถแžแžŸแŸ†แžšแžถแž”แŸ‹แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แž แŸ‚แž›แž€แŸ†แžŸแžถแž“แŸ’แžแžปโ€‹แž…แŸ†แžŽแžแžกแžถแž“แž“แžทแž„แž˜แžถแž“แžŸแž“แŸ’แžแžทแžŸแžปแžแž™แžถแž˜แŸขแŸคแž˜แŸ‰แŸ„แž„แžŠแžพแž˜แŸ’แž”แžธแž’แžถแž“แžถแžŸแžปแžœแžแŸ’แžแž—แžถแž–แž‡แžผแž“แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“, แŸ” แž˜แžทแž“แžแŸ’แžšแžนแž˜แžแŸ‚แž”แŸ‰แžปแžŽแŸ’แžŽแŸ„แŸ‡แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถแž™แžพแž„แžแŸ’แž‰แžปแŸ†แž˜แžถแž“แž•แŸ’แžแž›แŸ‹แž‡แžผแž“แžขแžถแž›แž€แžปแž›แž›แžถแž„แžŠแŸƒ แž“แžทแž„แž˜แŸ‰แžถแžŸแž–แžถแž€แŸ‹แž˜แžปแžแžŠแž›แŸ‹แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แžŠแŸ„แž™แžฅแžแž‚แžทแžแžแŸ’แž›แŸƒ แž”แž“แŸ’แžแŸ‚แž˜แž–แžธแž›แžพแž“แŸ„แŸ‡แž‘แŸ€แž แž€แŸ’แžšแžปแž˜แž€แžถแžšแž„แžถแžšแž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แžขแžŸแŸ‹แž”แžถแž“แž‘แž‘แžฝแž›แž€แžถแžšแž–แž“แŸ’แž™แž›แŸ‹แžŽแŸ‚แž“แžถแŸ†แž–แžธแžœแžทแž’แžธแžŸแžถแžŸแŸ’แžšแŸ’แžแž€แžถแžšแž–แžถแžšแž‡แŸ†แž„แžบแž€แžผแžœแžทแžŠ แŸกแŸฉ (COVID-19) แž แžพแž™แž”แž“แŸ’แž‘แž”แŸ‹แž“แžทแž„แžŸแž˜แŸ’แž—แžถแžšแŸˆแž”แŸ’แžšแžพแž”แŸ’แžšแžถแžŸแž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แžขแžŸแŸ‹แžแŸ’แžšแžผแžœแž”แžถแž“แžŸแŸ†แžขแžถแžแž“แžทแž„แžŸแŸ†แž›แžถแž”แŸ‹แž˜แŸแžšแŸ„แž‚แžแžถแž˜แž›แž€แŸ’แžแžŽแŸˆแž”แž…แŸ’แž…แŸแž€แž‘แŸแžŸแžแŸ’แžšแžนแž˜แžแŸ’แžšแžผแžœ แžŠแŸ‚แž›แž’แŸ’แžœแžพแžขแŸ„แž™แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แž˜แžทแž“แž˜แžถแž“แž€แžถแžšแž–แŸ’แžšแžฝแž™แž”แžถแžšแž˜แŸ’แž˜แžŽแŸแŸ” แž™แžพแž„แžแŸ’แž‰แžปแŸ†แž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แžขแžŸแŸ‹แž‚แŸ’แž“แžถแžšแžธแž€แžšแžถแž™ แž“แžนแž„แžšแž„แž…แžถแŸ†แž‘แž‘แžฝแž›แžŸแŸ’แžœแžถแž‚แž˜แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แž…แžผแž›แž˜แž€แžŸแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž“แŸ…แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถ Golden Temple Boutique แž“แžทแž„ แžŸแžŽแŸ’แž‹แžถแž‚แžถ Golden Temple Residence แž แžพแž™แžแŸ’แžšแŸ€แž˜แžšแžฝแž…แžšแžถแž›แžŠแžพแž˜แŸ’แž”แžธแž”แŸ†แžšแžพแž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แžขแŸ„แž™แž˜แžถแž“แž•แžถแžŸแžปแžแž—แžถแž–แž€แŸ†แžกแžปแž„แžŸแŸ’แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž“แŸ… แž“แžทแž„แž’แžถแž“แžถแž˜แžทแž“แžขแŸ„แž™แž”แž„แž”แŸ’แžขแžผแž“แžแž€แž”แŸ†แžŽแž„แžกแžพแž™แŸ” September Special Promotion! Mostly for domestic tourist visiting Siem Reap That has re-opened now and is perhaps the best time to visiting amazing Angkor Wat during this beautiful weather time and re-explores the night light of popular Pub Street in the city and it is extra ordinary chance to stay with Golden Temple Boutique and Golden Temple Residence the unique property of Golden Temple Hotels that has won top travelers awards on TripAdvisor 2020 and also always receive incredible feedback from our stayed guests on Best service, beautiful room, excellent location just about 200m from and to Pub Street and Old Market. Golden Temple Boutique is proud to be voted TripAdvisor Top 25 Traveller Choice 2020 (Best of The Best) as a Best Romantic Hotels #24 in Asia. Golden Temple Residence is honored to be on the list of The Top 25 (Best of The Best) in Two categories: 1. World Top 25 #10 Boutique Luxury 2. Asia Top 25 #13 Luxury Hotels Reserve your room now for your up coming stay from 1st September 2020 to enjoy our very special offer from only $45/night including daily room cleaning service, full set of room amenities, beautiful swimming pool, 24hrs security service, Parking, face mask and hand sanitizers are available at Front Desk plus contactless check in/out. Each our staff member has fully trained how to protect themselves and guest from COVID-19. Room, equipment and entire hotel premise have cleaned technically to protect COVID-19. Look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends to Golden Temple Boutique and Golden Temple Residence. We are confident and ready to serve you pleasantly and comfortably. แž‘แŸ†แž“แžถแž€แŸ‹แž‘แŸ†แž“แž„แž€แž€แŸ‹แž”แž“แŸ’แž‘แž”แŸ‹แžแžถแž˜แžšแž™แŸˆ/Making reservation: Mobile, Line, Telegram, WhatUp: 061 223 232 E-mail: reservations@goldentempleboutique.com / reservations@goldentempleresidence.com Google Map: https://bit.ly/30Aftw1
Departure From Lahore and Faisalabad. Departure: Every Wednesday Contact: 03007093097 Package Include: Transport - Meals - Jeep - Accommodation - Camping - Refreshment - Photography - First AID โ›‘ - Tour Guide - Toll & Tax - Bonfire [ NOTE ] Plan can be changed a little bit during tour on a request of participants or for their comfort-ability & also due to forced or unexpected circumstances itinerary can be altered at any time in tour. [ Equipment List you must carry] โ€ข Face Mask / Hand Sanitizer / Gloves โ€ข Casual shoes / Trekking shoes / Softy โ€ข Cotton trouser and shirts/Ts โ€ข Jackets / Hoddies / Raincoat โ€ข Hat / Sun Glases / Umbrella โ˜‚๏ธ โ€ข CNIC ( Identity Card ) [ Services not Included ] โ€ข Lunch โ€ข Personal insurances of clients โ€ข Medication, evacuation and rescue etc โ€ข Beverages , Hiking stick & phone calls or other expenses of personal nature โ€ข Extras at hotel like laundry, phonecalls or other hotels services โ€ข Any extra amount in case of rescue / Landslides / Road blocks / acts of nature / political reasons โ€ข Any item not mentioned above โ€ข Any kind of expense incurred, if anyone leaves trip at any stage due to any reason Children Policy โ€โ€โ€โ€ โ€ข Under 3 Years: Free of Charge ( Lap or on folding seat if available ) โ€ข 3-8 Years: Half Charges ( Folding Seat ) โ€ข 8 plus Years: Full Charges REMEMBER ===> Copy of CNIC ===> Signed form ===> Gradientโ€™s CNIC copy [TERMS & CONDITIONS] 1. Must keep a sanitizer with you and use it often remember keep it within easy to reach. โ€ข Wear a cloth face covering or face mask. โ€ข If you are ill or feeling sick like temperature, cough, sneezing don't join the tour, stay home and stay safe and let other to be safe. โ€ข Bring enough of your medicine to last you for the entire trip. 2. The members shall not indulge in any unethical activity (misbehavior with locals or other group members, use of abusive language, use of drugs etc) and may be terminated from tour without warning and will not be refunded any amount. 3. No illegal or prohibited items will be allowed during the trip. Weapons are not allowed. 4. On mountainous roads, AC of the vehicle will be on and off to keep the vehicle away from over-heating. 5. Trip Plan can be altered due to weather or political or any other reason deemed appropriate by us in the best interest of participants and organizers will not be held responsible for that. 6. We reserve the right to cancel the trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by us and participants will receive full refund of the advance amount only. 7. Every humanly possible care will be taken for the safety of members, still each venture can be fraught with endangers of unforeseen natural disasters like avalanches and crevasse falls or any other accidents and sometimes such disasters cannot be ruled out. In any such type of accident during the whole tour, the company, group leader and the tour organizers will not be held responsible in any form. 8. In case of theft, lost or damage to personal belongings during the trip, organizers will not be held responsible in any case. 9. Cancellation Policy: a. 48 HRS or less, 100% cancellation charges of the advanced amount apply. b. More than 48 HRS โ€“ 50% cancellation charges of the advanced amount apply. c. 4 days or more โ€“ No cancellation charges. d. No amount will be refunded if any person leaves the trip at any stage due to any reason. 10. Our trips are environment friendly and no damage to the environment will be tolerated. 11. Our trips are not insured though we exercise the utmost care & safety of all members. We will not be responsible in case of any incident(s) of unforeseen natural calamities like rock/mud sliding, avalanches, slipping/tripping, crevasse falls or any other accidents. 12. No conflict or violence, whether verbal or via action, is allowed during the trips. Respect different cultures, religions, code of practice, beliefs, and political & geographical affiliations. Non-compliance will be dealt strictly. For Details Call/Text/
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โ„๏ธ WINTER WONDERLAND GIVEAWAY โ„๏ธ Itโ€™s the most wonderful time of the yearrr We would like to show our appreciation for all the love and support you have given us! In the spirit of the Holidays, we will be gifting FOUR Winter Wonderland Baskets โœจโ„๏ธ We have put together all the winter essential products and hair tools to help you survive the cold weather! Follow the instructions on Instagram for a chance to win one of FOUR basket filled with over $7๏ธโƒฃ0๏ธโƒฃ0๏ธโƒฃ of beauty products like the @gsprohair One Dryer & Styler, hydrating face wipes, a teatree & jojoba face oil clay mask โ€โ™€๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ, @macadamiahair Ultra Rich Moisture hair mask, @joico Protective Hair Mask, long wear lip stain by @relaxusuk , @kbeautyhair dry conditionner, @styletherunway 2-in-1 Hairspray, Photo Ready Taming Spray & Silk Vel โœจ , Professional Makeup Brush Kit by @relaxusuk , @pureabbaproducts Voluminizing Root Spray, @moyou_london nail tattoos perfect for the Holidays, two (2) mascara by @divadermecosmetics , red festive nailpolish, @bijoulashes supersoft lashes, a cozy and aoft blanket from @indigo with hot chocolate and a cute mug to keep yourself warm from the cold โ˜•๏ธ , a handy shower speaker , a scented candle , and lots of love!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ € โ„๏ธ LIKE this post โ„๏ธ FOLLOW @ottawa_tradesecrets on Instagram and our Facebook page โ„๏ธ TAG a friend who is in the winter spirit! โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ € Please note it is ONE entry per person. Contest ends December 18th, 2019. The giveaway is open to anyone in Ottawa/Gatineau, and the winner will be selected randomly. Winner must pick up prize in-store.
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What About Insects and Other 'Pests'? https://www.peta.org/about-peta/faq/what-about-insects-and-other-pests/ Humane, Natural and Organic Animal and Insect Control https://www.peta.org/issues/wildlife/dealing-household-guests/
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