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CW Seed | Home of The Secret Circle, Schitt's Creek, Extant, The LA Complex, Alcatraz, and Every Whose Line Ever | Fan Favs Everybody Hates Chris, Hellcats, The Game, and Forever
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Extant Apparel
Extant Apparel
Extant Apparel
Extant Apparel
CW Seed | Home of The Secret Circle, Schitt's Creek, Extant, The LA Complex, Alcatraz, and Every Whose Line Ever | Fan Favs Everybody Hates Chris, Hellcats, The Game, and Forever
Stream your favorite shows free on CW Seed, including The Secret Circle, Schitt's Creek, and Everybody Hates Chris.
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CW Seed | Home of The Secret Circle, Schitt's Creek, Extant, The LA Complex, Alcatraz, and Every Whose Line Ever | Fan Favs Everybody Hates Chris, Hellcats, The Game, and Forever
Stream your favorite shows free on CW Seed, including The Secret Circle, Schitt's Creek, and Everybody Hates Chris.
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Business leaders boosting social movements (e.g. #climate, #BLM): https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318280760_Shake_Your_Stakeholder_Firms_Leading_Engagement_to_Cocreate_Sustainable_Value
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THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE CONTINUES: LOOKING FORWARD TO THE JULY COURT HEARING TO ANSWER ALL LONG STANDING QUESTIONS The Board of Stellar Energy looks forward to an early new Court Hearing, expected in the mid of July, to debate and rule upon the long awaited Government's application for strike off and its own application for Disclosure under Order 24, Rule 2 of a plethora of documents pertaining to Cabinet meetings, inter-departmental correspondence and other internal communications between the representatives of the Government and third party financial institutions, all of which concern the Letter of Intent and/or Stellar Energy's waste management and waste to energy project and will no doubt establish and further validate to the Courts the veracity of Stellar Energy's claim under breach of contract. Stellar Energy's application for Discovery has been extant for some time now and it appears that the Attorney General is finding any possible way to procrastinate its hearing and ruling, which is in the best common interest since aimed to establish beyond any doubt the abuses of process that occurred at the time and leading to the breach of Stellar Energy's LOI. As previously reported, the Day of Reckoning, represented by the Court Hearing of 22 May has proved to be a mere interlocutory Hearing, very much along the lines of the previous one of 3 March. No submissions of defenses and skeleton arguments were made by the Office of the Attorney General, contrary to our expectations, whilst Stellar Energy's attorney had diligently resubmitted his own detailed submissions and applications for Discovery and Re-Pleading. No debate took place on the merits of the long-awaited application to strike off Stellar Energy's claim, inexplicably extant since January 2017, indicating clearly either an uneasiness to proceed publicly, a lack of legal preparation or uncertainty of what to plead, an intent to procrastinate proceedings by kicking the can down the road, or a combination of these. At least proper serious attention has finally been given to Stellar Energy's legal proceedings by appointing the most senior and respected judge of the Bahamas, The Honorable Chief Justice Brian Moree, who is expected to ensure fair hearings and a fair ruling going forward. and after several hearings and rulings by the previous judge who ruled the initial strike out of Messrs Wells, Allen and Forbes who proved not to have been exactly fair. and impartial in our view. Sadly, the Bahamians have not yet had the opportunity to start to have the answers to the disturbing questions still left open since the issuance, leak and breach of the LOI now 6 years ago. The events as unfurled at the time were commented on by the current Prime Minister, Dr Minnis in his then position of Leader of the Opposition, and confirm both this view and the full legitimacy of Stellar Energy legal claim. See full press release of Dr Minnis of 6-August 2014 (https://www.stellar-energy-bahamas.com/fnm-leader-on-renward-wells-saga/). The Board of Stellar Energy has also instructed its new local Counsel, Ayse Rengin Dengizer Johnson, to advance the present Appeal against the initial ruling pertaining to Mr Wells, who together with Mr Allen and Mr Forbes are alleged to be agents of the former Prime Minister, Perry Christie and to seek Orders of Discovery, and filed into the record affidavits which outline very serious allegations and fully documented allegations against the past PLP administration, which include Mr Wells in his former capacity and, by extension, the current FNM Administration. Further evidence available shall be disclosed at trial. In any event and irrespective of the judiciary process in progress, ultimately the evidence available in possession of Stellar Energy will become public knowledge since it is in the public interest to assist with the establishment of good governance and transparency so much required by foreign investors to safely invest in the Bahamas. Justice delayed is justice denied, and Stellar Energy simply will not allow this.
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Researchers present a robust phylogeny of the stick & leaf insects, concluding that their extant distribution results largely from dispersal events in recently & rapidly diversified insect lineage rather than from vicariant processes. Read the paper published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution: https://fro.ntiers.in/Qttk
Alhamdulillah the first eposide of my new series SHORT SERIES is available on You Tube. In this episode I discussed about Envy and Jealousy. I explained what is Envy and Jealousy. I also explained how Islamic tradition explained this sort of emotions and what extant it is permissible. My soul purpose to make aware people. If you find this series help you and benefit you stay with me by subscribing my channel and following my FB page. Jazak Allah Khair. Watch "SHORT SERIES . Episode:Envy and Jealousy . Part-1" on YouTube https://youtu.be/vgAKr6k5on8
Live: Digital scroll of China's famous paintings is revealed in Macao The world's first interactive digital scroll of an ancient Chinese work of art is making its debut at Macao Museum of Art. "A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains 3.0" adopts advanced technology and is equipped with a function to change its appearance according to different seasons and weather. The original painting is a collection of the Palace Museum, as the only extant work of painter Wang Ximeng from the Northern Song Dynasty. The giant scroll of the painting features a stunning composition and is regarded as one of the most important works of art in Chinese history. Join CGTN's Tao Yuan to explore this refreshing combination of traditional art and innovative technology. #MacaoSAR20
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פרחי באך - טיפות של ריפוי
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Philips Avent - Thailand
Philips Avent โปรเด็ด ดีลปัง ของดีคุณแม่มั่นใจจาก Avent Official store ลดสูงสุด 70% ใช้โค้ดลดเพิ่มสูงสุด20% เมื่อซื้อสินค้าใน Shop Philips Avent official store ครบ 700 รับฟรี น้ำยาล้างขวดนม Babimild ขนาด 600ml บาทมูลค่า 79 บาท ฟรี ซื้อครบ 700 บาท ส่งฟรีทั่วไทย เฉพาะวันที่ 9 ก.ย.63 เท่านั้น! *ตามเงื่อนไขที่กำหนด
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Epic Summoners: Monsters War
Try this hottest idle RPG of 2018! Join players from across the globe.
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NGHỈ LỄ THÌ ĐI ĐÂU ĐỂ XẢ HƠI? Đi Spa nhé, VỚI ƯU ĐÃI KHỦNG #JjimJilBang CHỈ CÒN #180k (giá gốc #325k) khi đăng ký online! Một lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho kỳ nghỉ lễ 30/4 và 1/5 cho gia đình, bạn bè, đồng nghiệp! Bạn chẳng cần cất công di chuyển xa, mất thời gian, đối diện thời tiết nắng nóng. Ngay giữa Hà Nội một không gian nghỉ dưỡng đầy đủ tiện nghi đang chờ bạn! Những lợi ích có được khi đi Spa tại Andeva: ☘️ Loại bỏ stress công việc, cuộc sống. ☘️ Thả mình vào không gian yên bình, tự tại. ☘️ Tận hưởng cuộc sống thư giãn, thoải mái. ☘️ Không còn lo toan, muộn phiền. Quá đủ cho một kỳ nghỉ ngắn ngày, hãy dành một vé thư giãn, đi xả stress để tinh thần và thể chất được hứng khởi hơn ngay hôm nay bạn nhé! Tại Andeva - khu nghỉ dưỡng cộng đồng chuẩn Hàn Quốc sẽ giúp bạn xông hơi chăm sóc sức khỏe từ sâu bên trong bằng quy trình 15 bước bao gồm: ✔️ Tắm tráng - xông ướt ✔️ Sục Jacuzzi nóng & lạnh ✔️ Xông khô tại: phòng đá núi lửa, phòng đá muối Himalaya, phòng thuốc bắc thảo mộc, xông tuyết. ✔️ Trải nghiệm hang hồng ngoại, phòng oxy tinh khiết. ✔️ Phòng xông nóng và lạnh tại Andeva Spa & Jjimjilbang được thiết kế đặc biệt từ nguyên liệu thiên nhiên quý hiếm: đá muối, bùn khoáng, thuốc bắc, đá núi lửa, gỗ thông Hinoki... Phương pháp hữu hiệu giúp bạn xả stress hiệu quả, dẫn cả nhà cùng đi Spa để nhận thêm ưu đãi nhé! Andeva chờ bạn! --------------------- Phụ thu ngày lễ 20k Cách nhận ưu đãi khủng: ᒪIKE + FOLLOW + INBOX đăng ký! --------------------- ✨ ANDEVA SPA - THÂN KHỎE TÂM AN✨ Địa chỉ: 435 Tam Trinh - Tầng 7 - Toà nhà Sao Mai ☎️ Hotline: 02435 598 598
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