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The Overseas Filipino Worker The OFW is The Philippines’ largest export. They number in the millions and is the undisputed BIGGEST contributor of income in our consumer-driven economy. According to the the World Bank, 2019 remmittances of the Filipino OFW was $35 BILLION USD or 1,750,000,000,000 TRILLION Pesos! TRILLION! that’s 40% of our proposed national budget. PAG MAY SIPON ANG OFW, ANG PILIPINAS AY NAGKAKALAGNAT. Australia exports mineral resources, the Middle East exports oil, China exports everything made through manufacturing, we export almost 8% of our population. OFW remittances have positively improved almost ALL types of businesses- from real estate, consumer loans and sales, franchising, education, healthcare, etc. Even our foreign exchange rate, which has a big impact on the price of our exports and which keeps imports cheap, has remained stable against the US dollar because of the consistent inflow of foreign currencies into the Philippines You don’t see it, you don’t feel it because wala sila dito, but the OFW is omnipresent in our society. Trust me. Majority of the growth sa probinsya is driven by OFW remittances, agriculture comes second. It is impossible to measure their contributions to our nation’s growth in the last 35 years. Ang OFW ang major contributor na nagpa-angat ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas nang matagal na panahon since the 1980’s. Hands down. BPOs, Tourism, ay mga bagong major sources of the nation’s income, pero ngayon lang mga yan. Lahat ng munisipyo, probinsya, pati barangay sa buong Pilipinas ay lumalago dahil sa kontribusyon ng OFW. Their physical separation from their loved ones in exchange for a brighter future for their families is one of the most painful ironies I can ever think of- A sacrifice of biblical proportion. Thank God for internet connectivity, otherwise, I don’t know how they can last being separated for so long a time. masakit, kaya nga maraming nagawang pelikula tungkol sa buhay at pakikisalamuha nila. Their exodus has begun. They are now abruptly coming back home in the thousands . Please don’t discriminate against them. Don’t ostracize them, they are not sick. They are coming home because they have lost their jobs and not because they are sick. They have gone through their own covid testing and quarantine kung saan sila nanggaling. Let’s welcome them with open arms. Let us please show compassion and love for our Overseas Filipino Workers, ang ating mga Bagong Bayani and pray and hope na makababalik sila sa pagta-trabaho...soonest. Trabaho, trabaho, trabaho is what we need now. The Filipino is the Number One source of labor in the world. The Filipino is preferred by everyone because we speak English, adaptable, highly skilled and very very hard working. The world needs the Filipino to function.
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Fundamental Forex analysis for the week of April 13-17 Monday, April 13 No important macroeconomic publications are expected at the beginning of the week, but markets will continue to analyze Friday's US inflation data. Annual inflation in the USA in March slowed down to 1.5%, which increased the risks of another decrease in the refinancing rate of the Federal Reserve System and put pressure on the dollar. Monday will be a quiet trading day as Easter holidays continue in the US and Europe. Tuesday, April 14 Tuesday will also turn out to be a fairly calm day, as the markets will work out American inflation, and no new reasons for trading activity are expected. You should pay attention only to the housing price index in New Zealand. In China, late at night, data on imports, exports and the overall trade balance will become known. Wednesday, April 15 Wednesday will present a large block of data on inflation in the largest economies of the eurozone (except Germany, which will publish statistics on Thursday). According to forecasts, a serious decline in consumer price growth is expected everywhere. Moreover, Spain and Italy may be on the verge of deflation. If current data confirm forecasts, the European Central Bank will be forced to reduce the refinancing rate to negative values. The United States will provide data on retail sales: the base index may fall from -0.4% to -3%, and retail sales in March may collapse from -0.5% to -7%. The decline in industrial production may also resume. On Thursday, you should also pay attention to the meeting of the Board of the Bank of Canada: the refinancing rate is expected to decrease from 0.75% to 0.25%, which will negatively affect the Canadian dollar. Thursday, April 16 Thursday will begin with the weakening of the Australian dollar, as experts expect weak data on the labor market. The unemployment rate should rise from 5.1% to 5.5%. The euro will continue to weaken, as Germany will also present its inflation statistics: a significant decrease is expected. You should also pay attention to data on industrial production in the eurozone. With the opening of the American session, the dollar may weaken, as the United States will provide data on changes in the number of initial and repeated applications for unemployment benefits. If last week there were 7,455 thousand repeat applications, then this time there should be another 10,500 thousand. In Japan, there will be data on foreign and Japanese investments in securities and an indicator of business activity in all sectors. Australia will present expectations for consumer price inflation, unemployment, full and part-time employment, and the share of labor in the total population. Friday, April 17 On Friday, China will publish data on retail sales and industrial production, preliminary indicators of economic growth for the first quarter of 2020 and investment in urban services since the beginning of the year. https://www.forexmart.eu/analytical-reviews/read-more/8131/Fundamental-Forex-analysis-for-the-week-of-April-13-17
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