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الدكتور مجدى عبد الرازق إستشارى أمراض الجهاز الهضمى والكبد والحميات المقطم ٠١٠٢٧٢٨٤٧٧٨
Trials World
Trials World
Trials World
Trials World
Trials World
Clinical Study for new Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) treatment is seeking volunteers in your area. Must be diagnosed with EoE to qualify. Participants receive: No-cost Study Medication No-cost Appointments Potential Financial Compensation Click "Learn More" to find locations near you!
Trials World
Trials World
Salario Maternidade BSB
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Participação de falecimento Exmo. Sr. Carlos Alberto Pereira de Castro (1926-2019) A Família participa o falecimento do seu Ente querido, agradecendo desde já as manifestações de pesar que lhe sejam dirigidas. À família a Agência Funerária Mira apresenta sentidas condolências. ……………………... Deixe a sua mensagem no nosso MEMORIAL online, através do link: https://mmira.pt/memorial.php ................................ #FuneráriaMira #Melgaço #MemorialMira
ระบบรดน้ำต้นไม้อัตโนมัติ by HTH
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❤ ATTN: Women Who Want To Beat Binge And Emotional Eating And Have A Normal, Easy, And Loving Relationship With Your Body And Food ❤ I’m looking for 10 ladies who are ready to put emotional eating to bed once and for all and get the body and health they desire. I understand being a busy woman, we have a habit of putting everyone before ourselves but this can become a bad habit. You have been relying on life getting easier, it will calm down after this next work project, after the kids finish exams, after the partner gets the promotion, then you’ll have more time for you, for exercise, for health. Let me tell you a little secret... Life ain’t gonna get easier. There is always something going on... ...always something you need to do, commitments with work, relationships, kids and partners. We have to change this and look at working things around you, if we are to improve your energy, your body and stop emotional eating for good. You’ve probably seen some of my testimonials or even been involved in some of my challenges, you’ve seen the kinda results people are getting and you are asking yourself is this possible for me too? Well I can’t answer that we’ve never spoken :-) But I have huge opportunity for 10 ladies to work with me to transform their relationship with food and fitness in 2019. It takes more than simple exercise and nutrition to improve your health, this is why the health industry is worth over £220 billion... ...they use the same information wrapped up in a different way and resell and resell and resell. But my approach is very different to your usual diet and exercise regime, it works with all aspects of health including the mind and emotions. I’m the coach who wants you to learn from me... Someone who will give you the tools you need & solve the problem you have and then simply get on with life. And LIVE. If you’re actually want to change then you need to stop wasting your time and money on the same old thing wrapped up in a different package that simply doesn’t work for you. It’s time to try something different. Whilst most ladies I meet are stretched to breaking point with no time to sort out emotional eating and bad habits, and they crumble on a health kick when life throws them a curveball, like it always does. The ladies I work with keep pursuing their goals as the head and emotions are in gear along with habits that work. And once the head is out of the way, well we are on easy street then. I’m looking to work with a handful of ladies so they can... ❌ stop their continuous mental battle with emotional eating and finally feel free to enjoy life fully. ❌ release excess weight naturally and easily without pummelling the body into submission ❌ fall back in love with food/body, and have a whole new relationship with themselves. ❌ finally escape the monotony of calorie counting and crazy diets that just don’t work ❌ finally know what it feels like to be comfortable in their your skin, and to be happy AND healthy ❌ be free of the exhaustion of trying so hard and getting no where. ❌ learn what exercises work for them and to enjoy being active naturally ❌ learn how to enjoy the process and maintain their success easily even with their busy life and schedules. If this sounds like you and you're ready for change Click the link below to learn more NOW ⬇ http://fitnessfusion.clickfunnels.com/bbeoptin
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