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Position Summary: The Med Tech position is a multifaceted role that involves being a care provider, medical aide, and leader within our Waltonwood communities. In addition to administering medication, Med Techs work with Caregivers to ensure that our residents maintain independence and safety by assisting them with Activities of Daily Living. Med Techs report to the Wellness Coordinator and are a part of the Resident Care team. Med Techs are an integral part the community and pride themselves in the care that they provide the residents. Our Resident Care Department provides individualized care to seniors who are in need of assistance with personal tasks. Our care associates assist residents with their everyday needs such as bathing, toileting, dressing, mobility, medication administration, and engagement in social activities. Through constant compassion, patience, and understanding, they strive to maintain resident independence and dignity. Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:  Administer medication to residents based on resident medical charts. Follow protocols regarding documenting medication and restocking the med carts.  Help with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) for residents, including toileting, showering, assisting with meals, light cleaning, showering, and other essential daily activities.  Participate in shift change meetings to communicate with oncoming associates regarding resident status or special needs.  Assist with janitorial tasks as needed.  Act as a shift supervisor to ensure resident care needs are being properly met.  Assist Caregivers during shifts with transfers and any other duties necessary.  Work with physicians and the pharmacy to make sure that medication is ordered properly.  Report changes in resident medical conditions and behaviors to physicians, families, and community leadership.  Communicate with multiple levels within and outside of the organization: including residents, families, Caregivers, Wellness Coordinator, Resident Care Manager, Wellness Nurses, pharmacies, and doctors.  Give emotional support to the residents by treating them with respect, dignity and always maintaining a positive and cheerful appearance.  Promote safety and wellbeing of the residents through use of written and verbal procedures, safety equipment and awareness of any potential dangers.  Assist with all other duties as assigned by the Wellness Coordinator and community leadership.
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working in a neurointensive care unit may treat patients suffering from a stroke to traumatic brain injuries. Neuro ICU Registered NurseS may be required to perform delicate procedures. The RN may also assist the physician with bedside procedures to reduce pressure. Some Neuro Intensive Care Units specialize in trauma as well as neurological disease. The RN must know how to evaluate the patient with a brain injury that may impact the rest of the body as well as understanding how to treat and monitor neurological issues. The RN in this unit will constantly assess the patient’s vital signs, speech capability, reflexes and responses. These patients require monitoring and observation and the RN in this unit will also use many types of monitoring equipment. Some Neuro ICU centers depend on brain oxygen monitoring, EEG, monitoring of cerebral blood flow, neruoimaging, brain tissue chemistry and intracranial pressure. The RN in the Neuro ICU may work as part of a team because the Neuro ICU is normally staffed by many other health care professionals. Communication between team members is essential to the patient’s recovery and daily meetings may be held to discuss progress and treatment plans for specific patients. RNs may have certifications in neurology and critical care in order to work in this type of unit. Facility Requirements: 3 years minimum recent Neuro ICU RN experience needed NIH, BLS & ACLS certifications required This is a 13 week contract position. Please call Whitney to setup a time to interview: 734-552-5731 You may also email your resume to: info@c3workforce.com
"FATHER, I THANK YOU THAT YOU HEAR ME. I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ asking for your mercy. Please reach out your hand and stop this coronavirus. Rebuke it, Lord. Bring it to a complete end. Place your hand on the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and all who are in contact with the sick – and heal them, Lord. Keep them from all germs, infections, and especially this virus. May your Spirit fall upon each person on this planet who has become infected. May your healing power fill their bodies. Raise them to life, Lord! Energize their immune systems. Bring relief to their aching respiratory system. Thank you for those businesses frantically producing the medical equipment. May their work have the blessing of your hand. May you guide every manufacturing engineer, plant supervisor, and employee. May the shipments to the hospitals accelerate. May those driving the trucks and flying the planes to deliver those supplies all be safe. Thank you for the pharmaceutical companies and the research labs and the CDC. May your hand guide them to unexpectedly quick solutions. May a vaccine emerge soon, Lord! Lord, develop new drugs to combat this virus and bring relief to the suffering. Thank you for president and his team. Bless all the work of their hands, Lord. Guide and help ALL our leaders, Lord. Visit, I pray, all the sorrowing, scared, and suffering on this planet. Everywhere there is fear and despair, lift that, Lord. Rebuke every evil spirit causing torment. Break the power of evil everywhere it has emerged in this time. May your hand of protection especially be with the people in those places with little medical care and supply. Lord God, may you bring the world economy back. May those without jobs regain employment soon! Where there is lack of food and the ability to pay bills – Lord, may you supernaturally make things work out for them and provide for your needs. Thank you for the spirit of kindness and generosity you are raising up among countless people everywhere. Finally, God, in your mercy, use this destruction to turn countless millions of precious human beings to their savior, Jesus Christ. May the blinding effect of Satan affecting our minds be removed so that we may see both our need AND your provision in Jesus Christ. Give this world the gift of repentance and faith. Move us to surrender and place our will and our life FULLY into the care of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, I release FAITH, and HOPE, and LOVE. May everyone, in every condition, everywhere, at every moment, TRUST JESUS! In His mighty name I pray. AMEN."
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Bếp gas bình gas giá rẻ cho công nhân, sinh viên, người lao động
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【就是今天】雙平臺上線活動開跑 登入領好康神獸坐騎 挑戰你對手遊的想像, 一起跨戰三界!!
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صناعة الشبابيك والابواب و واجهات الالمنيوم (Curtain Wall System) صناعة نظام الزجاج القابل للطي (Folding System) صناعة الدرابزين الستانليس
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A Nivel Internacional CURSO AUTOCAD 2D Y 3D Entrenamiento Esencial Fecha de Inicio: Lunes 28 de Septiembre de 2020 ⏱️ Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 19:00 a 22:00 ⌚️ Duración: 24 Horas Reloj En Vivo por la plataforma Zoom ✍️WhatsApp: https://cutt.ly/AutoCAD2020 ‍Docente: Arq. Gustavo Luis Guzmán Soza Información y Reservas: 716-20789 (WhatsApp) 3-266010 (Oficina) info@pgcapacitacion.com Calle Elias Antel # 220 Barrio Equipetrol (a cuatro cuadras de la Av. Busch entre 2do y 3er anillo) #PGCapacitación #Cursos #Capacitación #Diseño #AutoCad
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Attn Invisalign Providers‼️ We created the first AI Marketing Machine for Invisalign Providers that... ✔️Guarantees 20 or more patients in 45 days or less ✔️No monthly retainer ✔️Only Pay When someone walks into your practices seeking Invisalign After working with over 200 Medical Practices we heard you... Agencies are promising "leads" or even "appointments" but you're left chasing down unresponsive people and having to pay them AND your staff to follow up! Enough is enough... And the best part? >This new AI tech brought in over 121 new patient appointments during the quarantine... with our Ortho closing cold prospects at 80%! I know, proof is needed... Here are the numbers from one of our clients: ✅ Timeframe: 4 Months ✅ Revenue: $400,639.26 ✅ Ad Spend: $10,895.26 ✅ Starts: 97 That's a 36.7x return on ad spend! Results like this from cold prospects are unheard of in the industry and it's all thanks to our NEW Engage.A.I. Patient Start System. Click the “Apply Now” button below to reserve your area and schedule a call to gain this competitive advantage for yourself! This new AI technology works and it's so powerful we guarantee results with a 100% money-back promise. P.S. Since this is so powerful, we can only reserve this for 1 provider per city.
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MR. HEALTHCARE IN PALAWAN Partido ng Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-LABAN) Campaign Rally in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with President Duterte and fellow senatorial candidates. #26Ejercito #MrHealthCare #SenJVServes #SenJVParaSaBayan
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[XƯỞNG MAY SẮP THÀNH LẬP 08/2020] ROUTINE TUYỂN LAO ĐỘNG TẠI HUYỆN HOÀI ĐỨC - 01 Quản đốc nhà máy - 01 Kỹ thuật xưởng - 01 nhân viên thống kê - 02 Tổ trưởng - 01 Nhân viên cơ điện (bảo toàn) - 50 Công nhân may - 01 may mẫu + chia công đoạn - 03 KCS (kiểm chất lượng) - 01 Thủ kho - 01 Nhân viên kho - 01 Cắt chính - 01 đóng gói Địa điểm làm việc: KM 18,5 Quốc lộ 32, xã Đức Thượng, huyện Hoài Đức, Hà Nội Ứng tuyển ngay https://forms.gle/oVLvqmnQ94GXJJdu6 *** Vị trí Quản đốc, Kỹ thuật xưởng, NV thống kê, NV cơ điện: Vui lòng gửi CV (kèm hình) đến địa chỉ email tuyendung@routine.vn để được liên hệ sớm nhất Thời gian làm việc: Thứ hai - Thứ bảy Lương: + Tất cả các vị trí: Trao đổi trực tiếp + Công nhân may: 5,000,000 – 7,000,000 Chế độ - Phúc lợi: Tham gia BHXH, BHYT, BHTN; Nghỉ Lễ, Tết và 12 ngày phép/năm; Lương tháng 13; Hỗ trợ cơm trưa;… và các chế độ khác theo quy định công ty ============================================ DỰ KIẾN THỜI GIAN PHỎNG VẤN - Tất cả các vị trí: Ngay từ bây giờ - Kiểm tra tay nghề công nhân may: Dự kiến vào ngày 20/07/2020 ============================================ THÔNG TIN LIÊN HỆ: Phòng nhân sự: Chị Kim Anh ☎️ Hotline: 0967 24 06 02 Gửi CV qua mail: tuyendung@routine.vn ✌️✌️✌️ Website: http://jobs.routine.vn/ #tuyen_dung_xuong_may_routine, #tuyen_dung_routine