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Wyprawy śladami II Wojny Światowej - Battlefield Tours
Year 2019 on the Tours. Dear readers, I invite you for summing up the previous season and watching one picture from each trip. I organised for you 12 great trips within the Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, Normandy i UK Tour . *We took part in big military events: 75th anniversary of: Battle of the Bulge, D-Day, Operation Market Garden. Flying Legends Duxford, Militracks Overloon, Stahl auf der Heide Munster, Tanks in Town Mons. The itineraries of trips built gazillions of hours spent over historic research, running in the cities, on beaches, in forests, meadows of Western Europe, while searching historical places. I am happy that this different method of showing history, which I propose, is so well welcomed. * In the trips there were participated dozens of new history lovers, and veterans returned to new projects for next stars. Those trip participants make even the 16th trip in Ardennes different for me. * In 2019 over 10 thousand new readers appeared on the fan page from all over the world. If we take into account your activity, there is no much more popular fan page related to the military tourism in the world. Therefore, "Wyprawy" are recognizable among people from the field - historians, museum owners, collectors. It opens many doors to us and gives us a lot of bonuses. The season 2020 means other challenges. It is very motivating that I have got a cooperation offers from foreign travel agencies, but Wyprawy/Battlefield Tours are the priority for me. Apart from flag projects I invite you to UK for Battle of England & Bovington Tour as well as to East Front for Leningrad&Kubinka Tour (details soon). I am also going to arrange some shorter 3,5 day trips. The fans of aviation should be particularly interested in July great shows Flying Legends, and fans of tanks: Tanks in Town. Greetings, Łukasz Włodarczyk
Stunning Pakistan
The last of the Dinosaurs...Malik shaib, once said to Michael Palin, you have interviewed so many people's. Who impressed you the most. Palin said mother Teresa and you, Malik shb said I can understand Mother Teresa but why me. Plain said because you are last of the Dinosaurs. Achievements of Malik Ata Muhammad Khan in TentPegging: Malik Ata Muhammad Khan was the Vice-President, Member of Executive Committee of International Tent Pegging Federation/ President of the Equestrian & Tent pegging Federation of Pakistan. In 1982, Ata participated in the Ninth Asian Games held in Delhi , winning the silver medal for Pakistan. Ata with his team represented Pakistan in: 1- 1982 Hyde Park games in London. 2- Royal Adelaide Show 2010 held in Adelaide, South Australia. 3- The Penta Grand World Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship in 2010, 2012 and 2013. He was invited by the FEI to give a demonstration of tent pegging at the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games held in Normandy, France. On the opening day he was honoured to lead all the countries of the world with the Pakistani flag held. An international tent pegging competition was held in February 2013 at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. This was the first time more than two international teams visited Pakistan to participate in an international event, with the competitors being England, Pakistan, South Africa and a United Nations team.The teams were invited by Malik Ata who was the chief organiser. He was well known in Pakistan for his attempts to promote tentpegging and bulls races. He was one of the founders of the International Tent Pegging Federation which is recognised by the FEI. In His Own Words, ' I am the last one of Dinosaurs' May His Soul rest in Peace. Ameen
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Al Hiwar-Muslim Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla
!حمل تطبيق الحوارلعارف على حالات التفشي اليومية والدعاء لبلدك!
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Nadav Shwartz ישי ריבו ריבו העולמים איך נכנסת ללב שלי? הקול המלכותי, גורם לליבי לעצור מלכת, פורט על נשמתי, גם כשאין לאן לגשת. אני דתל"ש והוא מזכיר לי את מה שטוב בדת, את היופי והטוהר, ובעיקר את הפשטות. ליד כל זמר אתה מתבלט בשקט ובענווה לא צועק ולא צווח, הכל במנות זעירות ומרגשות. קחו למשל כבד אווז ההשוואה הכי טובה שיכלתי לחשוב עליה. ישי ריבו הוא כמו כבד אווז: תענוג שלא מגיע לכל אחד, פיסת גן עדן בשירה. לא סתם בארוחה משפחתית, מגיע לו להיות באירועים מיוחדים. ולמרות שהוא לא תמיד המנה העיקרית, הוא בהחלט מה שכולם מצפים לו. והוא גונב את ההצגה בגדול. היית איתי ברגעים הקשים שלי וברגעים הפחות נעימים בכיתי וצחקתי איתך אהבתי ושנאתי. כבשת אותי בפעם הראשונה ששמעתי אותך. "מתי אלמד לבחור נכון" עם ישראל בחר נכון, בחרנו אותך כיוצר הכי טוב שלנו כשליח אל הנשמה אתה יוצר מוזיקה מאחדת מקרב את עם ישראל אחד לשני. תודה לך, עם ישראל.
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Which player is Rashid Khan most eager to meet and why? #ReturnOfTheRiser #OrangeArmy #KeepRising
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El Salón Internacional del Diseño y Arquitectura la feria más grande e importante del sector a nivel nacional | EXPODECO
EXPODECO 2019 VII Salón Internacional de Diseño y Arquitectura. Del 15 al 19 de Mayo. No se pierda la oportunidad de estar presente en el mejor Salón de Diseño y Arquitectura. Para venta de entradas en Teleticket de Wong y Metro ►https://bit.ly/2TN2I0w Para más información ► www.expodeco.pe
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Onze proMO*’s konden onlangs vanop de eerste rij een exclusief interview meemaken en zelf ook vragen stellen. Wil jij ook dit soort journalistiek mogelijk maken? Word dan proMO* voor slechts € 4 per maand via www.mo.be/proMO. #ikbenpromo #wordnupromo #steunmondialejournalistiek
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This can be a safety hazard.
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Prva edukativna aplikacija na Srpskom jeziku za najmladje.
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