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Foundation Research Grants | Charles Koch Foundation
Foundation Research Grants | Charles Koch Foundation
Foundation Research Grants | Charles Koch Foundation
Ett modernt universitet i Småland | Linnéuniversitetet | lnu.se
Excited to meet with us?!👋👨‍💻 This autumn we're packed with digital fairs and webinars. Make sure to attend one, or two, (or all?) of them to get the information you need for your future choice of studies!
Study Abroad & Overseas Education | IDP Global
Explore your study abroad options and apply to the right UK course with IDP. £0 UCAS application for eligible students!
Home | Guidepost Montessori
Virtual learning made easy. Offering online classes for ages 0-12 in all U.S. time zones. Bring the joy of learning back to your child! Guidepost’s Virtual School offers children ages 0-12 a structured, meaningful learning experience delivered daily in our virtual classrooms.
University of the People: Tuition-Free, Accredited Online Degree Programs
At UoPeople, we are dedicated to: Excellence. Our world- class curriculum is curated by academic leaders from top universities such as NYU, Yale, and Harvard. Fulfill your education dreams and strive for excellence with us! !
Experts in studying in England, Scotland & Wales | Across the Pond
Study in beautiful Scotland! Home of Outlander... AND world-class education. You can study a bachelor's degree or 1-year master's degree, all with a fantastic view. Learn more today. https://bit.ly/2DIb2Yw
Cisco Networking Academy Builds IT Skills & Education For Future Careers
Vous souhaitez explorer une nouvelle piste d'emploi chez vous? C'est possible ! Essayez notre cours d'introduction à Linux.
WTOP | Washington's Top News
Shevrin Jones for State Senate
Study Abroad & Overseas Education | IDP Global
Choose the English language test that's accepted by more universities and governments than any other. Choose IELTS. Book now.
BeMo Academic Consulting | BeMo®
The Texan | News You Can Trust
The Texas Tribune
Oak Hill School |
Oak Hill School |
Daycare, Preschool & COVID-19 Emergency Child Care - CareLuLu
📍 Parents in North Potomac! 📍 This licensed daycare offers top quality child care and early education and has limited spots open! The owner has 19 years of experience, a degree in Early Education and CPR & First-aid certifications! They offer lots of age-appropriate toys and materials, and provide a stimulating learning environment. Click to learn more! 😍 FREE REGISTRATION 😍
Marci Francisco for Kansas State Treasurer
Genius Plaza
Motion Education Pvt. Ltd
Instituto Brasileiro de Ozônio e suas aplicações
Arkansas Times | Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art
Sports Academy: Athletic & Education Performance | IMG Academy
IMG Academy's boarding school is back in session! Re-ignite your athletic pursuits and your dedication in the classroom this Spring.
Online Degrees, Schools, Distance Education, and Careers
Live in California and Love Gaming? Test & design games: Sign up now to see how you can start your degree in as little as 1 month and 100% online. Request degree information: https://bit.ly/2N9hVDt
KIP Education CIC – Health & Well-Being PSHE Workshops & Training
Atlantic International University: bachelor, master, doctoral degree programs by distance learning, online, correspondence, or home study. AIU offers an affordable, nontraditional, online university for adult and continuing education via distance learning
Más de 120 áreas de especialización. Diplomado, Técnico, Licenciaturas, Maestrías, Doctorados y Post Doctorados
The Most Exquisite Jewelry Experience On TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and So Much More!
The Most Exquisite Jewelry Experience On TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and So Much More!
The Most Exquisite Jewelry Experience On TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and So Much More!
The Most Exquisite Jewelry Experience On TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and So Much More!
The Most Exquisite Jewelry Experience On TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and So Much More!
AIE | Award Winning Game and Film Courses
Study with a specialist educator in 3D animation, game design and visual FX.
The Berkeley School – What matters in education is what matters in life.
Bitdefender - Global Leader in Cybersecurity Software
Tikaboo România – Comunitatea Părinților Înțelepți
Îți dorești să crești un copil care să știe să gândească? Citește cartea „Copilul tău este un geniu” scrisă de dl profesor Florian Colceag - supranumit și antrenorul de genii și de Florin Alexandru, expert în analiză tranzacțională & co-fondator Tikaboo România, una din cele mai mari comunității pentru părinții din România. Găsești cartea aici: ➡️ https://bit.ly/copilul-tau-e-un-geniu Prof. dr. Florian Colceag este expert internațional gifted education, specialist în modelare matematică, prof. dr. Florian Colceag activează, ca și consultant, în multiple echipe de cercetare din domenii precum biochimie, biofizică, biologie celulară, educație, sociologie, teoria complexității, economie, în cadrul Institutului European de Integrare și a Centrului pentru Studii Complexe. Este membru în Clubul de la Roma, în World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, European Council for High Abilities, Asia Pacific Federation, Network of International Excellency, British Columbia Organization for Gifted Education. Găsești „Copilul tău este un geniu!” chiar aici: ➡️ https://bit.ly/copilul-tau-e-un-geniu
Online Degrees, Schools, Distance Education, and Careers
Live in Massachusetts and Love Gaming? Test & design games: Sign up now to see how you can start your degree 100% online and on your own schedule. Request info: http://bit.ly/38fsBs9
Sports Academy: Athletic & Education Performance | IMG Academy
The journey is everything. Start yours at IMG Academy. Accepting applications for Spring 2021.
Your Page Isn’t Ready | Ontraport® CRM
With over 5,000 students enrolled in Pocket Products™, we’ve gotten the feedback, and we know a few things for sure:\n\nPocket Products™ work. \n\nPocket Products™ are literally changing the way people run their businesses (for the better).\n\nPocket Products™ will almost definitely work for you, too (you, being the smart and savvy business owner who’s reading this). \ud83d\ude09\n\nReady to grow your audience *and* grow your revenue — at the same time?\n\nJoin us here: >> \ud83d\udc49 courtneyfosterdonahue.com/pocketproducts\n\nGot questions? Maybe you’re (smartly) wondering):\n\n“But what even IS a pocket product?”\n\nHere’s the full scoop:\n\nHi! \ud83d\udc81 I’m Courtney Foster-Donahue, a marketing strategist, online course expert, and 4-time entrepreneur.\n\nWhen I pivoted to the online education business world almost five years ago, there was a lot of “prevailing wisdom” out there.\n\n And a lot of contradicted my decade of experience in the non-online business world:\n\n"Create a lead magnet..." they said.\n\n“Blog weekly...” they said.\n\n“Post on social media daily...” they said.\n\n“Put out a bunch of free content, and only when you have 100 (or 500 or 1,000) leads on your mailing list should you DARE sell something,” they said.\n\n“They” had a lot of opinions that, quite frankly, didn’t make sense to me.\n\nAnd if you’re a coach, a course creator, a consultant, or a service provider, you’ve heard all of those things, too. (Hint: Some of that “advice" is probably in your newsfeed right now.)\n\nBUT as a four-time entrepreneur from the local and service-based business world, all of this prevailing “wisdom" was upside-down to me.\n\nin ANY other business model outside of online business, you *don’t* grow an audience to some magical, mythical, made-up number and *then* sell something to them…\n\nYou do both. Simultaneously.\n\nThis *isn’t* a Catch-22. It’s just good business sense.\n\nYou *should* generate leads AND generate revenue. At the same time.\n\nThose two things aren’t two steps in a two-step proc
Get Design Degrees - Real World Education for Technology, Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Did you graduate high school between 1999 and 2008 🎒? click NOW 👉 --- As crazy as it sounds in less than 29 months you can dramatically increase your potential and on your path to a career in Animation💰 So what's the catch?🤔 We are looking for people who are passionate, creative and computer savvy who are ready for a new venture and a new path. 💻 Laptops and tablets may be available to allow you to hit the ground running.** 🏃 This field is projected to grow tremendously so there's no better time than now! 📈 The majority of employers who hired a graduate from our program said they would hire another.
Online Degrees, Schools, Distance Education, and Careers
Live in New York and Love Gaming? Test & design games: Sign up now to see how you can start your degree 100% online and on your own schedule. Request info: http://bit.ly/38fsBs9
Real Estate Skills | Real Estate Investing Education
Are you a wholesaler struggling to get deals? Or maybe you’re getting wholesale deals but deep down you know you’re barely scraping the barrel… Here’s some sobering advice: Hi my name is Alex Martinez and I’m an investor who has been wholesaling houses for almost a decade now. When I look at the wholesaling landscape today I see these three problems that are widespread and suffocating most wholesalers: 1) Spreading themselves too thin: Most wholesalers are generalists and not specialists. They do not have a niche or one script to stick to. They are seeking any type of wholesale deal that can be found anywhere in exchange to make their next check. If you want to make money as a wholesaler you MUST have a niche! 2) No predictable way in order to generate motivated seller leads: Most wholesalers operate by what I call “Hope Marketing.” It goes like this: 9am they arrive at their office get down on one knee and start praying that the phone rings from a motivated seller calling from one of their bandit signs. They operate their business using a strategy less successful than a drunken bet in Las Vegas and gamble their own future and their families future. 3) No predictable way to convert leads into profitable wholesale deals: Most wholesalers change their approach with every new appointment they have with potential clients. Every single appointment they operate “off the cuff” and say something new with little regard to what has and hasn’t worked in the past. They have no idea how many offers they need to send in order to get one wholesale deal and (once again) operate their business and families destiny with spine chilling chance. Are you making these three mistakes? The truth is that if you are making just one of these mistakes your business has less than 6-months left before it totally gets wiped out. The world is changing and there is no place in this world for sloppy wholesalers anymore. A new breed of wholesaler has emerged and is powering through taking your deals and eating yo
McMaster University
World-class education. Ranked among the top 70 universities in the world.
University of the Potomac | Accredited College in D.C., Virginia, and Online
The Argus - Odisha Latest News, Breaking News, Politics, Jobs, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle News
Live Online Coding for Kids | WhiteHat Jr.
Your Kid’s Chance for FREE Lifetime Education. Book FREE Coding Trial. Kids Age 6-14. Top Students each month get education sponsorship for life.
Ecom Warrior Academy - Matthew Lepre Free Ecommerce Training Course
The education system in Australia is failing us.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year thousands of students enrol into $30,000 University degrees, not entirely sure of where it will lead on the other side.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nWhat nobody seems to be talking about is this:\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nUniversities are a business (and a very smart one at that).\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year BILLIONS of dollars worth of degrees are being enrolled for, and every year tens of thousands of students are leaving with no security, no job prospects, $30,000+ in debt and, worst of all, 3+ years down the drain that could have been spent more effectively.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI know this system all too well because a few short years ago I was trapped in it myself.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI didn’t understand why I was being told by my family, my school and peers that going to university was the best thing to do. I was in debt, without a job, little interest in what I was doing and feeling like a failure…\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nThen I figured it out.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u