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Coronavirus Update 3/25/2020 CHICKEN LITTLE WARNS “THE SKY IS FALLING!” by Steven F. Hotze, MD “The sky is falling!” is the message about the coronavirus COVID-19 that the Chicken Little wannabes, the government health care bureaucrats, Fake News media, conventional doctors and politicians, are frantically broadcasting to the gullible public. These officials are now in the limelight, and they love the public exposure. These elites can now exert their power over the masses by creating irrational fear and mass hysteria. They are shutting down businesses, churches, schools and all public events and commanding the population to lock down in quarantine. They are exerting unconstitutional authority and impinging upon your civil rights and liberties. This situation demonstrates how easily people will give up their liberty for the illusion of safety and security. Rather than placing their faith in God and taking responsibility for their own health, most people are willing to place their faith in Big Government. Be wary when someone appears and says, “I am with the government and I am here to help you.” The government creates more problems than it solves. This coronavirus situation is a case in point. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai holds a doctorate in Biological Engineering from M.I.T. He specializes in studies and research of the immune system. He wrote that “the coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, and push mandated medicine.” Coronavirus History Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1960s. Corona means crown and the coronaviruses have crown like spikes on their surfaces. There are numerous strains of the coronavirus (CoV) and seven that can infect people. It is a type of virus that can be transmitted between animals and humans, a zoonotic virus. Some coronaviruses cause the common cold, while others cause more serious illnesses. This is not the first time a strain of the coronavirus has caused a health scare. The SARS-CoV coronavirus was the cause of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2002. The MERS-CoV coronavirus caused the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2012. The current coronavirus, COVID-19, was originally named SARS-CoV 2. It is a strain that is antigenically similar to SARS-CoV. There have been other viruses creating public health concerns, the Bird flu in 2005 and the Swine flu pandemic in 2009. Then there was the Ebola virus panic between 2014-2016 and the Zika virus scare in 2018. It seems that every election cycle brings to light another life-threatening disease. There have never been widespread closings of businesses, churches and schools due to an epidemic in the U.S. During the Obama administration the Swine flu (H1N1) epidemic occurred between April 12, 2009 – April 10, 2010. The CDC estimated that there were 60,800,000 cases of the Swine Flu in the U.S. and 12,469 deaths. Nothing shut down. Although Obama did not declare a National Emergency until October 24, 2009, 6 months after the Swine flu (H1N1) had been recognized, he was given praise from the press for his handling of it. Folks, it seems that this coronavirus scare has been touted as a health crisis by the Fake News media, by the government health care bureaucrats, by conventional medicine and the politicians, because they want you to think that they care about your health. It appears that what they really want to do is to expand their power, control and authority. The Real Health Risk – The Annual Flu Epidemic The coronavirus pales in significance when compared to the annual flu epidemic. If they cared about your health, then why haven’t they acted to stop the flu epidemic which occurs every year? This coronavirus pseudo crisis is all about politics and expanding government control over your life, and about money. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there have only been 54,453 presumptive cases of the coronavirus in the United States as of March 24, 2020 at 4 PM. That is 1 in 1/6000 (.017%) Americans who presumpti
Why demonize the Chinese over #coronavirus? #NCP by IKENNA EMEWU #MERS from Jordan in Middle East in 2012 and later a disaster in South Korea with a 35% fatality rate. 186 were infected and 38 died in South Korea.It was also a strain of coronavirus. On October 20, 2010, an outbreak of #cholera was confirmed in Haiti for the first time in more than a century. This cholera outbreak is the worst in recent history with over 665,000 cases and 8,183 deaths. 2009 #H1N1 Swine flu, which was first detected in US, infected 60.8 million people and killed between 151,700 and 575,400 worldwide during the first year the virus circulated. #Ebola outbreak in West Africa started in Guinea then moved across land borders to Sierra Leone and Liberia. From 2014 to 2016, a total of 28,616 cases of EVD (Ebola virus disease) and 11,310 deaths were reported in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone alone. The world has seen disasters and stood with the affected countries without declaring their citizens outcasts from the rest of humanity. So why demonize the Chinese over coronavirus? Let's stand with humanity like never before by standing with China, and especially the Chinese people. http://en.people.cn/n3/2020/0212/c90000-9656841.html
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#Urgent pause: : Wash your hands, open your hearts __Prepare, put in place safeguards, but don't panic. I think most of you know that a month or so ago, a deadly epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China that’s now infected people across about 25 countries so far. I am not going to cite statistics of how many people have died or been confirmed as infected by the "Novel Coronanvirus" in the past month. These numbers seem to be changing rapidly. No cases have been confirmed in Africa yet, to my knowledge, but the Global Health Emergency is deeply impacting the continent and the whole world. People are suffering, flights are being cancelled, travelers are being stranded, ex-pat workers are being sent back home from Wuhan (Hubei Province). Families and cities are being isolated, businesses are being closed temporarily, health workers are being inundated and in many places lack necessary protective supplies. (There is no known vaccine yet but teams are working round the clock to develop one). So what can WE do to help? This is a time for nations and people to work together, not in isolation, as we learned when we first started fighting the Ebola epidemic in 2014 and global agencies have been doing in the DRC since mid-2018. Today, let's start with what YOU can do, the basics, and what you shouldn’t do. Most of these health guidelines apply at all times to keep you and your family, school and place of business healthy. First of all, what are the symptoms of what they call the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)? At first, symptoms are not very different from the flu or common cold. They include: Fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath/breathing difficulties. This can turn into bronchitis, severe pneumonia and/or liver or kidney failure, then death. Those particularly at risk seem to be people with weak immune systems, cardiopulmonary disease, infants and older adults. How do you help stop the spread of this disease and many others? This is IMPORTANT: # It is believed that from a few days after you are exposed to maybe 14 days later, (the “incubation period”) you can have been infected by the Coronavirus and not know it. This means before you start showing symptoms you can be spreading the virus without knowing it. __Be smart. Have you traveled where there has been an outbreak of the Coronavirus? Then be vigilant! # Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to avoid spreading the virus to others. (This applies for any kind of flu or illness, by the way). # Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available. # If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or a fixed elbow, not your hands. (You should do this in any case, whatever the situation!) Discard the tissue in a closed bin. Do not just throw it on the ground! Then wash your hands. # Avoid close contact with anyone with a fever or a cough. # Avoid contact with sick animals. # Do NOT touch your face, which passes germs to your nose, mouth and/or eyes! # If you suspect you might be infected with the Coronavirus, (you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing) seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your health care provider. # Avoided unnecessary travel and do NOT travel publicly while you think you might be infected… not in a taxi, bus, train, plane, an Uber or any vehicle with other passengers! And don’t go to work or school. Avoid crowded places in general. # If you choose to wear a face mask, be sure to cover mouth and nose, then avoid touching mask once it’s on. Immediately discard single-use masks after each use and wash hands after removing mask. # When visiting live markets in areas currently experiencing cases of Coronavirus, avoid direct unprotected contact with live animals and surfaces in contact with animals. # Eat only well-cooked food. Eating raw or undercooked animal products should be avoided. Raw meat, milk or animal organs should be handled with care, to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked foods, as per good food safe
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กำหนดวันเปิด Open Beta อย่างเป็นทางการแล้ว 16 กรกฎาคม 10:00น. นี้ ถ่ายทอดเรื่องราวเกี่ยวกับนักดาบ,ผสมผสานการเล่นแบบใหม่,จอมยุทธ์รุ่นใหม่ เตรียมตัวให้พร้อม แล้วมาร่วมต่อสู้ไปด้วยกัน!
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I followed the rules and felt so fractured. Let me explain a bit. I am a wife, mother, and veteran. All of these things and more are part of me but not all of me. I am not the woman I imagined I would be when I was a child. I used to daydream about my future like most girls did however that day dream looked a lot different then the way things turned out. I wanted to be the first women president. I wanted to have a career and travel the world. I never pictured myself being a mom or wife. I pictured power-suits and my amazing apartment in the city. As I grew older I took steps to reach my goals which slowly shifted from what I once imagined they would look like. I became a wife to an incredible man and a mother to three beautiful boys. I felt torn between being the independent powerful woman I once was, and being the proud mother I also desired to be. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and our life however, I was still feeling incomplete and guilty I even felt that way. See I have grown and changed for the better in some aspects but along the way I also lost myself to motherhood and being a wife. I felt a conflict between who I had become, who I was supposed to be, and what I truly wanted. I needed to make a change, and that's when I came across an opportunity much in the same way you are right now. I found a business that has allowed me to do both. To be an incredible mother, and an independent business woman. To have financial independence and remain in control of my life. This business helped me to put myself first and I want to show you how to do the same. I have access to the FIRST multi-business platform with a proven step-by-step system, a community of supportive mentors who had already achieved what I wanted to do, and a like minded community of entrepreneurs. I learned a new skillset with zero experience that allowed me to leverage the online space to create an income. Reach out and l will personally give you all the details on how I was able to create financial independence and achieve my best self while combining both versions of the person I truly wanted to be. Chat soon! Meredith

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"Ah...Don't stop... Benjamin..." A woman's voice came from behind the closed door, which made people who heard it flushed. "Oh baby, you're so good... I love you!" The conversation between man and woman was like a bolt of thunder exploded above Willabelle Xavier's head. It was Benjamin Somerset's voice, her dearly beloved boyfriend! Willabelle's hand stopped in the air, trembling uncontrollably. No matter how she tried, she did not dare to push that wretched door open. "Oh Benjamin, I love you too, I really do... But what about your big brother? You know I'm still his fiancée, and he's coming back tomorrow, and if he ever knows about us, I'm dead for sure!" "Don't worry, I'm confident that won't happen. No matter what happened, he is still my brother. Besides, you're now pregnant with my baby, and you have no idea how much my mother's been yearning for a grandson. Once she knows about the baby, she'll definitely try her best to help us convince him!" "And what about your little secretary, Willabelle? Don't you two have a childhood betrothal or something? What about her?" "That silly little girl? She's barely even a problem! If it wasn't for her daddy donating his cornea to me, I would have kicked her out of Somerset Industries a long time ago. Trust me, baby... I love only you..." As Benjamin's voice fell, more carnal noises ensued from inside, accompanied by squeaky sounds caused by shaking violently. Tears started welling up in Willabelle's eyes. She bit her lip to stop it from crying aloud. Benjamin Somerset, her boyfriend. She liked him since they were in high school, it's been nine years! Nine years! Every word uttered from his lips, his preferences, his style of dressing, and his everyday living habits, his everything! She can remember as clear as day! But what did he just said a moment ago? A silly little girl? Well, now isn't it ironic? She really is a fool, a silly, silly little girl, isn't she? Though tears kept falling, Willabelle still smiled. Her heart was in great pain that she could
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