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Полный Песец

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Dabas iedvesmota, radīta no Latvijas saldūdens zaļajām dūņām. www.marence.com
I kept my head down, eyes on the ground as I walked into school cause I knew people would be talking and laughing at me. I never wanted to show them that they were getting to me. You see I have never exactly fitted in but people left me alone. Maybe a remark here and there. The only reason for that was because of who my boyfriend was…Joshua. He wasn’t a jock or anything like that. He seemed to fit in everywhere he went. He was popular in school which made me wonder why he ever wanted me when he could get any girl he wanted. He was a good looking guy. Your typical blonde hair and blue eyes with a smile to die for and a body to match. I found the answer to that question out a couple of days ago. He was only ever after one thing. My virginity. There was barely a single virgin in my year or the year below me. It was like a trend in this school to have sex. Everyone competing to see who could lose their virginity first. It was really sad if you think about it and desperate. Anyway back to where I was. Joshua, my now ex, we were together for six months. I thought he loved me…silly me. I never gave into him. I wasn’t ready for sex, not right now anyway. Joshua, however, his virginity was long gone when he was fourteen. He said he understood. He told me no pressure, only when I am ready. But I guess he got tired of waiting. When I told him only last week I still wasn’t ready he said again he understood. Turns out it was all a front. I went into school the next day and he was with some cheerleader, making out with her, two lockers down from mine. He told everyone in the entire school that I was still a virgin. A prude. Telling everyone he never liked or wanted me. He was only using me to try to take my virginity from me. He made me the laughing stock of the entire school. The last few days have been hell from me. I could feel everyone watching me, hearing them whisper and laugh at me. I had a strange feeling that someone was staring at me harder than everyone else. I looked up and I was right. I was met with a guy dressed in black skinny jeans, a black tee and a black leather jacket staring at me. I had no clue who he was. I had never seen him around here before. If he was from around here I would have remembered him. He stood out from the crowds. His hair and eyes were dark too. There was a darkness to him. I could feel it. He had a tattoo of an eagle on the side of his neck. I could see the outline of other tattoos too. His eyes wouldn’t leave me and it was making me uneasy. As uneasy as I was feeling I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I could see all the other girls checking him out as they went by but he never even looked at them…not once. “Move prude.” I heard a familiar voice his from behind me…Joshua. I never responded or looked at him. I just put my head back down, going towards my locker. I was trying not to cry. I loved him with my whole heart, still do. The fact that he made me believe he loved me too when he never did makes this full thing hurt even more. I glanced up to see if the mysterious guy was still standing at the same place but he had disappeared. He was nowhere in sight. I don’t know why I was looking for him. I made my way to my locker, opening it to put my stuff in that I didn’t need to later in the day. I closed my locker over. “Hi.” I heard a voice next to me, making me jump, letting out a small squeal, making people look at me again. I looked to see who it was and was met with the mysterious guy from a few moments ago standing against the locker. A smirk playing on his lips. I swallowed hard at the sight of him. He was dark and sexy. Not the sort of guy that catches my eye usually, the complete opposite from Joshua. “Um…hi,” I whispered out, feeling myself blush. “Why you blushing I only said hi to you?” he chuckled. “You…you scared me.” I stuttered out. “I'm Avery.” He said no emotion to his voice. “Um…I am…um, Hailey.” I stuttered out. “Cool. See you around babe.” He winked, walking away from me. What just happened? I stood there, not knowing what to do or think. He had left me speechle