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【ロクシタンジャポンが、デジタルマーケティング担当を募集!】 自然派コスメブランドとして確固たる地位を築くロクシタンで、グローバルな仕事に挑戦しませんか? ↓まずは無料で「合格可能性」をチェック↓
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Tú también puedes lucir una piel hermosa, reluciente, joven y libre de impurezas. ¡Solo decídete a vivir la experiencia HYDRAFACIAL!
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“Why do you build eCommerce stores for people when you could just build it for yourself and keep the money?” I get asked this question all the time. ...And believe me, I get why. But... Before I give my answer (which a lot of people won’t like)... ...let’s quickly look at WHY people ask this question. It all links back to commonly held FALSE and negative mindsets about MONEY and SUCCESS. Many people are taught, trained and educated to believe: “There’s only so much money and success to go around, and because both are limited resources, when I get any amount of EITHER I must keep it all for myself.” WRONG. In fact anybody who has achieved MASSIVE wealth and success (and done it honestly and ethically)... ...will tell you that the more people whose income and wealth they helped to increase… … the more their OWN income and wealth increased! Now... If someone refuses to believe: “The more people whose income and wealth you HELP to increase, the more your personal income and wealth increases”... ...there’s no answer I can give to the question ABOVE that will be “good enough”. And … While there’s a “million” ways I could answer that question, all of which are honest and true… ...there’s only one answer I can give which won’t just bring up a ton of other objections. So here goes: It’s because WE (Ecommerce Empire Builders) earn more REVENUE for our business by building stores for others. It’s also because the people we build the stores for make sales FASTER and earn more revenue for their eCommerce business than they would have if they built it on their own. Allow me to explain: Let’s say it takes us 90 days to build and scale a store until it earns the same amount of money we’d make in 30 days from being paid to build that same store for a client. We earn revenue for our business 3x faster. In this case the client gets a store that will make money that they didn’t have to build… ...and we get paid for our world-class skills without having an entirely new business to manage. For the CLIENT... Let’s also say that it takes them 1 year or longer to build a store capable of earning the same amount of money as a store we could build them in 30 days. They earn revenue 12x faster. This also doesn’t take into account the people who want an eCommerce store but don’t have the time or desire to do what it takes to build it on their own. They would go pay someone else to do it either way… so it might as well be us that builds it and earns the money from doing so. Here’s the bottom line: After building my own 7 figure eCommerce business, I developed “a particular set of skills” (LOL). The VALUE those skills bring to the table have the potential to bring in MORE revenue in less time than I can earned by starting another eCommerce business from scratch. (I 100% freely admit that’s PART of WHY we do it) At the same time there’s people who want to have a successful eCommerce business… … that would have little or no chance of EVER turning their eCommerce Dream into reality if they attempted to build the store on their own. And… It’s not like we’re just building stores for people, taking the money, and saying, “Good Luck”. FIRST, we run and PAY FOR Facebook ads until the store starts making sales. We do this BEFORE turning the store over to the client… ...so we know it WORKS! Then we coach these new eCom owners for 3 months (everyday) to run the stores on their own AFTER we turn it over to them. (so there’s no risk to the client of having a store built that is a total flop and waste of their money). END “TRUTH BOMB” RANT. If this straightforward and non-sugar-coated 500+ word mini-book did anything to ease your mind around an opportunity which may have seemed too good to be true… … and you’re interested in having US (the Ecommerce Empire Builders Team) build you an eCommerce store that makes SALES from DAY 1: All you have to do is click or tap the link below, drop your BEST email address, watch the short video, then complete a quick survey to see if you qualify. Go to: https://ecommerceempirebuil
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