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Witam Serdecznie ! Dzisiaj mamy do sprzedania drona firmy DJI model Phantom 3 Advanced. W zestawie z dronem mamy: oryginalne pudełko, walizka transportowa, 4 akumulatory, szybka ładowarka do akumulatorów, oryginalna ładowarka do akumulatorów, dodatkowy zestaw śmigieł. Dron jest używany i widać po nim tego ślady ale nie jest zniszczony, nie nosi śladów jakichkolwiek wypadków ani kolizji. Dron jest oczywiście w 100% sprawna, aby to potwierdzić udzielamy na niego 14 dniowej gw rozruchowej. Reszta akcesorów wraz z bateriami jest sprawne oprócz baterii w kontrolerze. Niestety uruchamia się on wyłącznie jak jest podłączony do prądu. Podłączony działa normalnie. W związku z tym wystawiamy zestaw na licytację bez ceny minimalnej od jeden złoty. Za ile wylicytujesz za tyle kupujesz. Z przyjemnością odpowiemy na wszystkie pytania za pośrednictwem e-maila, telefonicznie lub osobiście w naszym sklepie: Najlepszy Lombard-Komis ul. Śląska 28, Siemianowice Śl. 32 228 45 50 www.najlepszylombardkomis.pl Uwaga ! Za ile wylicytujesz za tyle kupujesz. Bardzo prosimy jeżeli nie zamierzasz kupować, albo nie jesteś zdecydowany, czy nie masz pieniędzy to nie licytuj. Szanujmy swój czas i innych. Ostatnio znowu się zdarzyło, że ktoś wylicytował przedmiot i nie poczuwa się do zakupu, to naprawdę nie jest w porządku. Szanujmy się nawzajem. LICYTACJA ALLEGRO: https://allegro.pl/oferta/dji-phantom-3-advanced-bogaty-zestaw-czytaj-opis-9472261340
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DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Camera Drone w/ 1080p/60fps video Available now... Place your orders now and get it delivered to your doorstep
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The most relaxing game ever. Tons of pictures! Try to color them all!
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There’s a new “KING” on the throne… And his name is LinkedIn. I personally generate 21 - 53 highly-qualified booked appointments every single week without spending a single DIME on “Paid Ads” with my LinkedIn system, which is fully automated. Do you want to know how I do it? You can guess LinkedIn is a part of it, but it's not what you think! Sure, the mainstream strategies like Fb Ads, Adwords, Influencer Marketing are great... But... LinkedIn is the new “KING” when it comes to attracting “high-value” clients & retainers completely organically and at scale. LinkedIn is one of, if not of the most effective marketing platforms out there for coaching, consulting, agency and service-based businesses. Yet, it is very low-key and highly-underrated when it comes to leveraging it to generate high-value clients. You might think LinkedIn is just for keeping up with colleagues or for trying to land a “J.O.B.” I used to think that too. I set up a page and left it alone. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t do much for me. Then, learning through the hard way, and with some luck, I found out it is highly-effective and requires NO Ad spend to acquire high-value clients, if you know these LinkedIn messaging & conversion strategies, As a matter of fact, at 21-53 booked Appointments each month - the largest expense using LinkedIn will be your Internet Bill! Based on the latest “Big Data” science, I’ll reveal my best kept secrets when it comes to sourcing high-quality leads and automating your entire prospecting, messaging, and follow-up efforts. You might be saying to yourself, Well, you’re running a FB Ad right now? Why not on LinkedIn? To let you in on a little insider trade secret, I’m targeting you based off my LinkedIn Network, Since LinkedIn is a Big Data source, you can run ads for 1/10th of the cost of traditional cold traffic by retargeting/lookalikes of your LinkedIn prospects onto other platforms. Want to learn how? I want to invite you to a very exclusive free LinkedIn Training where you’ll learn: → Why LinkedIn is “KING” when it comes to Organic Marketing and how you can profit big from this massive “Blue Ocean” of opportunity → How to Automate your entire prospecting efforts and create a massive pipeline of highly-qualified inbound leads to close higher-value clients who have the budget (and need) for your products / services → How to carve out and position yourself in a highly-profitable “sub-niche” and quickly become the #1 Expert Authority who can command premium prices → The 3 KEY things you must have in place to breakthrough your glass ceiling, and scale your business beyond 6-Figures and into the 7-Figure level without paid ads You seriously don’t want to miss out of this one-time opportunity… We’ve been milking LinkedIn for so long that it’s literally mind-blowing how effective it is. And you definitely don’t want your competition getting ahold of these secrets before you. This training is only for those who are looking to dominate their niche, and are truly committed to growing their business by an extra 6 to 7-Figures this year. Just click the link below to register for this free training: https://go.executiveadvantage.co/training This training will equip you with fresh new insights and a wi system for implementing in your business, so you seriously don’t want to miss it. See you there! https://go.executiveadvantage.co/training Cheers, To Your Greatness! - Mitch
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बेहतर नींद लेने के लिए डाउनलोड करें, अपने आप को या अपने बच्चे को शांत करें। अधिक आराम की धुनें आपका इंतजार कर रही हैं।
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A FPS vai oferecer um curso de Odontologia nota máxima no MEC. Venha ser mais que um aluno de saúde.
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Stangveiði er frábær fjölskylduskemmtun og hentar ungum sem öldnum‍‍‍ Við hjá Veiðifélaginu bjóðum upp á frábæran tilboðspakka fyrir byrjendur jafnt sem lengra komna. Okkar vinsælasti tilboðspakki er fluguveiðistartpakkinn sem inniheldur: - Scierra Flugustöng, -hjól og -línu - Ron Thompson vöðlujakka - Scierra öndunarvöðlur og vöðluskór
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There are over 20,000 state and federal firearm laws. This course will help you better understand and navigate those laws. This 2020 Utah Firearm Law Course is designed and taught by Utah firearm law attorney Phil Nelsen. It offers an informative and entertaining way for Utah gun owners to stay up to date on crucial state and federal laws. Whether you've had your concealed firearm permit for many years, or you are new to firearms, this is the course for you. THIS IS NOT A PERMIT COURSE AND IS NOT DESIGNED TO HELP OBTAIN A CONCEALED FIREARM PERMIT.
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#خليك_في_البيت وهتوصلك على الإيميل نسخة إلكترونية من جريدة المصري اليوم وصفحات إضافية وملخصات بآخر الأخبار بدون مقابل.. كل اللي عليك تسجل اسمك وبريدك الإلكتروني
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If you live in Teesside, County Durham or North Yorkshire, stop dreaming about your new bedroom and start dreaming in it… Speak to us today!

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Deepen your legal expertise, particularly in the areas of health care policy, compliance and contract procurement. **Bachelor's Required.**
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