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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Clyde Peeling's Reptiland
: ' - ! Join "Dino Don" Lessem, a Jurassic Park film consultant, for an exciting event at Reptiland! Don will explore such questions as: Can we find dinosaur DNA? Can we bring dinosaurs back to life? Should we? How accurate are the movie depictions of dinosaurs? and more! , ! **For health and safety purposes, seating is limited and tickets must be pre-purchased.
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
Mile High Comics
One of my notorious philosophic sayings has been turned into a Tumblr meme! To explain, 9 years ago I was chosen to be one of the lead characters in a Morgan Spurlock/Joss Whedon documentary about San Diego Comic-Con. While Legendary Pictures paid out a reported $10 million to create the documentary, they left us high and dry when it came to promotion. As a result, after only a weeklong stint in the theaters, it went to Pay-for-View, where it turned into a huge hit, with over one million (!) downloads. A particularly popular element of the documentary were my pithy philoposphic pronouncements, one of which was the inspiration for this new Tumblr meme. I won’t give away the plot elements of “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope,” except to say that the actual footage is both hilarious and emotionally wrenching in places. If you at all have ever wanted to attend Comic-Con, you MUST watch our movie! My good friend, Stan Lee, was one of my co-stars, and he also received a “Producer” credit, along with Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool.com, whom I have known since he was a newborn. While I was not paid a penny to appear in the documentary, I can trace our revival in fortunes here at Mile High Comics to the very positive notoriety that I achieved in the comics world from my appearance in the film. Ironically, I was chosen to be in the documentary in order to represent the “dinosaur” old comic book dealer who was about to go extinct with the advent of digital media. That prediction truly makes me laugh today, as while we were (indeed) financially fragile in 2011 when the film was made, Providence has since blessed me with millions of dollars in gains. I guess that I am still going to be around for a while, after all... Love is love ❤️
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【#NHK紀錄片】《夢想國度/電影哆啦A夢:大雄的新恐龍》 哆啦A夢誕辰50週年,電影《哆啦A夢:大雄的新恐龍》將在今年上映。本集節目中,不但有電影的新畫面!還有導演今井一曉、編劇川村元氣跟漫畫作者麥原伸太郎的獨家專訪!本節目線上回放僅至2020年3月10日止,千萬別錯過!!(英文版) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2002350/?cid=wohk-fb-org_vod_zt_imagine_doraemon-202003-001 播放結束日期 2020年3月10日 #哆啦A夢 #大雄的新恐龍 #誕辰50週年 ============== 更多精彩影音 ➣NHK WORLD-JAPAN (官方繁中) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/zt/?cid=wohk-fb-org_vod_Zt_teikei-202003-001
We're featuring Doraemon anime movie, one of Japan's representative anime! "Doraemon" was born about half a century ago and is almost like a national hero in Japan and is still loved by many people. imagine-nation Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur
Toyworld Christchurch NZ
BIG BRAND SALE 4 DAYS ONLY - Thurs 20th Feb to Sun 23rd Feb, 2020 INSTORE ONLY SALE -- Christchurch Stores only!!! Our MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE continues in store to make space for NEW 2020 stock that has started to arrive. We have ADDED discounts off all our BIG BRANDS for this weekend only. 20% off all LEGO CITY 20% off all LEGO FRIENDS 20% off all LEGO DUPLO 20% off all LEGO HIDDEN SIDE 20% off all VTECH 20% off all LEAP FROG 20% off all BABY ALIVE 20% off all TY Beanies 25% off all SCHLEICH 25% off all COLLECTA 25% off all KNEX 25% off all FURREAL 25% off all PJ MASKS Figures and Playsets 25% off all BARBIE Dolls and Playsets 25% off all NERF 25% off all TRANSFORMERS 25% off all SIKU 25% off all 4M CRAFT & SCIENCE KITS 25% off all MY LITTLE PONY Figures and Playsets 25% off all MATCHBOX Vehicles and Playsets 25% off all AIRFIX Models 30% off all RAVENSBURGER PUZZLES 50% off all INTEX POOLS ,INFLATABLES & POOL ACC'S 50% off all PLAYMOBIL "THE MOVIE" Playsets plus, here are some of the huge savings on the instore CLEARANCE SALE: 50% off NERF SUPER SOAKER DARTFIRE now only $30 50% off CLASSIC WORLD PRINCESS DREAM HOUSE now only $75 67% off GAME SURPRISE SLIDES DINOSAUR now only $10 69% off ORBIT GARDEN JUMPER 96CM SMALL BOUNCER now only $50 50% off SCOOTER ELECTRIC GO SKITZ 0.8 RED now only $150 50% off ACTIVITY TRACKER SMART BAND BLACK now only $60 50% off ACTIVITY TRACKER SMART BAND BLUE now only $60 50% off BULBBOTZ CLOCK HERMIONE GRANGER now only $30 50% off CLASSIC WORLD MIXER PINK now only $20 50% off ACTIVITY TRACKER SMART BAND PURPLE now only $60 50% off DRONE 2.4GH 30CM now only $100 67% off SLIMI CAFE SQUISHIES ASST now only $6 60% off SLIMI CAFE COMPOUND ASST now only $6 54% off SOFT N SLO SQUISHIES ASST WAVE 1 ORIGINAL now only $6 75% off MLP CUTIE MARK BOBBLES PLUSH ASST now only $5 56% off LOST KITTIES MICE MANIA EASY SQUEEZE now only $8 50% off RIDE ON ELECTRIC 6V AUDI TT RS PLUS now only $250 59% off TOMY GAME SOCCERBORG now only $50 59% off TRAIN SET WOODEN 24PC IN BARREL now only $25 50% off M&D DELUXE WOODEN COOKTOP SET now only $50 50% off PLUSH ANGRY BIRDS LITTLE ASST now only $10 60% off BUNCH O BALLOONS PARTY SELF SEAL ASSTD now only $8 60% off 4M ALPHABET DOUGH now only $10 60% off MY FAIRY GARDEN PICNIC BASKET now only $10 67% off GAME SAY IT DONT SPRAY IT AGE 6+ now only $10 60% off WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT NWO WCW now only $16 60% off WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT NXT now only $16 52% off WWE FIGURE BASIC ASST now only $12 60% off ZOOBALLOOS now only $6 50% off WWE SUPERSTAR RING SMACKDOWN LIVE now only $25 50% off WWE SUPERSTAR RING RAW now only $25 50% off FIDGET SPINNER ZURU PREMIUM METALLIC now only $3 58% off BUNCH O BALLOONS SPLAT BAT ZURU now only $15 72% off GAME BBQ SLAM AGE 6+ now only $10 52% off CRAZGELS 3D STICKER ART SCENTED YUMMIES now only $12 70% off MASHMALLOWS FOAM SQUEEZIE MY LITTLE PONY ASST now only $4 64% off PLAY DOH ACADEMY TOWER BUILDER now only $9 67% off MLP BEATS AND TREATS MAGICAL CLASSROOM now only $20 75% off BEYBLADE COLOSSUS STADIUM now only $10 67% off DISNEY PRINCESS MOANA SWING AND SOUNDS MAUI now only $20 70% off PLAY DOH SHAPE AND LEARN COLOURS AND SHAPES now only $6 70% off PLAY DOH SHAPE AND LEARN NUMBERS AND COUNTING now only $6 75% off SOCCERSTARZ 18PC MIXED BLIND FOIL BAG ASST now only $2 50% off WARHAMMER AOS TRADING CARD CAMPAIGN DECK ASST now only $15 60% off CUTETITOS PLUSH FURRY FRIEND now only $10 50% off ROBO MICRO BOAT SHARK ATTACK PLAYSET now only $25 70% off PLAY DOH SHAPE AND LEARN LETTERS AND LANGUAGE now only $9 60% off GAME WATCH YOUR STEP AGES 4+ now only $10 60% off NANOVERSE BATTLE ARENA PACK now only $10 50% off BUNCH O BALLOONS FILLER SOAKER now only $15 62% off GAME ATARI MISSILE COMMAND now only $35 50% off WWE SUPERSTAR RING WRESTLEMANIA now only $25 60% off 4M MATH MONKEY now only $10 60% off 4M NUMBER DOUGH now only $10 60% off WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT CHAMPIONSHIP now only $16 69% off NERF MODULUS EVADER now only $25 67% off (3) BUILD A BOT LADYBUG now only $10 50% off GAME SUPER SMASH WOODEN EASY DAYS now only $10 52% off CRAZGELS
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CAR FROM JAPAN: Import Directly From Japanese Car Dealers
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