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Burger Joint
Местенцето, където храната се приготвя #заТеб все едно си от семейството на готвача #БургерКапанчето там където смело хващаш и отхапваш все едно си у дома Ние сравняваме добрата храна с любов към живота И за това всеки ден сме готови за твойте вкусове с които ще те заредим с позитивни емоции и енергия ЕЛА И СЕ УВЕРИ Бул.Александър Малинов 21 пазар Пътеките на спирката на автобусите. тел. 087679565 и ако дойдете моля Попитайте за Чък Норис :-)
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Walking outside with our dogs should be easy and relaxing. For us, it was the opposite for a long time. No matter how many times we put their old harnesses on it was a disaster! Either we’d have a dog’s head going through the leg holes, or 2 legs in one hole. It was a nightmare most of the time. And our dogs get SO excited to go outside they jump around and dance like wild animals which doesn’t make things any easier on us. We solved our own dog walking issues when we discovered this Quick Fit harness. It’s super easy to put on and takes maybe 10 seconds or less to get the dogs ready to go...even when they are going dog-wild. Our dogs like to get outside FAST so they can sniff and bark at everything :) The sight of their harnesses instantly sends them to their happy place instantly :) https://doxinmotion.co/pages/quick-fitting-easy-dog-harness It’s the easiest harness we’ve ever used, by a long shot. We seriously tried a bunch of different types of harnesses and none of them worked for us and our little ladies. They work great for us and we know most any dog will love having one too. If there’s a dog that doesn’t like the harness, we want folks to send them back for a full refund. Here’s an easy step-by-step way to try a Quick Fit Harness... Step 1: Measure your dog’s chest (girth) - Measuring any dog for a quick fit harness is easy to do and takes a few seconds. You just measure around his/her chest (girth) and use the sizing chart to choose the best size. We’ve got a how-to video on our website and we’re available to help with sizing or measuring questions by chat or phone call too. Step 2: Choose a size & color - Once you’ve measured your dog’s chest girth and found the size you need on the sizing chart choose one of our 6 most popular colors. Here’s how the sizes break down…. Quick Fit Harness Sizing Chart: XXS: 13" - 14.5" XS: 15" - 18.5" SM: 18" - 23" MED: 21" - 26" LG: 26" - 33" XL: 30" - 38" XXXS available for special dogs by request. Chat with us for more info. Step 3: Enjoy spending time with your dog! https://doxinmotion.co/pages/quick-fitting-easy-dog-harness By the way….this is the same quick fit harness that All American Dachshund Rescue uses... ...to send home with every new pet parent that adopts and rescues through their organization. ...but it’s NOT only for dachshunds! Any breed and almost any size can use one ...even pigs and cats have used them! And now any dog can try a dog harness that is easy to use, goes on quick and will love wearing every day! Click the link below to learn more about the Quick Fit Harness and how it can make your dog walks more enjoyable. If you need specialized help please contact us on the chat, email or phone and we’ll be happy to help you get the right fit for your best friend. https://doxinmotion.co/pages/quick-fitting-easy-dog-harness Please see our most asked questions below and if you have any issue not covered just holler ...we have nowhere to go and are glad to help! Frequently Asked Questions: Can you help me pick the best size? Yes! If you are not sure what size will work best call or email us and we'll help you pick the best size for you. The sizes overlap a bit so normally you’ll want the smallest possible, but if you aren’t sure just reach out to us on our chat or by email. Does it work for puppies too? The quick fit harness is good for ALL dogs. If you are buying for a puppy make sure to leave room for growth or call/email us for help picking the best size. I’ve been disappointed in other harnesses...how do I know this one will work for my dog? We hear from so many people that tell us this is the first harness they have been able to use after wasting money on many others. But if for ANY reason the Quick Fit harness doesn't work just send it back for a full refund! What if I get it and it doesn’t fit? Exchanges are easy as pie! Send us an email or call us and we'll get a replacement out to you and send a prepaid label to send the other one back to us. Is it ok to leave this harness on my dog 24 hours a day? We recom
Grumble Dog
African Tails
⁣'Little paws, if only you knew what is yet to come' ⠀ ⠀ These 5 souls were part of a busy busy day yesterday filled with surrendered puppies, organising some much needed shelter for a mom dog and her 2 week old pups, and a sick cat. This litter of pups were surrendered from Dunoon. The mom will be sterilised through AT, along with the other 4 dogs on the premises. So off they went to the vet for a check up. They were covered in mange, sores, fleas, ticks and oil. And of course, they were starving. They have now had different treatments for the mange and parasites, they have had baths and they are already feeling much better! It can only get better from here! ⠀ ⠀ ⚠️We are DESPERATELY looking for at least 2 foster homes. They have a mixture of the two types of mange so yes, it can be contagious to other dogs and humans. (not contagious to cats). However, there are so many precautions that can be taken and tips and tools we can give you. Please don't hesitate to ask the questions and reach out. Without your help, we can't save the lives of pups like these. Once the mange starts to heal, it's smooth sailing. Seeing them flourish is incredibly rewarding. ⠀ ⠀ If you can help or need more info, PLEASE email Sandy on adoptions@africantails.co.za ⠀ If you would like to donate towards their care, head over to our BIO, click on 'linktree' and select 'Donate'    ⠀ #africantails #animalwelfare #capetown #rescuedanimals #rescuedpuppies #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedpupsofinstagram #animalrescue #fostersneeded #fosteringsaveslives #helpushelpthem #puppiesofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed
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What is Karhia Pro Coat Stripping Machine and How Does it Work? Does it cut the hair? The mechanics is based on friction and movement replicating the movement of groomer’s fingers when hand-stripping. There are two soft surfaces doing the stripping just like fingers, but much faster and with higher precision. Stripping vs. clipping Traditional clippers can be used only for dog breeds other than wire-haired. Wire-haired dog breeds has to be groomed by stripping (also called “plucking”) the dead hair from the roots without cutting the hair. Why Karhia Pro costs more than traditional clippers? The mechanics in a traditional clipper is very simple, whereas a stripping machine has to take into account a lot of other factors such as friction, airflow and density of different coat types. When taking into account the cost of the machine and the consumables, the cost in an average use is less than 2e per grooming. We think your fingers are worth more than that. Does the machine hurt the dog? Not at all, actually many dogs like Karhia Pro more than hand stripping. You can also adjust the stripping power yourself. Dog is afraid of the hoover you can increase the distance to the vacuum cleaner by attaching two hoses together and placing the vacuum in another room, away from the dog How much faster the machine is compared to hand-stripping? Some breeds can be groomed faster with Karhia Pro. Some breeds and coat types take a lot longer and can even be, when using the machine for the first times, hand-stripped faster than with Karhia Pro. The main benefit of using Karhia Pro is not the speed, but the less strain on groomer’s fingers. When using the machine for the wide areas such as dog’s back and sides, you have still strength left in your fingers to do the magic - finalising the the most delicate and important areas with your fingers. Other With Karhia Pro, you can get the desired stripping length by adjusting the guide comb. The dogs in the videos were groomed as per their owners’ wishes. Especially owners with dogs spending a lot of time in the forest tends to like stripping off all the old, dead coat. If you have any other questions please feel free to comment below! Team Karhia
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Burger Joint
Капанче за Американски бургери , хот дог и тортили. Близо до вас , бул. Александър Малинов 21 пазар Пътеките на спирката на автобусите. Заповядайте да опитате автентичните ни рецепти с уникални вкусове за всеки по нещо. Изборът е твой. Вчера,днес и утре Избери Burger joint.
Burger Joint
How to start making burgers ... a long story, but I make them with passion and great fun since I was a child. Welcome to us will be different types of burgers and hot dogs .. and very different from all. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow choose Burger Joint.
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‘Quality Always Wins’ It’s true in sports, in the kitchen, in food, and in service industries like ours’. We can generally ship 67,000 products to you overnight, and 40,000 are “always on”. You can order with us until 22.00 (10pm) and within the Benelux you’ll get it the next day. If you live in one the big Dutch cities you’ll get your order before your lunch. Consider it this way. The average chemist/drugstore around the corner has less than 2000 products, sometimes a few more. You get to choose out of a range of products that would fill 30 stores. We have 1000s of products for mums and kids, for cats and dogs, for diets and diabetics, for runners and riders, for the hair on your head, your chin your legs and even your back. For example, we have 61 types of chamomile shampoo, 718 different body lotions, 231 products that help the cartilage in your knees, elbows, hips and shoulders. We even have 136 products that contain creatine. And wherever you live in the world you can order from us in The Netherlands. The cheapest country in the world for quality assured functional foods used by experts, therapists and doctors. People that know. - - - ‘Kwaliteit wint altijd’ Dit geldt in de sport, in de keuken, in voeding en in dienstverlenende sectoren zoals de onze. We kunnen over het algemeen 67.000 verschillende producten naar u verzenden. Indien u voor 21.00 bestelt wordt het binnen de #Benelux op de volgende werkdag bezorgd. Beschouw het zo. De gemiddelde #apotheek/#drogisterij om de hoek heeft minder dan 2000 verschillende producten in het assortiment, soms wat meer. U kunt kiezen uit een reeks producten die 30 winkels zouden vullen. We hebben duizenden producten voor moeders en kinderen, voor katten en honden, voor diëten en diabetici, voor hardlopers en ruiters, voor het haar op je hoofd, je kin, je benen en zelfs je rug. We hebben bijvoorbeeld 61 soorten #kamille shampoo, 718 verschillende #body lotions, 231 producten die het kraakbeen in je knieën, ellebogen, heupen en schouders ondersteunen. We hebben zelfs 136 producten die #creatine bevatten. Waar in Europa u ook woont, u kunt bij ons bestellen in Nederland. Het goedkoopste land ter wereld voor kwalitatief gewaarborgde functionele voeding die worden gebruikt door experts, #therapeuten en artsen. Mensen die het weten. www.vitamins.nl
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Jada, Rottweiler (7 y/o), Williamsburg, BK • “Jada suffered from terrible stomach issues for the first two years of her life. I tried all different types of dog foods and nothing worked. A vet recommended we try home cooking for her, and when I did, all of her symptoms went away. After I realized it was the food that was making her sick, I started looking into the pet food industry — it was alarming. I needed to find a company that I could trust to feed Jada. Once I realized the company I was looking for didn’t exist, we decided to build it – The Farmer's Dog. - We’re pleased to announce a partnership with The Farmer's Dog. We'll be telling the story of fresh, healthy food and the dogs who eat it. Get 60% off your first order by visiting thefarmersdog.com/dogist #sponsored
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More than just a pet, we understand that your trusted canine companion is a key part of your life.
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Nikmati Burger Daging BBQ baharu McD dengan tenang di rumah. Daging empuk digril sempurna, keju meleleh dan sos BBQ lazat, pasti puas! Hanya Pandu Lalu atau pesan melalui McDelivery tanpa sentuhan. Senang dan Selamat! #SafeWithMekdi
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Our MSc program announces an Open Day to answer all of your questions regarding studying at DCV at ITMO. Apply now!
Le Vie Di Rovato
Sono aperte le prenotazioni per il pranzo di #Pasqua al Ristorante Birreria La Loggia: un ricco menù a 35 euro con antipasti, tre primi, due secondi, contorni, dolce, caffè e bevande incluse! ----- #Prenotazioni: 3355962554 ----- Di seguito le portate: . Antipasti misti della Casa con salumi, sottaceti e sottoli . Risotto alla Milanese . Fantasia di Ravioli al burro versato . Crespelle di Giuly ai formaggi . Capretto al Forno . Piccatine al vino bianco con patate e polenta . Dolce della Casa . Caffè . Acqua, Vino Bianco e Rosso della Casa
Spot the hot dog!
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¡Tené el Celu que tanto querés! y pagaló en 18 cuotas sin interés
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ALERTA SPOILER:El Nuevo Renault CAPTUR tendrá un maletero ampliable y mucho más. Apúntate para descubrir el resto de novedades antes que nadie.
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صباح النور و بداية أسبوع موفقة هايا كل واحد يخبرنا على هاذ المعلم التاريخي واش كان في وقت فرنسا !؟؟
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Keeping the good times rolling over from Easter (you've got Tuesday to rest).
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NHK WORLD-JAPAN ภาคภาษาไทย กำลังมองหาผู้ที่จะมาร่วมงานกับเรา สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม โปรดตรวจสอบเว็บไซต์จากลิงก์นี้ https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/th/information/201912060600/index.html
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Oh yeah, we went there. Stack up on large one-topping pizzas for just $6.50 each for a limited time. Use promo code ONETOPPING to get yours, but hurry – this offer isn’t sticking around forever. *Limited time offer. Valid at participating Dallas, Austin, & Waco locations.
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With a pulsating head, Philips Sonicare protects your teeth and gums while still removing 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush*.
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Over 400 Unique Heroes Available to Build Your Ultimate Team
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