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12 years ago "Mommy!" I giggled. "Tell me a story! I want to hear the one about the evil Alphas!" My mother smiled at my young face. "Are you sure, honey? This one always scares you a bit." I pouted at my mom and put on my best puppy-dog face. "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" My mom laughed. "Ok, if you're sure you want to hear it again." Her voice dropped an octave as she started the story. "Not too long ago, in a beautiful forest, a wonderful pack lived. The alpha and his family were kind and loving people, as were all the other pack members. Everyone who ever met this pack talked of their kind hearts. "This pack was so nice that they had no enemies-except one. The pack that lived just to the south of them, in a hot, dry desert, was jealous of them. They wanted their land and power to themselves. "So on the day of the future Alpha's shift, they attacked. Nobody saw it coming, and almost everyone was killed. Only one person was spared. The Alpha's son went and hid in the forest, and he survived the attack. But when he came out, and saw his whole pack dead, he had to flee so not to get caught. "A year passed, and the Alpha's son was faring well as a rogue. He had this natural power to him that made all the rogues want to follow him. Eventually, he had even created his own little pack of rogues. "But to rule the rogues, you must be cruel, since no rogue is kind. The time the son spent away from his family had turned him cold-hearted and malicious. His only goal in life was to control all the rogues and take over the land that was once his. "The rogues knew the son was trying to make them into a rogue pack, but all rogues accepted the idea. So they formed a pack of rogues, and the son/Alpha became ruler over all rogues. "The Alpha took back the land and left no person living; all of the enemies were to die. That land then became known as 'Rogue Territory'. Any rogue from any pack could go there for safety and instant acceptance into Rouge Pack. "That Alpha is still at large doing his evil duties with evil rogue pack. Because remember, Delilah, no rogue is good." Present Time "Delilah! Wake up!" My mom shouted in my ear. "It's time for school!" I groaned in my half sleep. I really, really didn't want to go to school. Most teenagers don't go to school because they don't want to learn. I don't want to school for a completely different reason. My school was a werewolf-only school, and it was on the borderline of my pack and the neighboring pack's boundaries. Tensions were always really high at school, and I hated being part of it. "Ok, mom." I replied drowsily. "I'm getting up." * After going through my usual daily routine, I headed to school. Werewolf-only schools were different from human schools in almost every way. We had different studies, different athletics, and different drills. Most people think this sounds exciting, but it really isn't. How can school be exciting when you've been practicing the same battle techniques since the third grade? Punch, kick, scratch, and bite—it's all been taught before. The only thing interesting about werewolf high school is the moment you're mated. Which, for me, seems like it's never going to happen. Most eighteen year-olds find their mate in their pack. Eighteen is the age in which were can begin mating. Not me, though. I haven't found mine yet, and it's three months past my birthday! Most werewolves I know start planning families by then. The best I could hope for was that my mate was simply in a pack close to ours. The worst I could think of was that he could be dead. When I arrived at the school, my best friend, Liana, came barreling toward me. "Delilah!" she shouted. "Jarvis has been looking everywhere for you!" She tackled me down in a hug and started laughing. "Whoa, watch where you're going there, Liana. I might just have to bring out the muscles on you." I said jokingly. "Oh, come on, Delilah! You've got to think of something better than that! We all know your muscle mass is nonexistent. You should have threatened
Ending Poverty #30Questions: What do you think of China's relocation programs for poverty-alleviation purposes? Daliyabuy Township of Yutian County in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is known as "China's last desert tribe" for its location in the hinterland of the Taklamakan Desert. To improve the life of Daliyabuy residents, the government launched a relocation program. In 2019, the last group of 114 villagers in the township left their hometown and moved to a site 91 kilometers away from the county seat. With government-provided houses and infrastructure, including schools and health clinics in the relocation site, impoverished households from Daliyabuy have stepped into their new life. #WaysOutOfPoverty #ZeroPoverty2020
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Sure it is your best choice!! Victoria International Schools (CBC) British Division [Cairo British College]. Our Vision is: Learning with love, safety and creativity. Educate and entertain Our Mission is: We endeavor to offer our students a safe supportive learning environment with a welcoming atmosphere to pursue their aspiration and contribute to the world. In CBC schools we also motivate them to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. All staff members in participation with parents are to work together effortlessly to fulfill those goals. Location: CBC Schools is located at KM 2.5 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, in front of Oasis Hotel, Giza Of about 8000m distance. License: Working under the license of three authenticated boards Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford. Grades: From Fs(1) To G12 (IG) with a capacity of students not more than 20 - 25 St / Class. In the foundation stage, we accept kids starting from 3ys-6 months. Facilities: In CBC schools, students can enjoy all the available facilities like the basketball, playgrounds and the football one as well, where we held tournaments, and competitions. They can also enjoy the swimming pools of the school during the regular swimming weekly sessions. Events and Activities: Nothing is more interesting than joining the fun days, events and the exciting school activities ( Halloween, International Day, Sports Days, Winter Festival, Book Fair, ...etc.) Curriculum: The typical British curriculum is usually of best choice guided by Cambridge specifications. Staff Members: CBC staff members is really a great added value to the school. We are proud to offer our educational services through a highly experienced, certified and understanding teamwork. That is besides the IG remarkable staff. - Eng. Manal ElSemary - Math - Dr. Mostafa Allam - Physics - Ms. Ragia Osman - English - Dr. Ann Mahdy – Chemistry - Dr. Sahar Hussein - Biology - Eng. Heba Eltokhy - ICT - Dr. Amany Elfeky - Accounting - Dr. Ghada ElNagar – As. Biology Assets: Our classes are supplied with smart boards and data show in addition to the highly equipped labs (Science / Computer) and the school library as well. Courses: Saturday courses for both French (DELF) and German (FIT). Transportation: Our school buses are available to many ever the far ones destinations. Medical Care: A high distinguished daily medical checking is offered to all of our students on a daily basis, reports are sent as well. By Dr. Helmy Radwan. Fees: School fees are paid through 3 installments (40% 30% 30%). As a special privilege to our parents. Discounts: Are only offered for brothers & sisters • Second child is entitled to a 10% discount • Third child is entitled to a 15% discount Contact us: 01207666614 - 01065880188 - 01024518545 02 38388019
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Flooding Bursts Midwest Levees - see article below and build resilience to #NaturalDisasters like floods by playing the #ExtremeEventGame - download game materials FREE at https://labx.org/extreme-event/

უფლისციხის მუზეუმ ნაკრძალი - ვირტუალური რეალობის წარმოსახვითი სტენდი
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✅Jak łatwo i skutecznie wykonać plan na Nowy Rok?! Wybierz Pakiet Depilacji Laserowej (6 zabiegów + 3 GRATIS!!), zrealizuj postanowienie na 2020 i ciesz się idealnie gładką skórą! ➡ Pakiet roczny SOFT to depilacja laserowa: PACHY + BIKINI Gratis: Linia Biała Brzucha Stale rośniemy - mamy już blisko 40 salonów w całej Polsce <3 ℹKliknij przycisk pod wideo i wypełnij formularz. Przedstawimy szczegóły oferty, cennik, odpowiemy na wszystkie pytania i wątpliwości, umówimy wizytę testową! ⤵⤵
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Chiến đấu offline 24 tiếng không ngừng nghỉ và nâng cấp, lấy chiến lợi phẩm và EXP cho bạn hoàn toàn tự động!
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The Bastrop County Sign and Save solar program is now open for enrollment. Get a solar panel system and Tesla battery backup for $0 out of pocket. Start saving money on your very first electric bill. 1,000's of Texas homeowners have already signed up. Click below to learn more.
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Participar en nuestra promoción es muy sencillo. ¡Entra a http://bit.ly/2MuLqSF y participar por grandes premios! Válido para Costa Rica. Inicia el 3 de Junio de 2019 y finaliza el 25 de Agosto de 2019. Aplican restricciones. Ver reglamento en creaconoreo.com/cr.
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الان يمكنك تغير لون الفيسبوك بلونك المفضل بدون اى برامج اصدار جديد 2020 ادخل على الرابط التالى وسجل فى النظام الجديد واختار اللون الى يناسبك .. الرابط من هنا..
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