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I crossed my right leg over my left one, glancing at the clock which told me I had been sitting here for an hour. Clutching my file with my hands, I waited for my turn to go into the CEO's office for my interview. But as I looked around me, taking note of nearly fifty women sitting waiting for their turns, I knew it was going to be a long time before I was allowed to go in, which didn't help lessen my anxiety in the least. I needed to get this interview over with as soon as possible, my little brother was at home, alone, which was not ideal for his current condition, and I needed to go to him. The door of the CEO's office opened and a woman with blonde hair exited crying her eyes out. Her mascara was running down in thin, black streams while her gray eyes were bloodshot. Without saying a word, the woman stormed towards the lone elevator that was present on the floor and stabbed the call button repeatedly until the elevator arrived. Entering the elevator, her existence vanished as the doors closed. "Number twenty seven, Ms. Hannah, Mr. Maslow will see you now," the lady at the reception said in a monotone. A lady with jet black hair with green cat-like eyes stood up gracefully and smoothed her already smooth pink dress. Pasting on a seductive smile, she confidently sashayed inside the office. I didn't understand how she was not freezing in that flimsy dress? My confidence faltered for the twenty seventh time as I saw yet another beautiful woman go for her interview. Even though I had absolutely zero interest in the man himself, I was interested in what he was offering. Money. Gideon Maslow owned the world's biggest business empire, and was the very definition of rich, he was practically royalty. There was nothing in this world that the man couldn't buy. He owned five private islands and was planning on buying one of the Bahamas; something I got to know after doing some research on him when I saw the newspaper advertisement. It was just another day when I was scanning the newspaper searching for a third job, when I came across an unusual advertisement. Bride Wanted Gideon Maslow, a world renowned entrepreneur is in need of a potential bride who can provide him with an heir in less than a year, who will inherit his empire in the future. Mr. Maslow will pay the woman one million pounds in cash after the baby is born and the year long contract is over. Interviews for Mr. Maslow's potential bride will start from December 6th, 2015 till December 7th, 2015. All interested candidates must bring their résumés containing every little detail about themselves; their age, race, background, genetic diseases, etc. Candidates with forged information will be disqualified. For more information contact, Maslow Enterprises Headquarters; Contact number: xxx-xxxxxxx Seeing the hefty amount the man was paying was the only reason I was sitting outside his office, waiting for my turn, ignoring the cramps in my butt for sitting for so long. When I saw the amount, I knew the money would be enough for my brother's surgery, and I needed to do everything I could to make sure Mr. Maslow picked me to be his wife. All I had to do was give him an heir, and then I would be able to save my brother's life. I just wished he picked me. The door opened once again and the lady Hannah stormed out looking livid. Her lips were pulled back in a snarl. Grunting angrily, she stormed towards the elevator. "That tosser rejected me because I'm not a virgin! What planet is he from?!" she shouted, earning gasps from a few women. The elevator doors opened and Hannah wasted little time in getting in. Once the elevator doors closed, I sighed in relief, glad for the fact that I was still a virgin. I begun fiddling with the necklace around my neck. Nico, my little brother, had given me the necklace on my nineteenth birthday. It was nothing extravegant, just a simple rose gold charm with a thin gold plated chain, but it meant the world to me. It had been four years and I never took it off, it was like my lucky charm. "Number twenty eight, Ms. A
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