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The wait is finally over! We are beyond excited to give to you our new album HOLY MOLY! And hope that you enjoy it, as well as our new music video for the single "Rhythm In The Blood"! Listen to the album in it's entire glory, and pick up your copy at: http://nuclearblast.com/bluespills-holymoly This album is something we’ll be proud of even after death. These songs are from a very dark period of our lives. So much loss, anger and anxiety. Sadness and change. A separation into reincarnation. We stand behind every note and every word. This album was created in darkness and it guided us into the light again. One can only hope it will give you comfort, too!
Chase Williams’ Point of View: “Mr Williams,” I looked up from my computer as I heard my assistant Amber spoke. “Yes?” I asked expectantly waiting for an answer. “There’s a gentleman here to see you” “Does he have an appointment?” I asked going back to my typing. “No, he doesn’t,” I raised an eyebrow at her, why would she bother me if the guy didn’t have an appointment. Honestly, she’s a great assistant but sometimes I wonder about her. I was just about to tell her to leave my office when she spoke saying something that had me weak in the knees as it was completely unexpected. It’s also not something I thought I’d hear at work of all places. “He says it’s about your wife” My head snapped up to look her in the eyes. It was all I could do to keep my cool. With a stiff nod in her direction I swivelled around in my chair to gaze out at the city before me. My wife, Natalia, is the light in the darkness that surrounds me. I met her when I was in a very bad place as I was dealing with the death of a very close friend. With Jordan being the only person, I could ever really count on his death hit me hard and I was all alone. We met when she accidentally bumped into me spilling her hot chocolate on me. I was quite surprised because it was in the middle of the day and she was drinking hot chocolate. She apologised over and over again and even offered to purchase a new shirt for me seeing how the one I had on had a stain on it from the hot chocolate. This was the first time in a long while that anyone had ever been so nice to me. There wasn’t even a hint of recognition on her face, so it was all without her even knowing who I was. Her kind and compassionate nature was what drew me to her and so I asked her out on a date. We had so much fun that I asked her over and over until we moved in together and I eventually proposed to her. I’ve had the time of my life with her. I love her so much and I’m so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. She’s truly my other half. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love her. “Mr Williams?” I turned around when I heard my name being called. I looked up to see that it was a scrawny looking man with an envelope in his hand. Well this just got a whole lot more interesting. “Can I help you?” “No,” he responded “but I think I can help you” I looked up at him, clueless on how he could possibly help me. “This was left at my house, it had your name on it and $5000 attached to it” he said handing me the envelope “the note said that I should deliver this package to you and I’d be able to keep the $5000” I cautiously took the envelope from him “how does this concern my wife?” I asked confused. He didn’t say anything, he only signalled to the envelope showing me to turn it around. There was a note attached to the envelope. The words typed on it piqued my curiosity about what was inside the envelope. Looks can be deceiving...... just like your wife. The words on the card were like a knife jammed straight into my heart. I desperately tore open the envelope to reveal the contents inside. I didn’t even realize that the man left as I was so transfixed by the photos before me. The photos showed me my biggest fear, my Natalia cheated on me. I always thought she could do better than me, but I really thought that she loved me but clearly, I was wrong. I just can’t believe that she would do this to me. In this very moment all I felt was heartbreak. Grabbing my car keys, I flung open the doors of my office and stalked towards the elevator, I was so angry that I missed the smirk that was on Amber’s face. In a rage I quickly got my car by myself since I gave my driver the day off. In less than twenty minutes I arrived home. I headed straight for the music room where I knew she would be because she loved to write songs and play the piano. As soon as I stepped into the room, she paused her playing to look up at me, a beautiful smile set on her face. “Hey honey, how was work?” she asked. “It was fine,” I hissed looking away from her. “What’s wrong?” she asked her beautiful blu
What if you get to know that you are not going to survive? What if you have fallen for a wrong person?. This is a story of a fearless, brave, and emotionally strong man. He will show how to stand out, how to go against the norms. We have always been told that there are two sides of the world, good and bad. As a human being, we are told to be as good as we can but what if you act evil? What if you are different? What if you find out that the world which you reside in wont last? We have heard about devils in tales, but what if it is for real? The devil exists. On the street of New York City, Alex gets so see Cyrus, the devil. Well, we can never expect any good from a devil, but what if Cyrus falls in love? Love is a pure feeling, but what a devil like Cyrus has to do with purity? How can he even fall for someone? Cyrus has been sent on earth to destroy righteousness. Will he be able to accomplish what he wants? Unlike Cyrus, Samantha is a lady who is innocent, upright, and delicately pure. But what if this morally sounded lady falls for a devil unknowingly? Will Cyrus tell her about his reality? Will he lose her? Will he force her to be with him? Or Samantha will accept the reality? This story will tell how your inner belief can get you through, how darkness makes light useful. So many questions are to be answered; only Alex and Cyrus can reveal the truth. Get ready to unleash the reality. Chapter one “In the name of lord, I Martin Holder command to transmit my powers to my descendant after two centuries, whoever hold these powers, will be from my family and will always work for the good and fight against the Devil, after 200 years there will be a revival of history and my descendant will fight against it, I am proud that I fought for good. I am dying all aged and tired but with a hope and a gift for my generation, I am.... satisfied and happy old man who is... near death... I am a warrior, dying as a warrior... here he is, the angel to take me.....” Martin Holder, the greatest man considered of his era because he fought against the rivalry community who were so deprived of good and were soaked in dark black magic, that they even killed several people and wanted to rule the world. They wanted every single human being on earth to worship their Devil and become their slave. He was the one who stood up, investigated and explored their main center of worship. He fought with them for so many days with his team, his army was consisted of 6000 people who were well trained with the swords and his army was over all skilled. They had to fight against them by entering their secret dungeon where they used to practice all their evil acts along with black magic. The war was about 17 days longer and at the end, Martin’s army managed to enter their dungeon and killed them all. The war was so intense that only Martin survived and at the end he was all alone left in that dark dungeon with dozens of dead bodies and blood all over the floor with skeletons for black magic. He somehow managed to push himself out of the dungeon, though he was severely injured and out of energy. When he came back, he became known to the world, the world called him the savior and people started praising him and thanking him. He was indeed one of the greatest fighters of the history. This great story is something that we value a lot, as it is of our family’s ancestors, we kids have been listening to it since our childhood that our great greatest grandfather 200 years back proved to be a hero and that we are proud of being his generation. But one important thing to note here is that according to the stories narrated by our family adults, the great Martin said that one of his descendants from his generation would possess his powers and it would be a gift to the world after 200 years, the history would repeat itself and he would fight against the evil once again. And boom! It is exactly 200 years after Martin’s words. I think this is the main reason why our family is so concerned about the young kids of our family specially my age. We are total 7 youngsters currently
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SALE CÒN 1 NGÀY (HẾT 31/3) ♦️ GIẢM 40%: http://bit.ly/loinoidua1Tiki ♦️ GIẢM 42%: bit.ly/loinoiduaShopeeSmart KIỆT TÁC DÒNG TIỂU THUYẾT THANH XUÂN MỚI Câu chuyện thiên tài về những thiên tài, viết bởi một thiên tài. Tác phẩm đầu tay viết năm mười tám tuổi đã đoạt ngay giải thưởng Mephisto danh giá, đưa tên tuổi Nisio Isin đến với độc giả Light Novel Nhật Bản, trở thành nguồn cảm hứng cho hàng loạt tiểu thuyết gia trẻ tuổi trong suốt thập kỷ đó. Siêu phẩm #top 1 Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi 2005, tác phẩm được đánh giá là thành công nhất của thiên tài Nisio Isin, người đã viết Monogatari series và chắp bút cho Death Note: Another Note nhé!
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Noone wants to be signed into a Death Note! ☠️ Fight against Light Yagami with genius and mysterious Detective L ⚔️ Wear our amazing THE L NOTE sweatshirt and don’t be afraid of evil ‍♂️ Don’t hesitate and grab it 50% OFF on our Big Sale! Visit our shop and shop it today! https://alohafromdeer.com/product/the-l-note-sweatshirt
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“I am God of this new world!” Light Yagami’s Nendoroid is getting an all-new updated version for fans to enjoy! The protagonist of hit series Death Note comes with several face plates and optional parts allowing fans to recreate their favorite scenes~ Get your personal Light here >> http://bit.ly/2oERQU2
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حين نكتب عن ماهر، فنحن نكتب عن فكرة: فكرةِ تحرير فلسطين، كلِّ فلسطين، من نهرِها الى بحرها، بشوارعِها وحاراتها، وسهولِها ووديانها، وبرتقالها وزيتونها. ولكنّنا حين نكتب عنه فإنّما نكتب أيضًا عن رجلٍ - فكرةٍ: عن رجلٍ جسَّد فكرةً، وناضل في سبيلها، وتمسّك بثوابتها، ولم يتنازلْ عنها في أحلكِ الظروف وأصعبِها. الحديثُ عن رجلٍ - فكرة يعني الحديثَ عن اقتران الفكر بالفعل طوال عشرات السنين من النضال، بحُلوها ومُرِّها، بانتصاراتها وهزائمها، بشهدائها وجرحاها، بمناضليها ومناضلاتها http://cutt.us/ErZ3
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I had a great time playing in the Bob Libbey Invitational on Saturday in Kansas City. Quinton Birkness and I signed up to play 4.5 in Men's Doubles, but the 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0 brackets were combined. We got Second Place!! The two high points were witnessing tremendous sportsmanship throughout the tournament and learning about Bob Libbey and his amazing work within the Pickleball community. Okay... earning silver was amazing too. Lol. Everyone was cordial. Nobody argued about line calls. The experienced players offered advice and training tips to one of the newbie teams. Folks touched paddles after each match. One player who I mentioned this was my first tournament gave me a ton of good advice. The funny thing is when we met him in the championship game he jokingly told me to forget that advice. Quinton Brewer is a great guy! He and Gregg Mattoon won gold. Emile Hong has always been encouraging to me and patient with everyone he plays with. He and Ray Hubbard won bronze. Connor Basnight did a great job of running the tournament. Let's just say the Kansas City Pickleball community is the best! Bob Libbey did a lot for the Pickleball community. In addition to being a very active USAPA Ambassador, he also painted pickleball lines on a lot of tennis courts and helped make pickleball popular in Kansas City. Michael Wathen and Paul Coe provided me with a lot of info and thought highly of Bob. I better not forget to give another shout-out to Quinton Birkness. He's only been playing for about a year and is amazing! His ability to understand tactics is remarkable! It's great to be a part of his journey. I'm sure he is going to go far! It was my first tournament, and he was great at pointing out what I needed to adjust after each game. It took the whole round robin before I fine-tuned my game to help us succeed in the elimination bracket. A lot of amazing paddle choices are available, but Quinton Birkness is a huge Engage fan. So for team cohesiveness I used an Engage Poach Icon while he went with his trusty Engage Encore Pro. We love our paddles!! I know a vast majority of players will never play in tournaments, but I highly encourage the experience. I learned a lot about the game and myself. I am even more determined to improve! #Silver #BobLibbey #PickleballTournament #EngagePickleball #PoachIcon #EncorePro #SelfReflection #NeverStopImproving #QuintonBirkness
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