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Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
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16-17-18 ოქტომბერს ✨ მხოლოდ სამი დღით ისარგებლეთ -30-40%-იანი ფასდაკლებით შემდეგ ბრენდებზე:⬇ ⭐ MAX FACTOR ⭐ RIMMEL ⭐ DAVID BECKHAM ⭐ BEYONCE ⭐ PARIS BLUE ⭐ BALDESSARINI ⭐ S.OLIVER ⭐ BETTY BARCLAY ⭐ TABAC ⭐ AIR-VAL ⭐ BAYLIS&HARDING ⭐ Vegetable Beauty ⭐ Reistill #ვულევუ #ფასდაკლებისდღეები
David Beckham
My second EYEWEAR by DAVID BECKHAM collection is launching today. We worked hard to create styles that are pushing boundaries but still have that classic feel. It’s always exciting to see the collection come to life and I can’t wait for you all to see it 🙌🏻 #DBEyewear
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Ikuti kuisnya yang menangkan foto bertandatangan David Beckham dan José Mourinho! ⚽ https://bit.ly/3mHp4LI
David Beckham
Tudor Watch you’ve done it again, love the new Tudor Royal
David Beckham
How I like to start my day #DavidBeckhamFragrances Available here: https://bit.ly/3bGW7dY
C君时尚。Mr C Fashion
这是关于1个意大利人创造出来的美式潮牌,如果你有阅读过这品牌的故事,你会觉得这品牌很有性格,品牌创始人 是一位没有读过时装设计的人,品牌走着大logo的极简经典风格。 近年来打出了中高端价的尺长,开始与Vetement, offwhite,supreme等大品牌成为了顾客们的新欢,就连Justin Bieber , David beckham 等大咖都成为了其忠粉 。 而这个品牌,其独特之处就是不做女款剪裁的衣服,但却获得一批女粉丝。 如今,我们为大家带来 最经典的3款设计,面料品质没得嫌,230gsm ,反光面料,卖价只需RM59 . #还没买的赶快 今天汇款,明天发货,若需要尺码推荐可以PM我们
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New Tudor Watch campaign with David Beckham, 周杰倫 Jay Chou, All Blacks and Beauden Barrett #borntodare #tudorwatch
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TaiChi 素T專賣
【DAVID-展現你的精實線條】    David Beckham是許多人心中的男神,也是大家穿搭的絕佳範本。 TaiChi旗下的DAVID,也是這樣才誕生的款式。    我們略微收窄了胸寬和袖寬,並使用彈力可達600%的彈性纖維製作,增加衣服的包覆性,讓身形輪廓變得更加明顯。    即便不是健壯的巨巨,合身的版型,也能使精壯的你,看起來朝氣十足、自信滿滿。    立即了解「DAVID」 》 https://taichi-tshirt.net/瀏覽DAVID版型    瀏覽其他「健身族」適用素T 》 https://taichi-tshirt.net/健身族推薦 即時客服加入官方 Line@ https://taichi-tshirt.net/加入TaiChi-Line    -- #TAICHI #TAICHI素T專賣 #版型專家 #三道工序成就經典 #素T專賣
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Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
Czech & Speake London - Fine Fragrance & Luxurious Bathing
Berita Bola Terkini, Jadwal Klasemen, Skor Liga - Bola.com
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TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer推出Monaco限量版腕錶向摩納哥古董車大獎賽事致敬,香港及澳門限量發售共30枚。兩個地區首3名買家,各人可免費獲贈無線耳機TAG Heuer Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus一對。Master & Dynamic耳機不但外型時尚,而且音質出色,難怪連萬人迷碧咸都追捧! 立即預約,開展您與Monaco 的極速之旅: https://tag.hr/MonacoGPHKMO To celebrate the partnership with Grand Prix Historique de Monaco, TAG Heuer has released total 30 pieces of TAG Heuer Monaco X Grand Prix de Monaco limited edition for Hong Kong and Macau region. Each of the first 3 buyers in Hong Kong and Macau for this special Monaco will receive a pair of complimentary TAG Heuer Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus wireless headphones. Master & Dynamic is known for its stylish design and topnotch sound quality, no wonder why fashion icon David Beckham is also a fan of the brand! Reserve here for a high speed journey with Monaco: https://tag.hr/MonacoGPHKMO #TAGHeuer #TAGHeuerMonaco #DontCrackUnderPressure
David Beckham
Love the new United shirt Manchester United adidas Football #ReadyForSport
Savile Row Hong Kong
Morning Coat by Savile Row Hong Kong Congratulations to our client Mr Mehdi El Ajimi with his lovely wife Marsha Yuan (原子鏸) getting married at the Aberdeen Marina Club. 前幅裁成大幅度後斜圓襬的長外套 Morning Coat,以黑色最為主流。褲則以炭灰色配搭;西裝背心 Waistcoat 以淺灰色平腳孖襟設計。Morning Coat 最適合參與白天比賽和婚禮。帶有圓襬的 Morning Coat 是最著名的 “正式日裝”。外觀通常主要包括外套上衣,背心和西褲。也被稱為晨禮服或早晨服,它是一種具有非凡英式優雅的正式男裝。流線型貼身設計,Mr Mehdi El Ajimi 穿得非常優雅。 Savile Row Hong Kong 黑色 Super 100's 羊毛 twill Morning Coat 和炭灰色長褲,鴿子灰色 Super 100's 羊毛 twill 平底雙排扣背心,組合完美無暇。David Beckham 出席 Prince Harry 與 Meghan Markle 的婚禮也選配同樣風格。 The morning coat has a curving line from the front of the body to the back. It is most appropriate for daytime races and wedding. The morning coat, with a tail, is the most famous ‘formal day dress’. The look usually consists chiefly of a morning coat, waistcoat, and trousers. Also called as morning dress or morning suit, it is a formal male attire of remarkable English elegance. It all came in a streamlined fit and Mr Mehdi El Ajimi's look was all proper and elegant. A Savile Row Hong Kong black super 100's wool twill morning coat and charcoal trousers, a dove grey super 100's wool twill flat bottom double-breasted waistcoat, the combo is immaculate. The same style was spot on David Beckham for the dress code dictated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's official invitation.
Featured on Oprah and loved by Beyonce, David Beckham and Usher! You can train with AARMY's Angela Manuel-Davis right now!
Union Jack's Fish & Chips
Popular the world over, there are few dishes that deserve a 'national day' more than Fish & Chips! Safeguarded from rationing during the World Wars for their importance to the nations morale, a favourite of John Lennon, David Beckham and The Queen, and actually a lot healthier than you'd imagine, Fish and Chips is a dish that has stoof the test of time and found a place in the hearts of foodies everywhere! In honour of this auspicious occasion, Union Jack's will not only be open for dine in ALL DAY, but we will be offering you the chance to pay your respects to this culinary champion with TWO special promotions: Fʀᴏᴍ 2ᴘᴍ - 5ᴘᴍ: small / medium / large Seabass or Snapper - available for for Dine In and Delivery. Fʀᴏᴍ 7.30ᴘᴍ: just 250k : Spiced Carrot and Ginger Soup OR Lightly Curried Smooth Vegetable Soup : Small Fish & Chips (Regular +40k) : Choose from a selection of our British classics! To reserve you table now, visit www.Union-Jacks.co and let us know what time you'd like to arrive! The National Fish and Chips Day, the kettle will be on, the chips will be fresh from the fryer... why not come and #getonboard at Union Jack's?
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David Beckham
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What do Kylie Jenner, Heinz, and David Beckham have in common? No, it’s not that they’re saucy. (But that is accurate.) Hint: They are all in on ONE secret that generates each of them hundreds of millions in sales per year. They sell products direct-to-consumer on a website they own on Shopify... which means they have TOTAL ownership over their profits. If your only sales channel is through Amazon, the success of your business is based on your relationship with a middleman. Amazon owns your customers, your distribution, and, ultimately, your income. Any number of issues (like bad reviews from competitors, listing issues, and the neverending race to rank) can disrupt this delicate balance and tank your sales. The solution? ✅ Expand your brand off Amazon by selling your products on Shopify and: ✅ Increase how much your customers spend with you ✅ Double the value of your business by adding a new sales stream ✅ Set yourself up for a 7-figure exit when it’s time to sell your business We’re hosting a LIVE masterclass where we’ll show you exactly how to generate massive wealth with Shopify. Claim your spot now! https://amazingwebinars.com/shopify
David Beckham
It was great to meet Lewis Cope, Leo Jonah and That Funny Blind Guy. Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories and being part of my new fragrance launch, Bold Instinct. #DavidBeckhamFragrances
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David Beckham
Loved being behind the camera for a change #DavidBeckhamFragrances
David Beckham
Same look, few more grey hairs 15 years on Having some fun with #BrooklynBeckham recreating this shot from 15 years ago by the legendary Annie Leibovitz. #DavidBeckhamFragrances
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Veiðiferðin sem allir eru að tala um. Óttar rýfur þögnina um hvað gerðist í Haffjarðarár.
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Tim Guild Esports kini telah resmi melakukan debut memasuki scene esports di nomor game Rocket League. Organisasi yang terbentuk hasil kerja sama antara David Beckham (melalui DB Ventures) dan Blue Star Capital ini pertama kali ikut bersaing di Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) musim 2020-2021. ✊
Sukin Việt Nam
BIG SALE 60% SUKIN FOR MEN MỸ PHẨM NAM GIỚI SỐ 1 VIỆT NAM Một thực tế là hiện tại có rất nhiều khách hàng nam giới sử dụng các sản phẩm dưỡng da như: Kem dưỡng ẩm, Sữa rửa mặt, tẩy tế bào chết hay sữa tắm Men! ♦️Và tại sao các MEN lại chọn Sukin Men? Là vì: ☑️Các anh biết CẦN chăm sóc để có được làn da khỏe và đẹp. ☑️Các anh biết SUKIN là mỹ phẩm hữu cơ an toàn cho sức khỏe ☑️Các anh biết sử dụng SUKIN là bảo vệ Trái Đất. ☑️Cuối Cùng và quan trọng nhất: Giá cả bình dân. Sukin có thể không PR bởi Ronaldo hay David Beckham... Nhưng hữu xạ tự nhiên hương: SUKIN DOESN'T COST THE EARTH! ♦️ 20 năm không ngừng phát triển, mỹ phẩm Sukin của Úc đã mang về cho mình bảng thành tích đồ sộ: + Chứng nhận 100% Carbon Neutro + Chứng nhận không tàn nhẫn với động vật ( Cruetly Free) + Chứng nhận Vegan, Organics + 100% bao bì tái chế và cam kết số lượng phát hành tối thiểu + Giải thưởng sản phẩm cho nam giới số 1 tại Úc. Săn SALE ngay: https://bitly.com.vn/uXu93 INBOX đặt ngay: m.me/sukinviet Số lượng cực kì có hạn!!! ------------------------ Website: Sukinvn.com Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sukinviet/ Liên hệ: 0948721615 ☎️ Zalo: 0948721615 #Sukin #Sukinvietnam #Sukinsale #Sukinviet #Sukinchinhhang #Sukinmen #Myphamnhapkhau #Myphamthiennhien #Myphamnamgioi #Danhaycam #Myphamchonam #Suaruamatnam #Kemduongmen #Duongdanam
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