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Get special discount on COVID-19 testing through Citilab Home/Office Collection services and Get your PCR test results within 12 - 24 hours. COVID-19 Tests available: 1) Covid PCR 2) Covid Antibody IgG, IgM 3) Covid Total Antibody 4) Covid Antigen 5) Covid IgG Quantitative Antibody level. 6) Covid monitoring tests (CBC, ESR, CRP, D DIMER, Procalcitonin, APTT, FERRITIN, LDH, UCE). Approved by Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) and American Proficiency Institute Want more details? Book an appointment dial: Mob: 0300-0124232, 03364440330
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Boost your immune system to fight off Covid-19! Vitaboost Wellness Clinic prepares you for maximum protection and boost your immune system shield by boosting your vitamins and minerals in body to optimum level.✨ Why you need proper vitamins now? Dr. Wang Zhou, Chief Physician of Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises for supplementation of vitamins, minerals and fish oils during this outbreak (see his book at https://bit.ly/2Qu7NX. page 61) Doctors around the world discover that people with healthy immune system can fight off virus and recover by their own and show lesser symptoms and less mortality rate. Those who are deficient in certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, will have weak immune system and will need higher dosage of such vitamins to show positive effects (deficiency needs boosting) / vitamins and minerals from food alone rarely are sufficient. While there is no drug or vaccine yet, your own immune system is our best bet. Benefits of vitamins ✅ Vitamins A, C and E help increase white blood cells and help capture free radicals that destroy immune cells. ✅ Vitamin B helps the immune system to respond more quickly ✅ Vitamin D helps synthesis and production of anti-autoimmune substance. — numerous researches show that only sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body (> 30 ng/mL) can help boost the immune system. ✅ Zinc and Selenium assist the healthy division of white blood cells. ✅ Our doctors and physician will tailor-make the effective dosage for each customer by compound vitamins/ delivery to your home /professionally created by doctors. #Details of the package PREMIUM package: THB 2,500/month with 13 types: Coenzyme Q10/Vitamin A/B Complex/C/D3/E/Copper/Magnesium/Selenium/Zinc Chelate/Resveratrol/ N-Acetyl Cysteine/Curcumin PLATINUM Package: THB 5,000/ month with 19 types: Coenzyme Q10/Vitamin A/B Complex/C/D3/E/Copper/Magnesium/Selenium/Zinc Chelate/Resveratrol/ N-Acetyl Cysteine/Curcumin/Omega -3/Astaxanthin/Alpha Lipoic Acid/Boron/Lycopene/Manganese #Details of blood analysis for Platinum Immunity SuperBooster THB 10,900.✨ HDL / LDL / Cholesterol / Triglyceride/AST / ALT Cr / BUN/FBS/CBC/CRP/Ferritin Vitamin C/Lycopene/Vitamin A / Vitamin E/Coenzyme Q 10/ Vitamin B12/Folic acid / Magnesium/Zinc/ Vitamin D) Special promotion (until June 30th, 2020) 1. Family package: Buy 3 persons, free 1 person. 2. Subscribe to 6-month Platinum package course, get free full blood test valuing THB 10,900. 3. Subscribe to 6-month Premium package course, get free antioxidants blood test (Vit A, C, E, Q10) valuing THB 5,000. 4. All licensed medical professionals get 30% off. 5. Credit card 0% installment for Kbank, SCB, KTC. 6. Allianz Healthy Living members get x3 points. ‍⚕️Get free consultation or place orders at Line: @vitaboost.me or click http://nav.cx/8xGIxie FB Messenger: http://m.me/vitaboost.me www.vitaboost.me Tel. 023817691 Useful articles What are personalized vitamins? https://blog.vitaboost.me/what-are-personalized-supplements/ How to boost your immunity? https://blog.vitaboost.me/how-to-boost-your-bodys-immune-system-to-fight-virus/ ** We take care of you with our highest professional medical standard** – Medical Facility license no. 10101034695 (in Thailand) – Standard manufacturing laboratory: ISO 14644-1 Class 7 (Class 10,000). – All compounded vitamins are pharmaceutical grades. – Certified and sponsored by: >> National Invention Agency (Public Organization) >> National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) >>Allianz Insurance Group Disclaimer: no drug, vaccine or vitamins can prevent/cure Covid-19 at the moment; however, the persons whose immune system is strong can recover by themselves and therefore it is the time to prepare your immune system to its optimal level. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics
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MASYA ALLAH... MINUSKU SEMBUH YA ALLAH... K-ion nano Terbaik untuk mengatasi : . 1. Migren, Sakit Kepala 2. Mata Berair Hilang 3. Sebagai Anti Radiasi HP/Laptop 4. Mata Kabur/Min/Plus/Silinder Berkurang 5. Penampilan Semakin Cantik 6. Bisa Untuk Anak Mulai SD INFO LEBIH LANJUT ATAU KLIK VIDEO DI BAWAH INI
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მომხდარზე გამოძიება განზრახ მკვლელობის და ცეცხლსასროლი იარაღის უკანონო შეძენა, შენახვა, ტარების მუხლით დაიწყო.