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Christian Gu rubbed his eyes and sat up from the bed. The first thing he saw was the messy on the floor. Suddenly, he recalled something and sobered immediately. Turning head to look at his side, a woman lied here. Some blue and purple marks on her white and tender body were obvious to be seen. His delicate face turned as cold as ice instantly. Anna Nan was in drowsiness when she felt the movement beside. Consciously, she opened her eyes as soon as she felt the dangerous atmosphere approaching. She sat up at once. She met at the glance of Christian Gu. His eyes were deep and cold, and the furrowed brow showed his great anger. “Anna Nan!”, the uncovered man sat on the bed, coldly squeezing out the two words from his teeth! Anna Nan only felt the shivers ran over her. Suddenly, Anna Nan looked down at herself. She found that she didn't wear any clothes so she was completely in panic. Pointing at him for a long time, she couldn't say any word, "You, you, you... I, I, I ... We ..." What happened to us! Before she could ask the question, her raising wrist which pointed to him was severely pinched by him. The man just yanked her off from the bed with a little strength. Anna Nan staggered and her knee was bumped against the low cabinet beside the bed. The pain almost made her cry out on the spot. No sooner could she stand herself firmly than she was hit by her clothes, accompanied by the voice of the man with no emotions, "Get out of here!" Christian Gu was angry. He was going to ask her what was going on and why they would sleep together. However, when he saw her sitting there without any cloth, his blood rushed into his brain and he got angry at both themselves. When he got drunk, how could he be such a stupid jerk? And how she stepped into his bedroom and slept in his bed? "I ..." No matter how naive Anna Nan was, this moment, she knew what had happened. She filled with injustice and embarrassment, but she didn't know how to say. How could she explain something that she even confused herself? "Get out!" Christian Gu denied her any chance to defend herself, then threw her with her stuff out of the master bedroom. The large bedroom was quiet again. Christian Gu sat on the ground in a misery. He held his head and could not find any excuse to forgive himself. How could he get drunk and ... How can he face the other HER now? He had promised her that she would be the only one in his life. This was the last thing he could do for her. However, when Christian Gu tortured himself in his heart, Anna Nan felt no any ease than him. In theory, she and Christian Gu are legal couples. It's normal if this happened, but the key is that they are in a marriage of convenience. There was an agreement before the marriage. Their marriage was just a cover shield to make their parents happy. Each of them got their needs. If one day, any of them had a real relationship, the other would have the right to divorce at any time. Since half a year of their marriage, the two have always had a tacit understanding of respecting each other as the “guests.” Even if both of the two were at home, they lived in separate bedrooms and had never crossed the line. The last day, she was blue and drank too much wine! When she went home, her mother-in-law just came to his house to deliver some things. Then she took them to the master bedroom. She forget what happened the next, only dimly remembered Christian Gu was very gentle last night. Further more, he had been muttering someone’s name... Anna Nan stayed in the bedroom alone with depression and sadness. The stabbing pain on her body clearly reminded her that she had lost her first time. Being in a daze for a long time, she had thought it over. The best way to deal with this matter was to treat it as if nothing had happened. Although she didn't feel well, the worst result was divorce. Then she went to the bathroom to wash out everything. Just had Anna Nan come out of the bathroom, a knock at the door of her room. She took a deep breath then went to the door to open it. Since she had to
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تابعنا من خلال متجرنا الالكتروني وسنتكفل بتوصيل طلباتكم بما يضمن سلامتكم وسلامة فريقنا .
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Cuidarnos es bueno. Cuidarnos entre todos es mucho mejor. Es la lección que hoy nos impulsa a buscar nuevas formas de ayudar.

Produžni kabel na kolutu 25 metra 3x1 mm2 ( 16A trajnog opterećenja ) -175 Kn Kvalitetna izolacija kabela otporna na pucanje , i razne tekućine Prekidač na kolutu 4 šuko utičnice Pogodan za kućanstvo, gradilišta i sve druge namjene VAŽNA NAPOMENA IZ OSNOVA ELEKTROTEHINKE - za jača opterecenja neophodno je razmotati cijeli kabel, jer se u protivnom pretvara u jaku zavojnicu Može doći do oštećenja kabla Plaćanje pouzećem prilikom preuzimanja Garancija 12 mjeseci Za narudzbu je potrebno napisati: IME I PREZIME ADRESU MJESTO I POSTANSKI BROJ KONTAKT TELEFON DOSTAVA U ROKU od 1 do 3 radnih dana Dostavlja HP, poštarina za cijelu Hrvatsku= 40,00 kn *Ukoliko ste u Zagrebu, možete se javiti u inbox kako bi osobno preuzeli artikl u našoj trgovini* Podsjećamo vas da legalno imate 14 dana da vratite narudžbu bez da date razlog.
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עזריאלי מכללה להנדסה
מכינה להנדסה באווירה ירושלמית - בואו לרכוש מקצוע מבוקש! לפרטים חייגו 9087* או לחצו על כפתור הרשמה והשאירו פרטים. מסלולי הלימוד: הנדסת תוכנה • הנדסה פרמצבטית • הנדסת חומרים מתקדמים • הנדסת מכונות • הנדסת חשמל ואלקטרוניקה • הנדסת תעשייה וניהול
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ေရႊလင္း အလွကုန္/လူသံုးကုန္ လကၠားျဖန္႔ခ်ီေရးဒိုင္
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НОВИ МОДЕЛИ И НАМАЛЕНИЕ ДО - 30 % G A B I N A 1997 +преглед/тест с ЕКОНТ разгледайте моделите ТУК⬇
Astral Fable
Astral Fable is coming out! Begin your fantasy journey, play free now!
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‼️ Cận cảnh quá trình điêu khắc tạo sợi Hairstrokes tại Xăm Phun Thiên Kim. Đây là phương pháp tạo sợi bằng máy hàng đầu hiện nay, khắc phục các khuyết điểm của những kỹ thuật điêu khắc cũ. Phương pháp này cho thời gian thực hiện nhanh chỉ từ 45 phút, sợi điêu khắc bền màu đến 95%. Kết cấu hòa quyện không thể phân biệt thật giả. - Xăm Phun Thiên Kim hiện đang là học viện đào tạo nghề phun xăm đầu ngành của Việt Nam. Nơi quy tựu những bậc thầy với rất nhiều năm kinh nghiệm đã đào tạo hàng ngàn học viên. Đây sẽ là những người trực tiếp kiến tạo nên hàng lông mày cho khách hàng. Không phải là những chuyên viên bình thường như rất nhiều cơ sở khác. Báo chí nói về Xăm Phun Thiên Kim: - https://zingnews.vn/xam-phun-thien-kim-nhan-bang-khen-cua-hoi-phat-trien-nghe-lam-dep-post893784.html - https://dantri.com.vn/doi-song/master-thien-kim-nguoi-mang-co-hoi-thay-doi-cuoc-song-cho-hang-ngan-hoc-vien-20200412142028740.htm - https://dantri.com.vn/doi-song/xam-phun-thien-kim-thuong-hieu-gan-lien-voi-chuyen-gia-phun-xam-tham-my-thien-kim-20190514123254633.htm - https://eva.vn/nhan-vat-dep/master-thien-kim-phu-thuy-phun-xam-tu-tin-voi-ve-dep-khac-biet-c262a391413.html - https://zingnews.vn/xam-phun-thien-kim-no-luc-tao-cho-dung-cho-hoc-vien-post950846.html - https://www.24h.com.vn/bi-quyet-lam-dep/master-thien-kim-chi-dai-trong-nganh-phun-xam-tham-my-viet-nam-c673a1049039.html ----------- Liên hệ với Xăm Phun Thiên Kim: ► Địa chỉ 1: 27A Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, P. Đa Kao, Q.1, TPHCM ► Địa chỉ 2: 198 - 198 Bis Nguyễn Tri Phương, P4, Q10, TPHCM ► Điện thoại: 093 283 51 88 - 0909 718 282 ► Website: https://xamphunthienkim.vn ► Youtube: https://bitly.com.vn/M5uGB #Dieukhaclongmay #Hairstrokes --------------------- © Bản quyền thuộc về Xăm Phun Thiên Kim © Copyright by Xam Phun Thien Kim ☞ Do not Reup
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After being in business 30 years were under new ownership, give us a call today for all your lawn and Tree care needs. 515-520-4454.
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