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Manufacturing in China is like deconstructing a puzzle. Except it’s China’s game, and the rules are in Mandarin. Most people make one of two mistakes: 1) They put all their faith into Alibaba. (The overpriced yet under-connected middleman) 2) They assume they only need to find one good factory. We often get on the phone with people after one of these mistakes derailed their manufacturing run before V1 of their product even got shipped. It’s around that time that they realise it would be helpful if their “trusted connection” in China actually responded to their emails. That first failed run teaches them that there isn’t a single factory in the world that can make a good product by themselves. They learn that they need a network of factories who can connect the different components of their product idea together. Sometimes, they learn about this for the first time when one of our business development managers walks them through our method over the phone. On this call, they realise that we also have a charismatic Chinese negotiator who visits our network of factories every day. His job is to renegotiate better terms for the book of western business owners who are using our supply chain... ...and when they see that we need somebody on payroll whose full-time job is to smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey with factory owners?... ...They begin to see the manufacturing process for what it really is - a complicated puzzle with many different moving parts - pretty overwhelming for those who try to deconstruct it on their own. Now, we aren’t saying it isn’t possible to do this on your own. Our founder did. But, it took him a decade, and he is fluent in Mandarin and was willing to visit 2 factories every day for 3 years. What we are saying is that there is a faster route. Our methods are complicated, but they can be boiled down into 2 steps: Step one = Deconstruct the puzzle. First, you need to understand how every piece of your product idea fits together. Which factory is going to make that branded double sided metal zipper with a silicone piece for the logo? And who is going to move all of your components into the 3rd party factory, ready for assembly? Step two = Get connected to the right specialist factories. After you have figured out what you need, next you need to know who can get it for you. For many years we have been building a network of factories - where we are often already responsible for over 80% of the factories output through our existing customers. It means that we get faster response times and they care more when manufacturing our products. It's the secret to our success - we call it the Component Control Method©. We have written an article that teaches you how to use the method when manufacturing your own products: https://www.morphomfg.com/why-you-dont-need-to-find-just-one-manufacturer-in-china/ In the article, you will learn: 1. How to get different factory owners to specialize in making just one component. (and why you always end up with a better quality product when every component is made by a different factory.) 2. How to protect your product's IP without spending any money. ( No factory in your supply chain will even know what the finished product even looks like when you do this.) 3. How companies like Apple are using the Component Control Method© to increase profit margins and guarantee quality products - without ever owning the factories. 4. How our customer Cubcoats became a household name for their 2-in-1 Children's product using the method (A hoodie that turns into a toy.) 5. Why Foxconn (Apple's contract manufacturer) was so obsessed with controlling every detail of product development. Check it out here: https://www.morphomfg.com/why-you-dont-need-to-find-just-one-manufacturer-in-china/

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