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After wasting $500,000 on a marketing campaign, here's how Financial Advisers Australia turned things around and generated $10 million in sales in under 12 months.
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America's Best Defense | Kid's Martial Arts and Adult Krav Maga Self Defense in North Attleboro
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Here's a doable biz: you make small, simple websites; rank them in Google; and forward the emails and calls onto local businesses. In return, they pay you, monthly, to keep the leads coming. Here are 15 reasons you might like to do this, yourself, here in 2020. 1. WIDE OPEN. "Landscape Design Company Irvine, California" is one niche. "Landscape Design Company Windsor, Ontario" is another niche. "Landscape Design Company Logan City, Queensland" is another. See where I'm going with this? Now how many different types of businesses are there? Hundreds, if not thousands. And how many cities are there throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia? Thousands. So, when you multiply those together, that means there are more than a million niches. With new ones being born all the time. Cryotherapy. Electric scooter rental. Mobile IV therapy. Just to name a few. 2. AFFORDABLE. A grand will get you started. No, not everyone has a grand laying around. But compared to what you'd need to run paid ads or launch your own e-comm brand or buy a franchise, it's a drop in the bucket. Plus, once you're up and running, you pocket almost everything you make. 3. NO INVENTORY. Nothing to store, sort, maintain or ship. Less hassle. Low overhead. Very little risk. 4. NO CUSTOMERS. Which means: no emails, no calls, no complaints, no drama and no distractions. Making way for quiet, peaceful, productive days. 5. CONVENIENT. Work anytime, anywhere—as long as there's WiFi. Early mornings at Starbucks. From a lawn chair while your son is at baseball practice. In your car during your lunch break. On a bench, in between rides at Disneyland. From a tranquil poolside cabana. On the red eye home from Maui. I've done it all, and then some. 6. SIMPLE. The websites are drag-and-drop. Our custom software handles all the tracking, forwarding and billing. And if you get stuck, our tech team is on standby, waiting to help. 7. SCALABLE. Once a site is ranked, at the city level, it pretty much stays there. So you set it, forget it, and go do another one. Clone the original site, tweak it for a new city, get 'er ranked, land another landscape design company (for example), repeat. Or, pick a new niche in the same city. Or a new niche in a new city. The options are endless. Either way, why stop? Why not make as many as you can comfortably manage? Even as a solopreneur, you can put serious recurring "rent" on the books. Of course, eventually, you'll plateau. Same as any business. And, at that point, you'll have a tough decision to make: hire staff to continue growing; or keep it simple, as-is. Still. Great problem to have. 8. SEMI-PASSIVE. As you can see, the work is all front-loaded. And don't get me wrong: it will certainly be work. But well worth it. Because, once it is done and a deal is made, it's all downhill from there. 9. LONG-TERM. This is no different than having traditional rental properties. Right? Build it, market it, find someone who wants it, come to terms, collect checks. Till they move on, that is. And when they do? Replace them. Resume rent. If you do it right, each project should pay you, residually, for years to come. My personal best, thus far, is nine years. And counting! 10. ETHICAL. No more peddling pills, potions and lotions. Or worthless eBooks. Or dodgy drop-shipped products that take five weeks to arrive—broken. Nope. With this, your value is undeniable. It can be measured. "The leads I sent Lisa's Landscape Design made the owner, Lisa, an extra [blank] last month. And she paid me [blank]. That's a 4:1 return." Win-win. 11. FEELS GOOD. Building something real. Helping small businesses and the communities they serve. Having an impact. Deserving each and every dollar you earn. Finally! A business you're proud of—not embarrassed by. One that your friends and family actually understand and admire. 12. NO SELLING. Just hand out samples, like the nice old lady at Costco. As in, "Here, have some leads. And if you want more, let's talk." Let 'em sell themselves. Then, once you get some wins, word spreads. Soon, business owners will
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Work is much more FUN than FUN. Learn more the Trailblazer Transporter ➜ http://bit.ly/OrecTrailblazer #OrecPower #MotorizedCarrier #Wheelbarrow #Landscaping #Construction #Rental #Parks #Trails
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❤️❤️ SG NÓNG NẮNG QUÁ - NGỒI NHÀ ORDER NGAY ĐỒ ĂN, ĐỒ UỐNG MÁT LẠNH CỦA FRESH LEMON LÀ SƯỚNG NHẤT QUẢ ĐẤT- LÀM LIỀN ĐI Ạ - CHỈ TỪ 17K❤️❤️ Gọi ngay 0919 009 443 để đặt hàng liền - Ăn thả ga!!! ➡️ CHÈ BƯỞI AN GIANG: 20k/1 PHẦN ➡️ NƯỚC NHA ĐAM HẠT CHIA CHANH VÀNG: 20k/ 1 CHAI ➡️ CHÈ SẦU LIÊN ĐÀ NẴNG: 42k/ PHẦN ➡️ DỪA DẦM HẢI PHÒNG: 35k/ PHẦN ➡️ RAU MÁ PHA: 17k - 25k/1 CHAI ➡️ AFTER WORK MILK TEA: 30k/1 CHAI ➡️ SỮA CHUA UỐNG TRÁI CÂY: 40k/1 CHAI ➡️ SỮA CHUA NẾP CẨM: 100k/1 LỐC ➡️ Shop nhận giao hàng đơn hàng 80k trở lên ạ. ❤ Nhanh tay Cmt, inbox hoặc gọi ngay 0919 009 443 để đặt hàng NGAY BÂY GIỜ!! ⚡ ⚡ VÌ LÀ MÓN TƯƠI NÊN SHOP SẼ BOOK DỊCH VỤ GIAO HÀNG GIAO Ạ, PHÍ SHOP TÍNH THEO DỊCH VỤ TỪ 25k - 60k TUỲ XA GẦN.
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#LVEconomía: COHEP y diferentes sectores piden al Gobierno y SAR que se eliminen los pagos a cuentas del periodo 2020. Ya que la crisis económica es devastadora y el Gobierno ni el SAR han propuesto una verdadera solución de alivio hasta la fecha. ¡Comparta su opinión! #Honduras
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MECÂNICA BOM JESUS - Especializada em carros nacionais e importados. Deixe seu veículo nas mãos de técnicos especializados em todos os tipos de mecânica. Fale com o Raulino. e-mail: mecanicabomjesus2016@gmail.com
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ยาสีฟันนวัตกรรมใหม่ เพื่อลมหายใจหอมสดชื่น 2 in 1 ผสมน้ำยาบ้วนปาก
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安娜貝拉 - Annabella Ip
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يكسرون فيك ألف خاطر ، ثم يطلبون منك أن لا تتغير
ilaan.com: Pakistan Property Portal, Website, Finder - Buy, Sell, Rent Real Estate & Properties in Pakistan
Play Mile High | Denver’s best coed social sports leagues
Get active this summer safely with our kickball leagues in Lodo, Cap Hill, Cherry Creek, or Wash Park. Registration closes July 15th.
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¡Aprovecha nuestras ofertas de aniversario y remodela los espacios de tu hogar! Descubre la variedad de productos que El Bosque tiene para ti, precios increíbles con el 44% de descuento en más de 100 productos. ¡Que esperas, visítanos ya! Aplican restricciones* Válido hasta el 30 de Septiembre* Para mayor información sobre envíos revisar términos y condiciones por cambios del Covid-19: https://www.bosque.com.ec/protocolo-covid-19
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Sezonun En Şık Sandaletleri Ücretsiz Değişim ve İade İmkanı Üstelik Kargo Ücretsiz Whatsapp : 0532 780 51 00
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지금까지 이런 드라이빙 프로그램은 없었다!   BMW 차량 중 평소 꿈꿔왔던 모델을 선택하여 트랙 위를 직접 달려보는 새로운 드라이빙 프로그램, Test Drive.   이것이 바로 어디에서도 경험할 수 없는 BMW 드라이빙 센터 클라쓰!   ✔체험 차량: BMW 1~7 Series, BMW X Range, BMW M, BMW i, MINI ✔체험 시간: 30분 ✔가격: 30,000-60,000원 *차종별 상이 ✔드라이빙 프로그램 예약: https://www.bmw-driving-center.co.kr/
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TRINY.pl - kosmetyki naturalne i organiczne, zdrowa żywność
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ZotaPay: Payment service provider. Online for all payments
Accepting online payments from your travelers has never been so easy. Either your business is a Travel agency, Booking platform, Car rental company, Airline company, Transportation company, Tour guide, SPA, Hotel, etc. Zotapay offers the best payment gateway that is tailored to suit the needs of different businesses across the travel industry. We are connected to 500 different acquiring banks and PSP’s through our gateway system around the world. We enable our merchants to provide travelers with a seamless payment experience. You can receive payments immediately in all required currencies and payment methods from your clients. Visit Zotapay.com now for more information!