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Live Better and Look Better. Control Estrogen Men who lift weights or play sports want a naturally high level of testosterone. At the very least, they want their testosterone levels to be normal, and they definitely don't want their natural levels to drop to "low-normal" or below. Having "high-normal" testosterone means that muscle gains come faster, fat loss comes easier, sports performance stays high, and you generally feel, well, good. Low testosterone has been linked to fatigue and even issues in the bedroom. Trouble is, some testosterone converts into estrogen in a process called aromatization, which takes place mostly in fat tissue and muscle. Too much estrogen can cause an increase in body fat, a reduction of muscle mass, and even a decrease in strength. To make things worse, increased levels of estradiol can then enter the bloodstream and travel to the pituitary and signal it to stop producing the hormone that prompts the male body to produce testosterone. Furthermore, a lot of progressive scientists and doctors now believe that estrogen plays more of a negative role in prostate health than the other testosterone metabolite that gets most of the blame — DHT. So while men need some estrogen to maintain the health of blood vessels, if it gets out of control it can cause a host problems. Man-Made Estrogens Are Everywhere Many chemicals in the environment mimic estrogen. These phony estrogens (xenoestrogens) exist in plastic bottles and bowls, air fresheners, pesticides, detergents, even toothpaste. They're everywhere, and far too many find their way into your body every single day. Enter Resveratrol Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol found in small amounts in grapes and mulberries. It's also one of the main reasons why a little red wine may be healthy for you. Resveratrol has been shown to have a host of health benefits, but the one you should be most interested in has to do with estrogen. Resveratrol acts as a potent estrogen antagonist (while also acting as an agonist in some tissues, similar to the drugs clomiphene and tamoxifen). In higher concentrations, it acts as an aromatase inhibitor. That means it stops the body from whittling away at your testosterone. If a substance stops testosterone from being converted to estrogen or estradiol, it not only prevents the nasty effects of estrogen (loss of muscle and accrual of body fat), but it increases your level of testosterone, leading to additional strength and muscle. The aromatase inhibition occurs through two mechanisms: reducing the expression of aromatase, as well as binding to the enzyme and preventing it from doing its dirty work. And, unlike conventional aromatase inhibitors, resveratrol doesn't cause a decline in blood vessel function. In fact, it seems to improve it. Resveratrol also occupies the receptor sites, or biological "parking lots," so that xenoestrogens can't "park" in their spots. This helps you fight off those man-made estrogens that can lower testosterone. Fat Loss and Other Health Benefits Calorie deprivation activates a protein called SIRT1. Activation of this protein inhibits PPAR-gamma activity and this causes your body to burn fat. Resveratrol activates this very same SIRT1 protein, without you needing to diet excessively. Additionally, an overwhelming amount of literature on resveratrol has demonstrated potent cardiovascular benefits, anti-aging effects, and positive neurological effects. Many of these benefits stem from anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects as well as gene modulation. Optimal Rez-V Dosing Rez-V contains the purest, highest-grade of resveratrol possible. It's best to take one large dose of resveratrol, instead of several smaller doses, because of the way it's metabolized. A three-capsule dose of Rez-V contains 600 mg of pure resveratrol, the amount you need to get the maximal effects. That's 6 times as much as many other brands. More info and store page: https://biotest.t-nation.com/products/rez-v
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Come celebrate the opening of Cortex’s newest addition: 4220 Duncan! Enjoy four floors of immersive experiences hosted by the building's unique tenants all with complimentary food and drink! This event is free and has activities for all ages.
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MARKO LOUIS & THE CHAINSMOKERS – nova kolaboracija je spremna! Jedan svetski megahit u srpskoj verziji ovog leta diže temperaturu, a i tebe na noge! Đuskanje u najavi – are you ready?
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If you want to get business leads from Instagramᵀᴹ, first you have to set your account up for success. That means nailing the core principles and foundations of how to use the platform so that you won't waste your valuable time or energy. Join the next free #Instabizweek challenge and you'll get 4 days of challenges and content designed to reveal the steps you need to take you from beginner to business lead generator. This challenge is designed to give you the foundations you need to be able to start building your audience on Instagramᵀᴹ…without spammy methods or icky DMs telling people “buy my stuff”. With this plan, your ideal client finds you and BUYS from you, because they love you and your Instagramᵀᴹ brand! Join the challenge here: https://kimbadigital.com/instabizweek/ DISCLAIMER: Let’s get real for a moment, though. Building a business still requires the right mindset and attitude. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, there’s no magic wand and I’m no knight in shining armour. If you want to: • Magically make 6 figures overnight; • Get results without putting in any effort; • Automate everything so you can put your feet up; • Become an influencer in the next 5 days… …then the #InstaBizWeek is NOT for you. However, if you: ✔️ Understand that building a business takes time and effort; ✔️ Are looking for an organic way to get consistent leads in your business; ✔️ Want an efficient method that makes the most of your time; ✔️ Are ready to implement and take the action to get RESULTS… Then, welcome! Let’s get this show on the road! Join the #Instabizweek here: https://kimbadigital.com/instabizweek/
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Wij zoeken een locatiemanager met zorgachtergrond voor onze nieuwe zorgvilla in Leusden. Wil jij ouderen met dementie een fijne, waardige en liefdevolle plek geven om te wonen? Dan zoeken wij jou!
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New paintings featuring my reaction to last summer’s travels to Spain. www.sethbenzel.com
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