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Scribe Accounts – Purpose Built for Town Clerks
Scribe Accounts – Purpose Built for Town Clerks
Scribe Accounts – Purpose Built for Town Clerks
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Ray Kroc - - before meeting the McDonald Brothers Sam Walton - - didn't open his first Walmart until 44 Martha Stewart - - before opening up her first catering business (before a billion dollar empire) Retail Clerks fired - - then started wildly successful Home Depot as CEO's Stan Lee - - only releases his first comic. Henry Ford - - builds first car after career as a mechanic Hugo Boss - - builds clothing business after working for his parents Estée Lauder - - starts cosmetic business after helping family for years Colonel Sanders - - went from failure to failure, until the opening KFC at the age of 62. , ' . So if you're reading this: 1. You still got time 2. If you're younger, you have an advantage → CATCH UP 3. So I wanna show you what I did to build a growing 8-figure brand by 28 Warning: Won't be a webinar. Won't be about spamming organic messaging. Won't be about setting up a course lol. Just the real way to grow a business on your terms, whatever your age or stage of life → https://www.eliteceos.com/marked-funnels
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I can almost guarantee that there must have been numerous posts on your newsfeeds lately about such online options and/or how to generate substantial moolah by leveraging social media platforms. Aha! I thought so. By the way, those are not ordinary posts that happen to show on our timelines while we are scrolling aimlessly up and down our smartphones or computers. Those are called “Ads” (short for advertisements) that market and specifically target social media users like you and me. I actually searched this just now, and I am inserting it in here for emphasis; “With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so” Yes, I’m glad you noticed that those figures were for 2019…so, imagine how many active users are there by now? Especially at our present time that almost the whole wide world seems to only have one same lifeline i.e. the internet! Just to get myself on the clear here, it was this very platform itself that threw my Ad your way due to a variety of factors that have been caught by their robots between our social media accounts combined. Yep, hand in my heart, that’s the truth! So, I showed how massive the number of active users here are and explained the reason why the sudden several alike advertisements; well what’s that got to do with you, right? I drafted this conversation-like note to casually get through to people who might be in a similar situation like I was almost a year ago. Those who probably have been searching for something to try online that could potentially give them extra revenue or perhaps, an alternative source of sustenance. If that resonates with you, would you care to find out how this Ad of mine landed on your screen without us actually being connected, yet? Let me then properly introduce myself. My name is Lilibeth, also known as Betchay. I am originally from the Philippines but I live in London, UK for almost 2 decades now. I am a full time Operations Supervisor at a company that deals with foreign currencies and a successful Digital Business Executive of my own internet-based brand. Now why, how and what made me jump into this trillion-dollar industry? Why? · In view of the fact that going digital is the new 9-5 and better! Whatever it is that people choose to do nowadays to get out of their unfulfilling routine successfully must be based on the internet. · Because I don’t plan to work for someone else’s dreams all my life. I have my own aspirations to pursue and achieve! · For the reason that my family deserves better and being able to spend more time with my dearest is one that I consider a luxury. What? · The ingenious automation system that is proven and effectively converts sales without me having to manually sell products nor cold-call random people (which is something that I have never been particularly keen of doing). · The support system from the amazing community of thriving like-minded individuals from all walks of life; from teachers to sales clerks to nurses to attorneys to truck drivers to plumbers to waitresses to cleaners, etc. is unbelievable, it’s beyond this world. · The excellent thorough training that is user-friendly so that even a non-tech savvy like myself can easily understand. · The mobility and convenience of having a business that is on a smartphone or laptop with just a dependable internet connection to make it run on its own. · The fact that they offer a lucrative passive dividend that becomes a legacy to be passed on to my inheritors. · The financial and time independence that it brings because of the unique automation system that works for me while I enjoy precious moments with my loved ones. How? · After reading an Ad, just like this one, I simply watched a webinar that was sent to my email which explained the basic overview of this business and then I just followed the
THESE ARE THE SKILLS ""IN DEMAND"" IN CANADA 1. Fruit Farm Labourer 2. Cashier 3. Factory Workers 4. Production Workers (food production) 5. Crop Farm Workers 6. Nurses, Caregivers & Medical staff 7. Food Service Attendants 8. Live-in Caregiver 9. Call Center Agents 10. Accounting clerks 11. Assistant Chef 12. Software Developer 13. Administration 14. Human resources 15. Truck drivers 16. Welders 17. Warehouse workers 18. Engineers 19. Assistant Managers 20.Forklift drivers *DISCLAIMER: Anyone who comments on this post WILL be privately messaged by the Admins of This Page!
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"מאיפה זה הגיע?" "איך לא ידעתי?", "זה הורג לי את הפרוייקט" – אלו הם רק חלק מהציטוטים שאנחנו שומעים מדי יום מיזמי נדל"ן, בגלל תקנה כזו או אחרת. באירוע פסגת הנדל"ן ניישר קו מבחינה מקצועית ונעסוק בכל העדכונים הנוגעים לתחומי הליבה בענף הנדל"ן. מספר המקומות מוגבל, לחצו עכשיו!
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MacBook-ის მუშაობა უბრალოდ სასიამოვნოა \u2600\ufe0f\n\nMacBook Air 2020 - 4229 ლარიდან + საჩუქარი \nMacBook Pro 2020 - 5469 ლარიდან\nMacbook Pro 16" - 9809 ლარიდან + საჩუქარი\n\n შეიძინე ფილიალებში ან შეუკვეთე MacBook და ჩვენ მოგიტანთ 30 წუთში \n\nშეკვეთისთვის დარეკეთ 2 19 60 60 ან მოგვწერეთ პირად შეტყობინებაში \n\nადგილზე მიტანის სერვისით შეგიძლიათ ისარგებლოთ ნებისმიერი პროდუქციაზე (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Console, JBL, GoPro, ორიგინალი აქსესუარები) \u2b50\ufe0f
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