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KAIF KHADDI, https://kaifkhaddi.pk Celebrating Winter of 2020 and presents the essence of Kamalia's homespun, ultra-fine, elegant and stunning unstitched summer cotton shears khaddar collection. Which is a blend of top quality sooty threads called. (Sujar & comet with class 1), vest dying and weaving with utmost industriousness, workmanship with the pinnacle of professionalism among in all contemporary competitors in Pakistan. It is a non- chemical zed compact fabric characterized by brilliance, luster, durability and intense soft feel for human skin Salwar Kameez Suit :Size: 7 Meters Length and 35 Inches Arz https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=923215252504 WhatsApp: 0321-5252504 Call us:-----0341-6110908 PTCL:-------0463-700510 & Facebook messenger Or visit our website: https://kaifkhaddi.pk Free delivery all over Pakistan #kaifkhaddi #men #store #sale #fabric #cloth #handmade #homemade #Sheers60 #Shears4060 #velvet #designer #Kurtasalwar #cotton #summerclothes #Kamalia #kamaliakhaddar #unstitched #stitched #lawn #swiss #organza #Khaddar #winter #Kamalia #KamaliaKhaddar #Islamabad #lahore #Rawalpindi #Karachi #karachifashion
** 3M™ 4515 Protective Coverall ** Limited Stock Available https://fabrilife.com/product/53164-3m-4515-protective-coverall Material: The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4515 is lightweight whilst providing advanced protection against hazardous particles and certain liquid splashes. The chemical coveralls have been certified to Type 5/6 levels of protection. Design The coverall is made of a breathable lightweight material that has a number of design features including a two way zipper with a storm flap for additional protection. And elasticated openings. Elasticated openings around the head, face, ankles and wrists ensure these areas are not subjected to any contamination and or affect the level of protection. Protection The coverall helps protect against hazardous dusts (Type 5) and light liquid splashes (Type 6). It also has certification to offer protection against radioactive particles (EN 1073-2). The suit lastly has protection against radioactive particles (EN 1073-2:2002). Features and Benefits Protective coverall helps protect against a range of dusts and light liquid splashes Lightweight breathable material Storm flap creates a double seal for extra protection Elasticated openings to prevent contamination Type 5/6 levels of protection Approval CE approved under PPE Directive (89/686/ECC), Category ||| Article 10 Certification: BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd. Notified Body Number: 0338 Article 11B Supervision: SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Notified Nody Number: 0120 Materials Suit: SMS Polypropylene Zipper: Metal / Nylon /Polyster Braid Elastic: Neoprene Rubber Thread: Polyster / Cotton Comfort and Protection Liquid Protection: Type 6 - LIght Liquid Splashes (EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009) Dust Protection: Type 5 - Solid Airborne Particulates (EN ISO 13982-1:2004) Nuclear: Radioactive Particulates (EN 1073-2:2002) Class 1
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This business is for BUSY people, those who are taking care of the most important priorities in life and are working hard to do so. That is why we have done 90% of the hard grafting and business owners only need to put in 10% effort to achieve the desired outcome ✅A lazy person who needs things delivered in a silver platter without lifting a finger has to skip this advert as it is not a get rich scheme. One has to still put in productive time, dedication, determination, focus and perseverance just like any other business. So which one are you? [ ] ✅Busy taking care of babies 24 hours, this digital business is for [ ] ✅busy juggling school run, after school activities and work, then this is for [ ] ✅busy hustling long hours grafting to feed loved ones, too exhausted to show love and be actively involved in their lives, certainly this is for [ ] ✅retired and would still want to be productive, engage the mind and travel the world, you already know the answer, definitely for [ ] ✅building and passionate about ministry and need revenue to take care of God's business, look no further because this is for Register interest today and receive a complimentary workshop. See on the other side if you are a Busy person!!!
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בהסתדרות ובנעמת מציינים את חודש המודעות הבינלאומי לסרטן השד, בפעילויות הסברה לעובדות ולעובדים, שנערכות על פי הנחיות התו הסגול. \n\nהבוקר עברו יו"ר נעמת חגית פאר, וסמנכ"לית משאבי אנוש בהסתדרות עו"ד אירית פוריין-וייצמן, בין המשרדים, חילקו לעובדות ולעובדים עלוני מידע ומסיכות ורודות, וציינו את חשיבות הבדיקות למניעה ואבחון מוקדם של סרטן השד. \n\nבמהלך החודש מואר בית ההסתדרות ברחוב ארלוזורוב בתל אביב, בוורוד, כיוזמה משותפת של יו"ר ההסתדרות ארנון בר-דוד ושל יו"ר נעמת חגית פאר.\nנעמת | Women @ Work
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ATTENTION LADIES »» If you're a woman of faith who's a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, driven and desiring to connect, grow, and invest in yourself + your business — THIS is YOUR place! Monthly, we gather to network, connect and collaborate with other amazing women to not only grow professionally and our businesses, BUT to get our souls nurtured, get back to center, and build deeper relationships. We come together to support, encourage, and lift one another higher. In the the Refine Community we mix personal + professional + faith! JOIN US! Come as you are, take your next steps with purpose!
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هل تحتاج إلى المزيد من المال؟ سجِّل لتصبح شريكاً سائقاً مع أوبر. فرصة مميزة للمواطنين
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大家好!希望能跟大家分享更多烘焙的資訊, 讓我們享受在家也可以輕鬆做烘焙! 如果您喜歡小弟的粉絲專頁,歡迎點讚與分享喔! 謝謝曾經來過這個粉絲專頁的每一位!
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The lounge room is where living happens. It needs to be a friendly and warm place for everybody and all surfaces need to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. A colour refresh could just make the difference. Click below and get painting! Colours featured Dulux Lexicon on left wall, Dulux Milton Moon on right wall, Dulux Design Concrete Effect Pale Elements on feature fireplace wall, Dulux Lexicon Quarter on ceiling. #Dulux #TakeOnOneRoomAtATime #Interiors #DIY #InteriorProjects #FeatureWall #LoungeRoom #Inspiration #Duluxaustralia #Duluxaus #duluxpaint #concreteeffect #designeffects #loungeinpso #loungeroominspo

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