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"Property Launch Closing Formula" Workshop by Andrew Ho
Hey agents, this is Andrew Ho. I’m sure most of you already know about my track record so I’ll cut to the chase. Recently... I launched off my brand new “Rapid Prospecting Blueprint” Workshop to help agents attract hot qualified buyers & investors to purchase new property launches from you… In a matter of weeks! By teaching brand new strategies that I’ve created over the past 3 months, Many agents have attended and almost immediately after that, saw significant results in their lead generation and sales. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can check it out by copy and pasting the link below. http://www.champsrealtoracademy.com/free-workshop-rpb Now, the reason I’m saying this is because my workshop has its seats filled incredibly quickly. I mean agents are booking their seats weeks before the workshop even begins! And with the safe distancing measures, I can only hold up to 40 people in my workshop. So seats are extremely limited for agents who want to see a dramatic surge in their leads and sales. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to take your real estate business to the next level. The simple fact being that every day you miss out is another day that agents get 2, 3, or even 4 steps ahead of you. That’s right, even as you read this, I have students who took action and reaped instant benefits by getting 5-10 leads every single week. And the results doesn’t stop there. Some of these agents are saying that they’ve literally made more money in July than they did the entirety of last year! Now, that’s really saying something about how easy and efficient it is to pick up and use these new strategies. But I’m not just a preacher, I’m actually using these same strategies right now to reel in eager buyers, ready to throw their credit cards at me. All my students did was just copy what I was doing and they saw similar results. Want to find out how you can get results like my students and me? Then click the “Sign Up” button right now to join my next workshop! Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll receive in my new workshop: ✅My Updated "Piggy-Back" Strategy For Riding On Other Agent's Marketing Efforts. They pay for listings, flyers, newspaper ads, Facebook Ads e.g. and all you have to do is to ride on their efforts and grab a bulk of their traffic. (Psss... It's not about SEO or Website, but something that no one else is talking about) ✅ My Actual "Appointment Getting" Script. I'll show you how I turn the most cold and skeptical leads into hot prospects who are begging to meet up with me and see the property. This is the reason why I'm able to turn 50-60% of my leads into actual face-to-face meetings. ✅ How To Recession-Proof Your Lead Generation. If you find yourself stuck with little to no business in the last few months, you already know why it's so important to have a consistent source of leads. I'll show you how I continue to get highly qualified leads and close sales even during slow months and holiday periods. ✅ "Top Producer" Game Plan For The 2nd Half Of The Year. There are specific steps that top producers almost always do when the recession hits and the market starts to slow down. This is the reason why they are able to continue closing even more new launch sales while other agents struggle to survive and pay the bills. ✅ Exclusive Rapid Prospecting Cheat Sheet for 2020 - I’ll break down every one of the 6 step process that I have been using for the last 2 months to get hundreds of leads for 20+ property launches and pack my calendar even before the circuit breaker is over! ✅ And Dozens More! So what are you waiting for? All these little know insights and brand new strategies is up for grabs right now! Click the “Sign Up” button to register for the workshop today! P.S: if by the end of the workshop, you felt that you did not get value from what I shared, I'll give you $50 just to thank you for taking a chance." As you can see, there is absolutely no risk on your part to take action today! ⚠️ Spots are extremely limited… don’t miss out on this opportunity to lear
Yahya Will Be Your Last Coach
Summer is around the corner. And that means: POOL PARTY! If you’re a Coach or Consultant, you’re invited. Here’s the best part: you’ll get a $5,000 credit JUST for jumping in right away. “What?!” I’ll get back to that later. Now, there are two types of people who come to pool parties… FIRST ONE: You slowly walk toward the pool in a calculated fashion, sizing up the other people that were invited to the party. You nervously shake your sandal off one foot as you look around to make sure no half-drunk idiot is going to push you in with your phone and business cards in your pocket. And now, for the ever-so-awkward… Sort of half pistol squat/sort of panicked move… The toe dip. Check the water. How cold is it? MAN, that’s cold! Time to walk around for awhile, and IF you decide to get in, you’re taking it agonizingly slow. Like - so slow it pains others to watch you shake, object, and possibly even swear your way into the pool. Ok - SECOND ONE: Find the closest chair. Toss your keys, phone, and whatever else out of your pockets onto said chair. Flick your sandals off like they’re competing in a poolside gymnastics routine. And cannonball - right into the pool. MAN, that’s cold! But MAN - you feel alive. That’s basically how two types of people respond to hiring me as their coach. I’ve been in the pool already, and by jumping in, I will help you with: ✅ Hand-delivering your next 10-20 high-paying clients ✅ Charging 3-5x MORE for your services than you’re currently charging… ✅ WITHOUT dumping thousands on paid ads or complicated funnels … in 90 days or less. Oh, and that $5,000 Credit... Just for “jumping in” right away. It’s reserved for the go-getters. Let’s cut to the chase: You’re GOOD at what you do... You’ve made decent money with the courses and webinars you’ve taught… But you can bring in MORE revenue, and land MORE clients, with NO ad spend! And I can show you how. That’s why you’ve been invited to my pool party - it’s for successful coaches and consultants! And even though you know the benefits... Some of you will just walk around the pool. I’m telling you: Jump in. It could quite possibly be the best decision you’ve made for yourself and your business. Don’t just take my word for it… Come check out the dozens of reviews and testimonials I’ve gotten from clients who have jumped in. Click the link below to check it out: https://www.yourlastcoach.com/learn
Home - CP Coaching Academy
Are you currently struggling with rejection, loneliness and the feelings of being unworthy or unloved … and that nobody understands what you are going through? I feel your pain because that’s exactly where I was too… Like so many of my clients who used to feel this way, feeling like you've always got to wear a mask and pretend everything is fine, when it really isn't, can cause anxiety, stress and even debilitating depression. Which can negatively impact your physical health, mental well-being, chances of a successful relationship and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, what many do when they experience these feelings ends up causing more harm than good. They find themselves drinking a few too many glasses of wine or beer in the evening to numb the pain they feel inside, which they regret the next day … They end up comfort eating and piling on the weight, making themselves feel even more miserable and unlovable … They resort to taking recreational drugs just to escape how they feel, whilst knowing they’re not doing themselves any good … They max out the credit cards trying to find happiness through buying stuff they don’t really want… They endlessly bounce from one dating site to next trying to find love... but make things worse by going from one short relationship, or damaging fling, to another. They start enabling situations where they’re vulnerable to being physically or mentally abused. They internalise their painful feelings and hide behind a mask, pretending everything’s ok ... until they EXPLODE or their situation goes beyond what their battered emotions can cope with. And, eventually, they seek outside help. But this is where things often get worse and not better. You see, whether it’s a book, a counsellor, a traditionally trained therapist or a friend with good intentions, the common advice given to someone feeling lonely often digs them deeper into the black hole of emotions that is causing them the pain in the first place. Rather than making things better - they start feeling more and more that there really is a problem and that they’re right to feel the way they do. If only I knew back then that the information I was reading, listening to and watching was sending me on a wild goose chase that, looking back knowing what I know now, was never going to get me to where I so desperately wanted to be…. I’d spent £25,000 using traditional counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques in order to ‘fit in’ then one day, I signed up with an award winning expert who introduced me to something I now call the “MCT Freedom Solution" and, finally, I saw why the other things I’d tried either didn’t work very well or just didn’t work at all. See, most current solutions for fixing the underlying reason for the feeling of loneliness, rejection, unworthy or being stuck are more slow, painful and complex than they need to be. And because of this it’s difficult to ever get them to work, or at least work long term, which, I had accepted was part and parcel of the human condition. Whilst I was skeptical at first, I gave it a try. The results were astonishing - for both myself and Clients that I work with now. Even those that I work with who are affected by Homelessness describe it as “having bulletproof self-confidence’ and ‘total belief in themselves’. In fact, it was so good, I have dropped my traditional mentoring approaches because this simpler, faster and pain free approach to feeling worthy works better than I thought possible. The strange thing about all of this is that it went against pretty much everything that is written in books and taught to therapists and other professionals. The results however speak for themselves... as this is what some of my clients have said: ‘I’ve lived in a dark place my whole life. I now have a clear mind’ ‘I understand my ego disillusion journey, that I can’t control others and now just let it go’ ‘I’m eating every day now. Before I could go for 6 or 7 days with no food - just drink’ ‘I feel awe & excited - like I’ve found my authentic self’ I’ve helped everyone from
Online Workshop - Online Workshop
Learn about the financial markets in 2020 and how trading works Join us for the Online Forex Trading workshop. This 3 hour training will set you on the path of understanding modern day Forex Trading This event is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Click the below link to book your Free spot now. Here is a sneak peek on what's on offer: ✅ Discover how trading works and why it’s ideal for beginners ✅ A step-by-step method to start tapping into the $6 trillion traded daily ✅ Learn how to keep risk as low as 2% and how to maximise opportunities ✅ Learn Trading strategies used by the best Traders out there ✅ Learn Set and Forget systems which automate the whole Trading process ... and a whole lot more. Free seats are limited and filling out fast, Book yours now!
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Like paying extra for things that shouldn’t be extra? We neither.
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ActBlue — Billions raised online since 2004
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快D like 我地個Page ! 設定「搶先看」啦! ◣暫時紋身❣️引領時尚潮流◥ 不用感受痛楚,都可體驗紋身的樂趣! 圖案在皮膚上維持兩星期,效果比貼紙像真, 採用提取自植物的墨水, 更不會像貼紙一樣一片片剝落, 顛覆臨時紋身的玩法! ❤找到你專屬的紋身圖案查詢 / 落單: - Facebook inbox message - Whatsapp 67613064 ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ ◌◍◌◍◌◍◌◍TATS兩週紋身店◌◍◌◍◌◍ https://inktatshk.shoplineapp.com/ ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁
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شركتك ليس لديها موقع على شبكة الإنترنت ؟ الآن يمكنك الحصول على موقع ويب و عنوان بريد إلكتروني مهني لشركتك بأسعار في المتناول. للمزيد من التفاصيل اضغط على زر "أعرف المزيد" و املأ بيانات الاتصال الخاصة بك. سيقوم أحد مندوبي المبيعات لدينا بالتواصل معك قريباً. واتساب: 565388433-971+ البريد الإلكتروني: sales@azym.com الهاتف: 565388433-971+ الكويت: 2227015- 965+
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Nothing makes us happier than helping people get the keys to their brand new home and an exciting future ❤️
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Veeam is the global leader in Backup that delivers Cloud Data Management
Learn to safeguard data and achieve an effective backup & recovery strategy for Office 365. Download the free e-book now!
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Sydney CBD Just Got An Awesome New MEXICAN JOINT!
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We’re in this together. That’s why we’re offering flexible payment options, 24/7 support and the ability to shop from home.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Excludes Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk, Gladiator and Wrangler models. DEFERRED MONTHLY PAYMENT OFFER NOT AVAILABLE IN D.C. 0% APR financing for 72 months equals $13.89 per month per $1,000 financed for well-qualified buyers regardless of down payment when financed through Chrysler Capital. Deferred monthly payments for well-qualified buyers. Not all buyers will qualify. See dealer for details. Take retail delivery by 6/1/2020.
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Casual Mini
Temos muitas novidades de Outono aqui na Casual Mini!!! A Eduarda já veio conferir as novidades e adorou venha conhecer também nossa coleção e se apaixone!! John John - Colcci Fun - Ellus - Yoboh - Momi - Animê Para maiores informações chama a gente no whats(24)99874-0100 #vempracasualmini #lojatop #colccifun #geraçãoyoboh #euamomomi #animê #johnjohn #ellus
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خيارات الترفيه عندنا لا يمكن تبقى محدودة، سواء كنت بتدوّر على برامج لأطفالك، أو عن مسلسلات عربية ومدبلجة، أو عن أقوى وأحدث الأفلام، كلّهم مجموعين في جهاز واحد! #اتفرج_بشوقك!
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Know the most sincere love ❤ #ToKnowIsToLove #ShareHappiness #DolphinDiscovery
Ba-Click - Gagnez de l'argent en effectuant des missions rémunérées.
Je viens de GAGNER des BONS D'ACHATS en répondant à des sondages rémunérés Enquêtes rémunérées sur Ba-Click, reconnu en France. Go pour t'inscrire, c'est gratuit ! ➡ Je m'inscris : https://bit.ly/2XvJtKY
Qualé Mané
PROGRAMAÇÃO DA SEMANA DO QUALÉ MANÉ 02/04 (terça) PALCO ABERTO com CAROLINA BRUM, GUSTAVO LOPES e CONVIDADOS __ 03/04 (quarta) GAMA CANTA CHICO BUARQUE __ 04/04 (quinta) SAMBAS E SERESTAS com CAMÉLIA MARTINS e Armando Silva, Fábio Mello e Alexandre Damaria __ 05/04 (sexta) MARIA HELENA com Dedinho, Thiago Larroyd, Alexandre Damaria e Israel __ 06/04( sábado) DÉBORA MACHADO E BANDA __ A música começa às 20:30 A entrada custa entre 10,00 e 15 reais __ Rua Jardim Olívio Amorim, Centro de Florianópolis
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MesoLawyersCare - Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyers Working For You
Many people have heard about Asbestos Trust Funds through television commercials. Learn more about what these trusts are and why they were created. It is estimated that there is over $30 billion in remaining funds available for individuals affected by exposure to asbestos. http://www.mesolawyerscare.org/asbestos-trust-funds/
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With 13 attachments, you’ll never need another grooming tool again. Get yours now.
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