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Clinique vétérinaire Villeray-Papineau - Clinique Vétérinaire Montréal
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Clinique vétérinaire Villeray-Papineau - Clinique Vétérinaire Montréal
Clinique vétérinaire Villeray-Papineau - Clinique Vétérinaire Montréal
Clinique vétérinaire Villeray-Papineau - Clinique Vétérinaire Montréal
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Northside Vet Care | Grooming | Vaccination | Puppy School |
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Who else has a pup that's not keen on giving up their balls? ✋ Good news! They don't have to be given up... speak to your vet about the alternative to surgical castration! #Dogs❤️Balls CockapooMarley https://loom.ly/1sU66TQ
Dr. Umar Ifatunde
A: “Dr.Umar, Can you explain briefly how the Black community got so dysfunctional so quick?!” B: “1) Integration of the Black bourgeoisie, 2) economic castration of the black male, & 3) chemical warfare (crack cocaine epidemic). Integration of the Coon-Luminatti effectively brought mainstream Negro leadership under direct control of the white powerstructure rendering them useless for the next 50 years. Mass economic unemployment of Black men helped destroy the fabric of our families by making brothers financially irrelevant to Black women, which allowed the government to drive a wedge between both parents with welfare programs by dictating his removal from the home. The crack epidemic gave rise to mass incarceration, teenage pregnancy due to fatherlessness, the intensification of criminal behavior, the further impoverishment of the Black community, and a breakdown in unity and trust in the neighborhood as you couldn’t trust anyone not knowing who was stealing to get drugs, or killing to sell drugs. Until we create self-sustaining communities, independent non-religious incorruptible leadership, and begin to educate & employ our own men nothing will change.....”
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Sitter du fast økonomisk? Bluestep er banken som ønsker å hjelpe når andre banker ikke kan.
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Mød den unge danske arkitektduo LETH & GORI i en spændende samtale om at skabe arkitektur i spændingsfeltet mellem arkitektur, design og kunst. Hvad betyder det at kombinere tegnestue med galleri? Hvem er deres vigtigste inspirationskilder? Og hvordan er det at være up and coming nordisk arkitekt i en global samtid?
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