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New treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease – Transcranial Pulse Stimulation
Transcranial Pulse Stimulation – A modern therapeutic procedure for treating Alzheimer’s symptoms A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s brings many changes – both for those with the disease and for their families. Despite the best efforts of medical science, Alzheimer’s remains incurable. However, some progress has already been made in the fight against this condition. Drugs can help stabilize mental performance and slow the progression of symptoms. As well as medicinal treatment, many concomitant therapies are in use today aimed at promoting sufferers’ mental faculties or preserving these capabilities for as long as possible, improving overall quality of life and thus relieving the burden on relatives. Read more: www.tps-neuro.com
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On the occasion of World Rabies Day, IHW Council; a not for profit organization engaged in the health and wellbeing of human enterprise and existence is organizing Rabies Summit 2020 in association with Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited on 28th September 2020. Rabies is estimated to cause 60, 000 human deaths annually in over 150 countries, with 95% of cases occurring in Africa and Asia and roughly 36% of the deaths occur solely in India each year. Due to widespread under-reporting and uncertain estimates, it is likely that this number is a gross underestimate of the true burden of disease. 99% of rabies cases are dog-mediated and the burden of disease is dis-proportionally borne by rural poor populations. Join us as the experts come together for an awareness drive focusing on making India rabies-free!
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Together, the burden of thyroid disease affecting women, either before, during, or directly after pregnancy, is substantial.
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I always had to worry about which foods would send my blood sugar off the charts. Heck, I became a chef because I loved food, and now I was stuck eating bland, boring meals. I was a burden on my family, and I was terrified my kids would end up with my disease. Every single day I had to prick my finger to test my blood sugar, then give myself painful shots. My case was a very STRANGE one because there was nothing I didn’t try. I tried a lot of things but the pains and all the symptoms were still there until I finally got this solution. I have decided to help people suffering with this problem... I have detailed everything about the solution, both how to get it and even educating you on how it works on the next page. Click On The Learn More Button.
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I always had to worry about which foods would send my blood sugar off the charts. Heck, I became a chef because I loved food, and now I was stuck eating bland, boring meals. I was a burden on my family, and I was terrified my kids would end up with my disease. Every single day I had to prick my finger to test my blood sugar, then give myself painful shots. My case was a very STRANGE one because there was nothing I didn’t try. I tried a lot of things but the pains and all the symptoms were still there until I finally got this solution. I have detailed everything about the solution, both how to get it and even educating you on how it works on the next page. Click On The Learn More Button
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Parents, Although the world of pediatrics is calmer the traditional ailments of summer prevail: rashes, swimmers ear, sunburn, Coxsackie Disease and many more proliferate. Let us ease some of your burden. We provide care for your treasure from the clean and germ free environment of your home. Examination, rapid tests, prescriptions all furnished from your personal accomidations. No germy waitng rooms. No germy examination rooms. No appointment at 1PM and get seen at seen at 3PM. Personal protective equipment and other precautions enforced. Most insurances accepted and no extra or "convenience fee". Your insurance is billed. The Pediatric Office Comes To You! Our service lets you avoid the germy office. Avoid the inconvenient and awkward appointment times. Avoid dragging well children with your sick child so they get exposed to germs. Avoid the long waits and short visits. We stay until ALL of your questions are answered and you understand the situation. Pediatric House Call Solutions comes to you, respecting your busy schedule. Your child stays in bed, resting, watching TV, whatever. We bring the entire pediatric office to your home. Most insurances, Husky A&B accepted. No extra charge. Give us a call at (203) 893-5394.
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My name is Timothy, I choose to call myself a High Blood Pressure Survivor. Knowing what I have gone through, I would never wish this upon anybody, NEVER! not even my worst enemy. If not for grace, by now my wife would have been a widow and my two boys would be fatherless. In 2015, I had a heart attack that was partly caused by high blood pressure. But before that incident, I didn’t even know I had the disease, despite having many of the risk factors. My blood pressure read 180/110. I had been under a lot of stress working at Victoria Island, and planning a surprise birthday party for my lovely wife. I had a headache for a few days that I thought was just normal and attributed it to this stress. I even took Panadol and Sudrex to see if that would help. Looking back, I know that my body was trying to tell me something. Well, that it is how it all started. My wife had to bear most of the burden in the house, She was been my strength as I had to resign from work due to the distance I had to cover, V.I to Ikeja coupled with Lagos traffic was not helping matters I became miserable, pills became my next of Kin especially Amlodipine But help came my way, A particular tea saved me. Read more>>> https://bit.ly/2PtC2if Read more>>> https://bit.ly/2PtC2if
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Pakistan has the second highest hepatitis C disease burden in the world. Since 2015, MSF has been running a hepatitis C programme in Karachi’s Machar Colony informal settlement, where mostly undocumented migrants live. The clinic treated over 1,400 patients for hepatitis C in 2019. Due to COVID-19, the team only sees patients three days a week in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Those who come to the clinic are new patients or those who need in-person follow-up. During this pandemic we have provided most of our patients with enough drugs to cover their treatment in order for them to avoid frequent clinic visits.
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There are a lot of good, hardworking people who have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us don't know where to turn, don't know how we are going to make ends meet. We, at Image Outfitters, feel a strong desire to help ease this burden for as many as we can. We pledge to donate half of the proceeds from this sale to help relieve the burden on the families affected by this terrible disease. The shirt is simple, but the message is powerful, we will overcome. We will be stronger than ever once we do, and Image Outfitters wants to do our part to get us there. If you are a business or organization that is still fortunate to be operating in this trying time, please consider purchasing this powerful message for your team to demonstrate your dedication to helping the world Overcome. If you are an individual that is able to help support your neighbor, please do, and show your support as we all work to Overcome. If you are an individual in need of assistance due to loss of employment or reduction in income, please fill out the contact form at the top of the page, tell us why you need assistance, and the level of assistance you need, and we will work to help you. As funds allow, we will be offering assistance to the individuals and families in the most pressing of situations.
Ling Lan was dead! The moment she found herself hovering in the air looking down at the scene below her, she knew she was dead. She found that she could see through solid walls. She saw her parents crying outside the Intensive Care Unit and the solemn expression on her younger brother's face. She also watched as he released a quiet sigh when no one was looking, as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Ling Lan was not angered by this. She knew very well that she had been a burden upon her family for a whole 24 years, almost ruining their household, which was not very wealthy to begin with. If it were not for the fact that her disease was so bizarre that it was considered worthy of research, resulting in government support for her medication, she might have already passed away a full ten years earlier due to the inability to afford treatment. However, despite the delay, she still could not escape death in the end. The only surprise to her was that humans really did have souls. She peered up into the distant darkness of the night sky, and wondered fantastically — perhaps there were beings such as Ox-Head and Horse-Face1 out in the world, or perhaps a Shinigami, like in the anime Bleach, who would suddenly spring out and drag her into the afterworld? Abruptly, she laughed, mocking herself for reading all kinds of useless books and comics while she had been bedridden. Shinigami were from Japan — why would they show up in China? Ox-Head and Horse-Face were much more likely to appear, and perhaps even a small ghost dressed in traditional clothing? "Idiot! There are no such things as human souls; this is your spiritual self. If you don't come back soon, you will really disperse into the air and become part of this world's energy." A childish voice rang out beside Ling Lan's ear, its tone frantic and concerned. Before Ling Lan could respond, she felt herself drawn back by an overwhelming pull, and her consciousness started to fade. Right before she blacked out, she seemed to hear that same childish voice cry out joyfully, "I made it! I almost thought that my host would be lost for sure." At that very moment, the national first-rate military hospital Ling Lan was in was plunged into darkness. Soon after, the entire capital along with several neighbouring provinces and cities also joined it in the dark. The impossible occurrence of such a wide-scale simultaneous blackout affecting the capital and several other province cities immediately prompted a commotion in the otherwise quiet night. Fortunately, the blackout did not last long, only lasting for 3 minutes. All the cities quickly returned to normal, leaving only the National Power Company in disarray. Within those 3 minutes, the electricity they had supplied to those involved cities had mysteriously disappeared, as if the Power Company had not provided any electricity to begin with. But in reality, as proven by their numerical data, they had released more than a trillion kilowatts in those 3 minutes, a greater amount than they ever had before. This matter was quickly handed over to the National Security Agency to investigate. After several months, the answer given to the public was that the computer systems used by the Power Company to track the electric supply had been broken into by hackers, who had then tampered with the data and stopped the power supply, resulting in the mass blackout. And just like that, the public outcry over the blackout drew to a close. However, the investigation results that were finally sealed into the nation's top-secret security files were as follows — unexplainable phenomenon. The power disappeared into thin air, just as if it were an act of God! ***** Star Calendar Year 4731: At the spaceport of Planet Anta, all the warriors headed for the front lines were lined up to enter the regular battleships. Meanwhile, in front of the commanding mothership of the top-ranked official, a pair of lovers faced each other among the crowds of people saying goodbye, speaking in soft tones with their hands clasped. "Ling Xiao, you must com
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Grab your scholarships now 立即申请您的奖学金 为了杜绝新冠状肺炎持续传播,马来西亚封城(MCO)还在进行当中。这一场疫情的确带给许多家庭经济上的困扰与不便。 身为教育界一份子的我们,除了回馈社会,我们也希望在这此次的疫情中尽我们最大的能力去帮助每一个想继续升学的学生。 我们提供了各类的升学补助金,奖学金和助学金予目前每一位想继续升学的莘莘学子们,并希望可以帮助更多的学生与减轻家庭经济上负担与开销。 目前我们也提供了四中的升学补助金,奖学金 与助学金: 1.Academic Scholarships (成绩优异奖学金) 我们IPK College 非常勉励所有成绩优越的学生继续升学。所有成绩优越的学生可申请高达100%的奖学金,学生也可以获得全免学费入学读书的机会。 2.Scholarships for Average students(成绩中庸奖学金) 成绩中庸的学生也不必担心,我们也发放成绩中庸奖学金是鼓励更多更多的学生继续升学。在未来的升学道路上还是可以继续提升自我,向往更好的未来。成绩中庸奖学金 可让学生们获得部分的升学奖学金,减免家庭经济上的压力 与 鼓励学生努力考好成绩可让自己付出的努力得到更多的回报。 3.Scholarships for Single Parent (单亲家庭助学金) 任何来自单亲家庭的学生,都有着更负担的生活经济压力。我们提供单亲家庭的助学金,鼓励学生们在逆境中为自己的学业加把劲,向往更好的前程以改变家里的经济条件。 4.Special Financial Aid For COVID19 (特别疫情补助金) 如果家庭经济受到新冠状肺炎的打击,我们也额外提供了金融支援在于学生的升学道路上。新冠状肺炎疫情延续至今,已经影响了许多家庭的生计与收入。学生们只要申请此补助金即可获得更低额的学费分期付款 与 补助金于学费等等。 学生们可以通往一下链接进行申请 www.ipk.edu.my/may-intake-2020 申请时间将在这个月的四月28日截止 想获得更多的升学资讯/金融援助/奖学金等等 可以联系我们的课程专员(WhatSapp) :012-5203212,0124407828,012-3511519,012-4406828 In order to prevent the continuous spread of coronavirus, the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) has been implemented. The coronavirus disease has caused financial troubles and inconvenience to many families. As a member of the education community, in addition to giving back to the community, we also hope to do our best to help every student who intends to further studies during this difficult time. We provide various types of study grants, scholarships, and financial aids to every student who wishes to continue their studies, in our hope to assist more students and lessen the financial burden and expenses of their families. At present, we provide 4 types of study grants, scholarships and financial aids: 1. Academic Scholarships We at IPK College encourage all students with excellent grades to continue their studies. All students with excellent grades can apply for scholarships up to 100%, and students may also get full tuition fees waiver. 2. Scholarships for Average Students Students with moderate grades don't have to worry. We also provide scholarships for average students to encourage more students to continue their studies. In your next learning journey, you can continue to improve yourself and yearn for a better future. The scholarships for average students allow students to obtain a partial scholarship to further their studies, relieving their families’ financial pressure and encourage students to work hard to achieve good grades, making their efforts more rewarding. 3. Scholarships for Single Parent Family Students from single-parent family have greater financial pressure in life. We provide study grant for single-parent family students and encourage students to work harder for their studies in the face of adversity and yearn for a better future to change the economic conditions of their families. 4. Special Financial Aid For COVID19 If the financial situations of any students’ families are affected by the coronavirus, we also provide additional financial aid for students to continue their studies. The spread of the coronavirus disease until to date has affected the livelihoods and incomes of many families. Students who apply for this financial aid will be eligible for a lower instalment of tuition fees, other subsidies to tuition fees, and so on. Students can apply by following the link below www.ipk.edu.my/may-intake-2020 The application will be closed on 28th April 2020 For those who wish to obtain more information about our courses / financial aid/scholarships etc., You may contact our course specialist (WhatsApp): 012-5203212, 0124407828, 012-3511519, 012-4406828
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The panel, which features experts from the Fintech sector and the Bank of Lithuania, will look at how Fintechs can help businesses and essential services to keep working, help prevent the spread of the disease by avoiding cash and minimising face-to-face transactions, and ease the financial burden on individuals and small businesses by offering a flexible, accessible and friendly approach to lending. We’ll also be asking how the current crisis will affect the Fintech sector itself – and what Fintechs can and should do now to survive.
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Our online event will look at practical ways in which Fintechs can help to ease the effects of the coronavirus outbreak – and even combat its spread. The panel, which features experts from the Fintech sector and the Bank of Lithuania, will look at how Fintechs can help businesses and essential services to keep working, help prevent the spread of the disease by avoiding cash and minimising face-to-face transactions, and ease the financial burden on individuals and small businesses by offering a flexible, accessible and friendly approach to lending. We’ll also be asking how the current crisis will affect the Fintech sector itself – and what Fintechs can and should do now to survive. Join us online at 18:00 EET (GMT +2hrs). Link to livestream: https://bit.ly/FintechLive
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Höfuðverkir og kírópraktík Einstaklingar með höfuðverki ganga reglulega inn um okkar dyr. Höfuðverkir eru taldir vera eitt af grundvallarheilkennum sem kírópraktorar geta, oft og tíðum, hjálpað mikið með, samkvæmt vísindalegum rannsóknum (Bronfort et al., 2001). Þar sem höfuðverkir geta vissulega verið mjög alvarlegir verður að hafa varann á og vanda mjög til verka við greiningu þegar höfuðverkir eiga í hlut, en oft getur verið flókið að greina þá vegna þess að stundum eru myndgreiningar og önnur próf óaðfinnanleg. Margvíslegir vefir höfuðsins, innan sem utan höfuðkúpunnar, geta framkallað verki sem flokkast mætti til höfuðverkja, svo sem heilahimnur, æðar, höfuðleður, kinnholur, tennur, kjálkaliðir, vöðvar, liðir og taugar, en þess má til gamans geta að heilavefurinn sjálfur finnur ekki fyrir sársauka eða tilfinningu. Tölfræðilega eru höfuðverkir gríðarlega algengir, og upplifa langflestir höfuðverki á einhverjum tíma í lífinu, einna helst frá unglingsárum og upp að 50 ára aldri. Nákvæmar tölur yfir tíðnina hefur verið erfitt að mæla og illa hefur tekist að skrásetja þær, en víst er að flestir hafa upplifað höfuðverki af einhverju leyti, sérstaklega þeir sem drekka áfengi. Höfuðverkir þurfa ekki alltaf að vera greindir heldur bregður þeim oft fyrir í flugumynd þegar fólk verður þreytt eftir langan dag, upplifir vökvaskort, borðar tiltekinn mat eða á við almenn veikindi. Þegar höfuðverkir byrja að verða krónískir á þann hátt að þeir hafa áþreifanleg áhrif á lífsgæði fólks, leiða til þess að fólk getur ekki stundað vinnu, skóla eða áhugamál, birtast alltaf í sömu mynd og við sömu aðstæður, er rétt að spyrja sig hvort að nauðsynlegt sé finna greiningu. Tvær algengustu höfuðverkjategundirnar, sem einnig flokkast undir aðal höfuðverki (Primary Headaches), eru spennuhöfuðverkur og mígreni. Spennuhöfuðverkur Þessi tegund er talin vera algengasta höfuðverkjategundin með allt að 60% höfuðverkjabyrði á sumum heilbrigðiskerfum. Þó er lítið vitað um þessa tegund annað en það að sjúklingar eiga það sameiginlegt að vera aumir og spenntir í vöðvum í háls og hnakka, en einnig mögulega í herðum og brjóstkassa. Höfuðverkurinn myndast oft sem ákveðin þyngsli yfir allt höfuðið, einna helst sem ennisband utan um höfuðið og í kringum gagnaugað og ennið. Verkjastig er oft lágt til meðalhátt. Verkir eru gjarnan stanslausir, geta varað frá nokkrum mínútum upp í nokkra daga, jafnvel vikur, versna oft með deginum en virðist mildast við hvíld. Hér er verið að tala um þennan týpíska vöðvabólguhöfuðverk. Það sem virðist hafa mikil áhrif á þessa tegund er streita, vöðvabólga í herðum, framstæð höfuðstaða, slæm líkamsstaða, tölvunotkun, skrifborðsseta o.s.frv. Oft má einnig rekja mikla snjallsímanotkun til spennuhöfuðverkja, sérstaklega hjá börnum og unglingum í dag. Mígreni Samkvæmt tölum frá Global Burden of Disease, árið 2010 var mígreni þriðja algengasta greinda röskunin í heiminum og árið 2017 voru höfuðverkir (aðallega mígreni) í öðru sæti yfir algengustu orsök örorku í heiminum hjá fólki undir 50 ára aldri hjá bæði körlum og konum, á eftir mjóbaks verk (sjá skýrslu GBD 2017). Enn er margt óvitað um uppruna mígrenis og virðist ferlið flókið. Talið er að einkennin myndist þegar ósamræmi verður í þrengingum og útvíkkunum æða í heila og heilahimnum, en það er þó ekki svo einfalt. Svo virðist sem mígrenissjúklingar upplifi einhvers konar almennt skerta taugastarfsemi að einhverju leyti og lítið þurfi til að koma taugakerfinu úr jafnvægi. Þá má oft rekja mígrenisköst til einhverskonar uppróta sem orsaka höfuðverkjakast. Algengustu orsakirnar eru áfengi, streita, þreyta, hungur og tíðablæðingar (hjá konum) en einnig geta aðrir umhverfisþættir eins og veðurbreytingar, ákveðnir ostar, tölvunotkun og jafnvel súkkulaði einnig haft áhrif. Mígreni kemur fram með eða án áru, þ.e. einhverskonar taugafræðileg einkenni sem birtast rétt áður en höfuðverkurinn sjálfur kemur fram, oftast í formi sjóntruflana. Höfuðverkirnir geta varað í 4-72 klst., eru yfirleitt staðsettir öðrum megin í höfði, einkennast oft af þungum æðaslætti í höfði, verkjastig er o
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For three years Lyme disease has paralyzed Steven’s life. A prisoner in his own house – he could barely walk. Abandoned by his girlfriend, he felt like a burden to his friends and family. After years of this, he decided to end it all. But just before he drank a lethal dose of sleeping pills, someone knocked on his door... “Let’s go surfing!“, a friend was demanding. Little did he know, that day catching a few waves will change everything... And that six months later, he will be back to his normal life – no longer suffering from the “incurable” disease. The magical “cure” he discovered while balancing on the board sparked further research... And years later he found out that it was also part of the secret formula peak performers use to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Since then, he wrote multiple New York Times best-sellers – including “The Rise of Superman” – and now is one of the leading authorities on the subject. Join us in this FREE online masterclass with Steven Kotler to discover the peak performance formula quietly harnessed by the world’s top entrepreneurs, artists & visionaries to achieve the impossible. Reserve your spot here: https://www.mindvalley.com/ferocity/masterclass
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ونش بيوفرلك جميع أنواع عربيات النقل اللي هتاحتاجها في نقلتك من أي مكان ولأي مكان، مع ونش البضاعة عليك و النقل علينا حمل التطبيق https://appurl.io/vQjXerMUT #خليها_علي_ونش
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"Simply paid out when the husband of one of our staff members passed away." ✅ Life, disability and family funeral cover ✅ All online, no paperwork ✅ Great value FSP 47146. T&Cs. Underwritten by OMART.
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Los especialistas de Hotmart se reúnen en un evento online, global y gratuito para hablar sobre aquello que mejor conocen: el mercado de educación a distancia. Durante una semana, van a compartir contigo técnicas y estrategias para sacar tu idea del papel y mostrarte cómo puedes tener tu propio negocio. Entre el 19 y el 23 de octubre ponte al día sobre las principales tendencias del universo digital en un evento online, global y gratuito.
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Sichern Sie sich Ihren Digitalpass für DIE digitale Immobilien-Konferenz am 14. und 15. Oktober 2020! Die ideale Plattform, um auch in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie Kontakte zu pflegen, Informationen auszutauschen, Geschäfte wieder anzukurbeln und aktuelle Fragen zu diskutieren
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