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Comfort Headband that Stops Teeth Clenching & Grinding – SleepGuard™ Headband Trains You To Stop Grinding Your Teeth, While You Sleep
Comfort Headband that Stops Teeth Clenching & Grinding – SleepGuard™ Headband Trains You To Stop Grinding Your Teeth, While You Sleep
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De ce alegem coroanele din Zirconiu? #hummertest Smaltul este cel mai dur tesut din organismul uman. Astfel, cand se urmareste restaurarea dintilor prin intermediul coroanelor, criteriile cele mai importante sunt duritatea si rezistenta materialului din care acestea sunt confectionate. Pana in urma cu mai bine de 10 ani, materialul care se incadra perfect in aceste criterii era metalul. Acum insa, data fiind atat evolutia stomatologiei cat si cerintele exigente ale pacientilor, metalul nu mai este folosit ca material singular, ci numai in combinatie cu materiale ceramice care ii vor da un aspect aproape natural. • Atunci cand vine vorba de un zambet perfect, cu totii ne gandim la partea estetica – dintii sa fie albi, drepti si uneori se doreste chiar schimbarea formei acestora. Medicul insa, se gandeste in primul rand la functionalitatea in timp a viitoarelor restaurari si abia apoi la estetica. Astfel, in functie de antecedentele pacientului ( De exemplu: bruxism, prezenta numeroaselor carii) se va alege atat modalitatea de restaurare – coroane sau fatete, cat si materialul folosit pentru confectionarea acestora. Deci, stabilind cele mai importante criterii ale unui material, mai ramane doar sa aflam care este acesta. Acesta este Zirconiul, mai exact Oxidul de Zirconiu care este folosit cu succes de catre medicii proteticieni din intreaga lume. Folosind acest material, putem sa garantam ca orice pacient se va bucura de acel zambet perfect natural. Ce ramane de demonstrat? Faptul ca Zirconiul are o duritate si rezistenta extraordinare. Ca sa demonstrez si asta, am facut acest video:
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BRUXISM IN CHILDREN - parasites, genes...what else ? Bruxism must be viewed as a muscle behaviour that reflects the presence of one or several underlying conditions or factors (i.e. ‘a sign of something’). Same as a high temperature it can be induced by many factors, but there are some predispositions. Bruxing is a very common finding in children. When parents are interviewed they report between 3-49% of their children brux. (Melo 2019) In other study almost one-third of children showed evidence of sleep bruxism (SB) based on polisomnography (PSG). No associations were identified between parent-reported and PSG-detected SB. Rates of SB did not differ between anxious and control groups, though children with lots os stress showed more tonic bruxisms during stage R sleep. Presence of SB predicted more muscle aches and stomach aches, and children with SB had more awake time after sleep onset than those without bruxism. (Alfano 2018) A review of the pediatric literature on the subject of bruxing and TMD fails to reveal any evidence of concern. (Okeson 1989) Among the possible factors that are associated to SB in children, a recent review of the literature pointed out the role of concurrent sleep disturbances and second hand smoke.(Castroflorio 2015) male gender, genetics, anxiety, psychological reactions, some personality features (e.g. high sense of responsibility), restless sleep, sleeping with light on, noise in room, ‘sleep hours ≤ 8 h’, concurrent headaches, conduct problems, peer problems, emotional symptoms and mental health problems.(Guo 2018) Some studies showed that parental-reported bruxism could also be associated with perfectionism, aggressive behaviour, ADHD or antisocial behaviour (Carra 2011) and unsteady family environment. (Rossi 2013) There has been a widespread debate over the existence of a relationship between intestinal parasites and bruxism. While some authors suggested that parasites may play a role in bruxism (Christiansen 2005; Norouzali Teherani 2010; Brown 1993; Bogitsh 1990; Cook 2002), others do not confirm this association (Diaz-Serrano 2008; Teherani 2013). Since bruxism is a is a symptom that is warning us about something wrong in our body, parasites can be one of many cofactors inducing bruxism but one to one correlation cannot be determined. The genetic polymorphisms rs678397, rs1671064 and rs1815739 in ACTN3 are associated with bruxism and can contribute to the etiology of this condition in children. (Kuchler 2020) For management purposes, relaxation techniques may be the best option for young children (3 to 6 years), while oral appliances (e.g. mouth guards) are not recommended due to the ever-changing occlusal conditions.(Restrepo 2001) Concerning pharmacological treatments, preliminary evidence indicates that hydroxyzine could be effective for parent-reported bruxism in children (Ghanizadeh 2013) but its routine use is not recommendable for risk-to-benefit ratio. If correlation between bruxism and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and GERD(gastro-esophageal reflux disease) is true, then it would be logic to make hypothesis that reduction of OSA or GERD should reduce bruxism as well. In fact short-term PPI (proton pop inhibitors) treatment in children with both GERD and OSAS caused reduction of obstructive respiratory events following (Wasilewska 2012) In other study PPI administration yielded a significant reduction in the frequency of EMG bursts, bruxism episodes, and grinding noise in patients with bruxism. (Ohmure 2016) Based on the paucity of data, it is recommended that treatment indications and strategies are based on the identification of the underlying condition.(Restrepo 2009; Barbosa 2008) Data on the natural course suggest that SB in children decreases progressively after the age of 9-10 years, and that most children do not keep on bruxing during adolescence and adulthood.(Manfredini 2013,2013) If the child reports pain during chewing or talking or awakens with facial pain, he or she should be evaluated in the dental office. Much more knowledge
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Comfort Headband that Stops Teeth Clenching & Grinding – SleepGuard™ Headband Trains You To Stop Grinding Your Teeth, While You Sleep
Comfort Headband that Stops Teeth Clenching & Grinding – SleepGuard™ Headband Trains You To Stop Grinding Your Teeth, While You Sleep
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Our services include the entire range of orthodontic procedures to straighten your teeth, align your jaw, improve your airways and combat snoring, sleep apnea and bruxism.
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Sleep specialist (Somnology MD) is a doctor who treats different types of sleeping disorders: � Insomnia (difficulty in falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep) � Narcolepsy (excessive sleepiness) � Sleep terror (episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep) � Sleep walking (somnambulism) � Bruxism (excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching while asleep) � Snoring � Sleep apnea (shallow breathing during sleep) Our sleep specialist at Universum Clinic - Konstantin Zuev, M.D. - has a doctorate degree in medical science and is a certified sleep specialist with a profound experience in solving the most complicated puzzles of sleep disorders. And he is fluent in English. Only one click on the link - https://uniclinic.com.ua/en/doctor/konstantin-zuev/ - and you have set your appointment! Or simply phone us: � +38 (044) 599-54-05 � +38 (067) 242-62-40 We are nearby, ________________________________ Universum Clinic 4, Volodymyra Vynnychenka Str., Kyiv, 04053 https://uniclinic.com.ua/en/
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Treatment of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction ⛔Jeffrey Okeson ⚡Daniele Manfredini Functional Dentistry webinars ✅The program:http://bit.ly/2rrWtC2
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⛔Jeffrey Okeson ⚡Jean-Daniel Orthlieb ✅Daniele Manfredini Jürgen Wahlmann Webinars - Treatment of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction
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