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Custom-Tailored Pillows Pakistan | Pakistan's 1st AI Customized Pillow
“There’s NO WAY I’m sleeping with a CPAP machine.” My friend Abdul was recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. During the night, while he is sleeping, the soft tissues in his throat relax too much and block his airway. It cuts his breathing, often CHOKING him out for 30 seconds or more. And it happens dozens of times. He suddenly wakes up, GASPING FOR BREATH. It’s terrifying. For him, and for his wife. Abdul’s doctor told him to sleep with a CPAP mask. He said it will help get more oxygen to his brain through the night. So he won’t have to worry about crashing the car, or making a mistake at work and getting fired. But Abdul refuses to. And in a way, I don’t blame him. Who wants to try and sleep at night with a Darth Vader mask strapped to their face? Blowing hard, dry air down into their throat? Making them feel claustrophobic in their own bed? I understand why Abdul doesn’t want to use a CPAP machine. So, I told him about an ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT for sleep apnea. It’s an Anti-Sleep Apnea Pillow, and it helps alleviate the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea… by changing our sleeping position. Does it magically cure sleep apnea? Probably not. But if Abdul is sure that he doesn’t want to use a CPAP mask (as his doctor recommends), this new pillow will help him get a good night’s sleep as often as humanly possible. What’s more, it reduces his risk of developing, or suffering from, high blood pressure, heart disease, a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes, weight gain, asthma, and other conditions that could shorten his life. (Abdul won’t have to worry about crashing his car or getting fired either.) You can’t put a price on this peace of mind. What’s the name of this Anti-Sleep Apnea Pillow? It’s called the Custom Tailored Pillow, and it’s available from CustomPillow.pk. This page over here explains how it works: http://www.custompillows.pk/sleepapnea/discount/y/ip/
Custom-Tailored Pillows Pakistan | Pakistan's 1st AI Customized Pillow
This is how I went from being terrified of going to bed alone, to sleeping like a baby, without using a CPAP machine. (I found an alternative way to keep my airway open.) [The following story is from the inventor of Pakistan’s brand new Anti-Sleep Apnea pillow.] . I remember the day my doctor told me I had sleep apnea. On the one hand, it explained a lot. But it also scared the life out of me. The reason I woke up every morning feeling like I had been run over by a garbage truck is because I wasn't really sleeping. Unknown to me, for all these years, my airway was being blocked. I was being choked out by the soft tissue in my throat, and my brain was waking me... sometimes up to *ten times per hour*... to stop me from dying in the night. Now, I was terrified of going to sleep. Especially alone. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to relax, I imagined a dark hand loading bullets into a revolver. Because going to sleep now felt like a game of Russian Roulette. I pictured this dark hand placing the gun to my head and pulling the trigger every time I stopped breathing. Dozens of times per night. Would I wake up again in the morning? Or would my little girls walk into my bedroom and find their father stone-cold? Sleep apnea is more than “just a condition”. It’s a curse. The nights when I could finally fall asleep, even if I didn’t jump up spluttering and gasping for breath, I always woke up with brain fog. I shouldn’t really have been driving. And I felt guilty for getting behind the wheel. But I had to go into work and provide for my family. So, what choice did I have? I was always terrified of falling asleep at the lights, or worse, swerving into a truck on the highway. Thank God I didn’t. Like most folks who are diagnosed with sleep apnea, they tried to put me on a CPAP machine. But I hated it from the very first night. Lying at night, listening to this whirring machine, feeling it pump dry air down my throat, and feeling the mask grip around my nose and mouth like a hand smothering me in my sleep. I HATED it. So, I sent the CPAP machine back. And I accepted that I would just have to live with sleep apnea, accept it as an untreatable condition, and make peace with the fact that I would probably die young. It’s so easy to write these words now. But, believe me, this thought haunted me for a long, long time. And it also made me feel ashamed because, for a while, I even believed I had bought this upon myself through bad choices… that I deserved it. But then, something else happened in my life. Something that was a wakeup call, that made me realize how precious our short lives are. And it made me determined to find another way to treat sleep apnea, besides a CPAP machine. After all, there are 24 million other Pakistanis who suffer from this condition. I couldn’t be the only one who couldn’t (or didn’t want to) sleep with a CPAP mask. There must be another way to keep our airway open, right? Well, it turns out there is. And I’m going to share it with you now and explain how it works. Before I do, an important note: This method I’m about to show to you is NOT a perfect replacement for a CPAP machine. If your doctor says you should sleep with a CPAP mask, or any other prescribed treatment, you should listen to them. They are medical professionals. I am just an inventor who tried using a CPAP mask and couldn’t sleep with it. So, I consulted dozens of other sleep experts and medical professionals, discovered the real cause of obstructive sleep apnea, and invented a more natural, more comfortable, and more dignified way to keep my airway open. (This unique method is now protected by several pending patents.) I’m going to explain it to you now. Remember, though, what follows is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor about this. Okay? . As you know, obstructive sleep apnea is caused when the soft tissue in our throat collapses and blocks our airway. Our brain realizes that we are choking and wakes us momentarily so that we don’t choke to death in our sleep. (This is why we wake up with brain
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