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1992 BMW 3 Series 325i (e36) R 24 900 Contact: 0786142256 Description: Super clean , Full service history , Just been for service , Aircon , Power steering , Electric windows , Electric mirrors , Radio , Climate control , Leather seats , Sunroof , Interior still new , Mags , Light on fuel , Reliable , Cheap to maintain

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We're shining a light on another member of our community with the third edition of BMW's Under The Spotlight. Meet photographer and BMW owner Justin Lee (@simplexx__). Justin currently drives a 2002 E46 M3, but his love for #BMW began with his 1995 325i Cabriolet. He says the drive and handling of the car drew him to the brand... but meeting so many great and like-minded people along the way has been the cherry on top. Justin dream road trip? Cruising in his E46 M3 from Vancouver to Los Angeles – making sure he takes every scenic detour along the way! To be featured next in BMW's Under The Spotlight, send us a message.
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1992 BMW E30 325i Cabrio Original 80,000 miles. Equipment: R14 original, manual gearbox, Factory LSD (blocked differential), electric roof (material changed, new), power steering, cruise control, air conditioner, Airbag, leather interior, CD player, on-board computer. No accidents, no rust! Very good condition. I can help with shipping worldwide. 8500 Eur
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Want to drive home in a BMW 325i Sport? ​ ​ Maximum 820 ticket draw! Only £19.99 per ticket!​ ​ Our BMW 325i Sport is still waiting for an owner...​ ​ ✅ 1989 Genuine Sport on tax book ✅ Limited slip diff ✅ OBC working 100%​ ✅ Mint Condition​ ​​ FREE Delivery to the winner anywhere in UK & Ireland OR collect your car and drive it away!​ ​ FREE Delivery to winner anywhere in UK & Ireland OR collect your car and drive it away!​ ​ Click the link and grab your's before it's too late
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PRIX : 55 800 DT BMW 325i E92 (6 cylindres en ligne ) Voiture très bien entretenu état impécable ✅. ⛔MOTORISATION: 14CV.6 cylindres en ligne. ⛔Date de 1 ère mise en circulation : 7/2010. ⛔KILOMÉTRAGE : 138 000 km. ☎ tel 22 686 881 : Mr ADIB BOUZAYEN ☎ tel 98 435 024 : Mr HICHEM AOUN ☎ tel 24 929 898 : Mr MOHAMED ISSAOUI Options : ➡ Lumière d'ambiance ➡boite manuelle 6 ➡ radar de recul ➡ Optique bi-xénon ➡ toit ouvrant ➡Climatisation auto ➡ Volant multi fonctions ➡Jante 18 pouces
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✅THE ULTIMATE CAR TO WIN FOR £25✅ LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK ❌1991 BMW 325i sport ✖Totally immaculate ❌Folders of history ✖17" Alpinas ❌Full black leather ✖Just fully serviced ONLY £25 PER ENTRY WITH 955 MAX ENTRIES ❎CLICK THIS LINK TO ENTER❎ ➡️ https://mckinneycompetitions.com/competitions/live/?id=18 Contests are not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook in any way and entrants release Facebook completely by participating. Please see our website for full T's & C's.
Pārbaudi savu saderību ar elektrisko BMW i3 - izpildi testu un laimē BMW i3 uz nedēļas nogali vai 100 EUR dāvanu karti BMW aksesuāru iegādei.
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